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  1. Thanks Frosty. Um... what does DUB mean? I'll let you guys know if I go ahead with the wheels.
  2. Uh, well the current pics have the car sitting on it's original steelies, so you're looking at the 'stolen car' look, but I am tempted to fit some Rallyes. The type 2 Rallyes (5 spoke) would suit it I reckon, but the type 1's have always been a favourite of mine because they look understated. I'd appreciate any opinions. The best thing is that both are available here in Oz and are almost reasonably priced. What to do...it's only money, right?
  3. Thanks Guys. That's good news about the photos Kiwi - computers & me only just get along at the best of times, so am pleased that it's a site problem and not my ineptitude. Am now wondering if I stick with the steel wheels for that 'stolen car' look or should I go for a set of secondhand Rallyes? Whaddyareckon?
  4. Try that. I cropped the pics and computer won't rotate them as directed, because it's being a prick.
  5. Hey, it's been a bit of a week and I have news to report. You may have or have not seen my posts on my trunk lock problem finally sorted (it's a good story - look it up) and I finally have closure on the dramatic lowered rear spring dynasty of misinformation and bungled deliveries from 2 US major supply houses. The trunk lock on a 65 GP is a rare beast. My housing was intact but the barrel was shot, so I ordered a similar vintage Cadillac barrel and got a locksmith to make it work. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but after many months of finally working out how to fix the problem, it
  6. Hey, take a look at the photo. These are the rear shocks out of my 65 GP. Not residing Stateside, I don't know how old these are. In other words, does anyone recognise the brand and are they still around or did they disappear years ago? As an aside, getting the bottom mounting rod nut undone was something that God Himself couldn't have loosened. I eventually resorted to vicegrips on the rod, and a piece of pipe over my ratchet handle and after drenching the rod with penetrant, I undid that sucker one tenth of a turn at a time, not having much room under the car to get any more of a turn. Beer
  7. Hey Y'all, I gladly give this information freely to any other Grand Prix owners out there who know about the scarcity of the trunk lock assembly for the 65 model. As we all know, the 65 model GP had unique trim and that includes the rear fascia that contains the trunk lock. That damn lock is now a rarity. I found ONE on eBay and the dude wanted $US300 plus shipping for it, so he knows too. I was fortunate that my lock assembly is intact but the car came to me without a trunk key and upon inspection of the lock itself, the rear of it where the actuating rod slots in was mangled and was ne
  8. Yeah, don't worry. I WON'T be going down that particular garden path. I selectively painted some parts of the trunk area in grey, to lighten it up and shall decide what to do in order to introduce some sort of speckle finish.
  9. As usual, I'm going to go my own way and try something different. I have some ideas and shall post any success stories, but shall also regale you with horror fails! A spray painter mate told me that if you use car paint with a spray gun without thinning it at all, it'll naturally spray erratically-homemade spatter! I think he needs to lay off the gear. I'll try my own way.
  10. There's a lot of discussion regarding trunk spatter paint. Because it contains both water & oil based components (hence the spatter effect) it can 'run' if you don't clearcoat it. Anyone got a story on how they did theirs? It's a great look when done properly but I'm going to look for alternatives.
  11. I ordered another mirror from Ames and was told that the 'line of sight' from the passenger mirror is not good, but that's okay. I can explain that to the Corolla driver I wipe off the road as I change lanes one day in the future. So...yesterday I achieved a milestone. I've had the car about 10 months now and have peered into that rusty trunk almost every day mumbling to myself that I need to get in there and get rid of that ugly surface rust. I planned for the event the day before and then spent the entire day washing & wiping dry, wirebrushing and hand sanding every panel, nook, cra
  12. Thanks Guys. I also currently drive for a living and the GP is about the same size as the 53 seat coach I drive! Thanks for the photo-another mirror comin' up. Ka-ching!
  13. Hey, while we're here, I'm thinking of installing a passenger side exterior mirror. Now, I've never driven a left hand drive car in Australia but I reckon I'm gonna need some far side rear vision once I actually hit the road. My question is, do those far side mirrors actually provide enough vision for the driver? Those big swooping C pillars are always going to be a problem but any vision is better than none. Plus, I guess it'll even up the look of the car having twin mirrors.
  14. It's nice to be back home with pockets full of overtime pesos, and there they go! Goodbye heard earned pesos. So, I keep ordering stuff. My front end rebuild kit turned up, the CORRECT springs are apparently coming, my steering box is coming, all my crap from Ames is...gathering at their warehouse. I bought a spring compressor and ball joint remover - stay posted for gruesome injuries. I had my headlining bows welded so they are now the correct lengths. I POR15'd the floor and the windscreen surrounds, I prepared inside the front cowl for POR15, I painted my air cleaner tough looking matt blac
  15. Wanna hear something funny? I thought "wow, I'm having a great time on Forever Pontiac, let's try an additional forum." So, I joined another and it was so benign and vanilla, much like sitting in a doctor's waiting room. I have since given up and shall stick with the gaggle of online like minded chaps here. I have transgressed and beg forgiveness, never to stray again.
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