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  1. No! I'll never give up singing Born To Be Alive! That normally gets rid of the women, leaving just beer and some really bad dance moves - a classic combination.
  2. I've never heard of Tui beer, but I'll be sure to give it a nudge. And just what am I supposed to do with a bunch of nubile bikini clad girls? Oh, wait a minute - I remember now.
  3. Yeah JustA, baiting Kiwis with beer is like shootin' fish in a barrel. In fact, Aussies are quite fond of a brewskie here and there. I'll bet when Kiwis1 & 2 and myself rock up to Michigan, baiting you guys with the promise of beers will work a treat, too. It was Benjamin Franklin who apparently quoted that "beer is proof that God loves us." For someone who liked to bait lightning with a kite, the man sounded reasonably sane.
  4. I'd love to hear any thoughts that the guys might have on this topic. Is it a myth, or is it really a restrictor, or is it actually what it's supposed to do?
  5. It could be an urban myth. I forget how I found it - I've spent a lot of time at work lately, and I spend a lot of THAT time sitting still in a coach and idling, so Google got a workout. I'll check my kit when I get home. If I have one of those doovers in my carb, I'll probably remove it. That way, when it runs like a bucket of crap, I can then put it back in.
  6. Kiwi - have a look at this: Legend has it that some Carters had a restrictor installed at the behest of Pontiac to ensure that their tri power setup gave more horsepower at high revs. The first pic is of your carb. I also have a similar Carter and already have the rebuild kit - all I need is for the car to come back!
  7. Oh great, now I gotta visit 2 Kiwis in October. Mind you, another Precious! We must gaze upon it and salivate!
  8. Those are NICE, Kiwi. Can you post a pic of the oil filter relocation once you're ready? I simply used a shorter stock replacement filter and it clears my headers, although removing it in future will be the acid test. I see there are angled adaptors available to make things easier.
  9. Yeah I'm back for a week. I spent 3 weeks there and it just about destroyed my remaining strands of mental stability.
  10. That's probably meant for you, Kiwi. I emailed Frosty with an image of what I wanted.
  11. Hey Frosty, I just emailed you with my 'shopping list.' Go forth, Young Man and bring me the Precious! Oh, and pick up a tri power setup for Kiwi too!
  12. Hello Everyone, GP is still languishing at the auto trimmer - the dude is plenty busy and I told him to take his time. He has now taken his time AND mine! He reckons it'll be done by next weekend. I reckon I'll be writing about his failure to deliver, on that weekend. I'm okay with it - always got lots to do. Anyway, look what DID turn up - my Torq Thrust wheels. Yes, that was a 6 month exercise but here they are. So I glanced inside the boxes and then sent them off to the modifier to get them taken out to a 5 X 5 pattern. Once they are fitted with my new whitewalls and on the car, that really only leaves the engine to be looked at, worried about, pulled apart, worried about again and then gingerly machined and rebuilt.
  13. Imagine the tragedy of a quiet twin exhaust. A big piece of reo bar and a sledge will sort those babies out. A mate of mine had a genuine V6 GT Capri and was so disappointed with the lack of sound that he simply disconnected the rear mufflers altogether - I think it ended up being resonators only, then it was too loud, but he liked it. Mad.
  14. Yeah man, no sweat. My sense of humour can be a little caustic sometimes but I never mean to offend.
  15. That's a good story, JustA. I hope nobody took offense to what I said because that certainly wasn't the intention. I probably still have 'tacho fever' and get jittery whenever I see one for sale. Surely one more can't hurt-I could have His And Hers Tachos. And you can all be assured that Frosty's generosity will never be forgotten. I love that friggin' tacho to bits and I never forget how lucky I am to have procured it. In my mind, I have a mental image of Frosty dragging me away by my feet as my fingernails leave marks in the ground and me screaming "but it's for sale!"
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