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  1. Did everybody read this? I took the time to carefully read it and it's GOLD. If you haven't run out to the garage and made sure this is happening on your engine, shame on you! Go on, I don't care if you have Krusty The Klown pyjamas on - go out there right now and make sure you are taking advantage of full manifold vacuum by porting the vacuum advance BELOW the throttle plate, not above it. I once experimented with my old 1968 302 Fairlane and disconnected the vacuum advance and played with the timing and went for a long drive. The thing drank so much fuel that I reversed everything I had
  2. Man, I love the Hurst His & Her instructions. Locking out the "little lady." Make sure the femi-Nazis don't see that! And what is that horrid child doing in the back seat - from the look on it's face it's planning to slice up Mummy & Daddy when they let me out of this [email protected]#$%^&g car!!! Who wants a child like that sitting in the back, ready to shred the upholstery. Time for a good smack!
  3. You know what, I didn't even notice the photo. I was too busy expounding my innate knowledge of Pontiac steering. Yep, that's a fine looking car.
  4. Can I just say that I just got back from work and am now catching up and I have read most of Wrongway's saga. The depth of assistance, knowledge, experience and willingness to help is inspiring. I've seen chat on lesser forums where trashing each other seems more important than anything constructive. Wrongway, despite what you're enduring, you are a lucky man to have such friends to help out. I'd like to chime in with a similar story (I'll keep it as short as possible - am conscious of hijacking these days!) I used to have a 1964 EH Holden which had a following almost as popular as your 5
  5. I did the opposite on my 65 GP - power to manual. You will need new steering box, coupler & appropriate pitman arm. Idler arm is the same on mine-yours might be different. Last thing is extra pulleys on your harmonic balancer to accommodate the pump drive belt, and ensure you have enough room for pump to st. box plumbing. Oh, and a bracket to attach pump to block. Personally, I love the uncluttered engine bay look and the purity of manual steering. Ames should have most things you'll need.
  6. Construction adhesive is pretty damn strong-why not try that first and next time you use the horn ring, honk gently. I remember my father (who had a sharp temper in traffic) honking someone in his 67 Falcon and snapped the horn ring right off. Hilarious. Oil cap under the hood-tragic!
  7. Nice plates. I found mine on ebay and it was entirely coincidental that the letters are GPS - Grand Prix...I dunno...Sixties? Anyway, I'm sure everyone is aware that 60s black and gold CA plates are worth money these days. They are period correct for my 65 car and it was born in CA, so pretty close, plus they really stick out here in Oz.
  8. Thanks JustA, I'm at work for another 8 days before I'm relessed back into the wild so I'll play with it then.
  9. Thanks JustA, I pulled the dipstick and the end is more bent than it was, so...I'm not familiar with what goes on down there. Perhaps if I turn it over with the dipstick removed, that'll be a clue. If you recall, when the front was real low something underneath hit the ground as the car came off it's concrete pad and touched the dirt driveway. Is it possible that the jolt loosened the lower dipstick tube? It is only a light 'clack, clack' sound but enough to be a worry. At any rate, I have a new oil pump & pickup coming over, so all will be revealed once I get home and pull that sucker.
  10. 'Trying to win this race.' Yeah, right. I'm having 2 minute noodles as a special treat tonight before crying myself to sleep after surveying the shreds of my bank account. No race here, I'm just over looking at the old girl and hoping stuff was done, so I made it happen.
  11. And, no I don't want to start it because of the newly diagnosed bent oil pickup touching the crank. Once it comes back from the upholsterer I'm gonna pull the engine and sort it and the engine bay once and for all.
  12. No, not yet-was a little pushed for time. The chassis manual makes no mention of them, so who knows? Like I said - possible Baja contender in a previous life!
  13. Yeah, right. Can you post a pic of the product when you get around to it? It sounds like a very worthwhile substance.
  14. Your brake line work is superb - it not only looks good but serves a worthwhile purpose. Very impressive.
  15. 'Ahem.' Fitzy is living off stale bread and tap water right now so that the car can get pampered. Once I win Lotto, I'll let you know. Big blocks for everyone!
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