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  1. I had a look at CarID.com and their prices were great but because they're an agent and not one warehouse, each item is shipped separately. OK if you're in the US but nightmarish for the rest of us! An example: remanufactured starter for $30, but over $100 to ship it. I went ahead coz it was still cheaper than any other option.
  2. No need for apologies-once you enter the murky world of converting US dollars and paying through the nose for freight, the cost I ended up with is probably comporable to what it may have been otherwise. Anyway, I've saved a shitload of money doing heaps myself, so it's all good. At least I now have a professionally finished rust free body that should last another 55 years.
  3. Don't worry about it - I got so fed up with the lack of responses from businesses purporting to be the ultimate source for this and that, I sent the car to a local restorer and he's done an excellent job fabricating & welding. Yeah, it cost me a packet but the workmanship is second to none. Anyway, thanks for giving it a crack. I'll post photos once I'm home from my current job.
  4. Great. Let's see how we go. Once again, if it's a tidy shell, why would you chop it up?
  5. I searched & contacted a number of US wrecking yards but nobody even bothers to return an email. Even USAparts.com haven't bothered to reply, which I find surprising, especially since I want to place an order ASAP. I realise Covid 19 is having an enormous impact, so can only guess plenty of places have shut down for the time being. SO, Chris (64 Boni) there's every chance that your '64 panels could fit, but do you want to chop up a body that's in good nick? I could send you some measurements if you want to go to all this trouble - everything is welded so you'll have to cut them out.
  6. Hi Everyone, so the Poncho ( now named Mucho Oxidado) is off to a professional next week to have all it's rust removed - goodbye savings! It's been established that it's going to be cheaper and much less hassle in the long run if I can source whatever repro panels are required. Car is actually pretty good, but specifically it's the filler panel that runs between the bottom of the front windscreen and the dash, the rear panel that runs from the bottom of the rear 'screen to the trunk and the trunk floor. I have found trunk floor panels from usaparts & carid and have tried dozens of searches using all sorts of keywords & phrases but am turning up few results. Does anyone have some leads for me? There must be someone who makes all sorts of repair sections for these old girls. 1965 Grand Prix.
  7. Fitzy

    Can you help?

    Thanks Ringo. It's a bizarre and frankly, embarrassing request and I'm not expecting any response. I'm simply incensed as to the ridiculous postage AND the fact the supplier refuses to adapt, in the name of customer service. I just need ONE American friend to help out. Obviously, there are potential security concerns, etc but the risk is 99% mine. I'll eventually crumble and pay their ridiculous postage, and shall then continue to whine about it for months afterwards, but I'll spare the forum my pain, I promise.
  8. Fitzy

    Can you help?

    Hi Everyone, I have a strange request. I don't wish to break any forum rules and I PROMISE this is a one off. I have found a tiny part for my Grand Prix (trunk lock barrel) which is only $30 but they want $80 to send it to Australia. I have tried to negotiate a cheaper non expedited UPS price but no cigar. Is anyone prepared to allow me to purchase this tiny part and send it to their US address (a PO is ideal) whereupon you could forward it to my address, through regular post? I will of course reimburse you. You are welcome to open and check the contents. If this breaks any rules or there are security concerns, then I'll happily delete this request. I know I'm tight, but this is one purchase I can't justify such exorbitant cost for such a tiny 2 ounce item. I CANNOT locate this exact item anywhere else (I found one on eBay for $300!!!), as it has a specific casting that allows it to attach to the rear trunk panel and is not just a lock barrel. Thanks, Fitzy.
  9. Hi Guys, Tightass Time again. I noticed that my driver's vent window winder wasn't doing it's thing. Ames wants $40 for a replacement. That's reasonable, but converted to Aussie dollars plus shipping, the price gets up there pretty quickly. So, I peered inside the door panel and undid the 3 bolts plus one other and out came the old winder unit. After I played with it, I could see the problem. There's obviously some sort of retainer that stops the spiral gear from winding itself out of the housing, but it appears to have broken off. (See first photo.) So, I marked where the shaft abutted the housing and removed the shaft. I angle cut a groove into the shaft and then squeezed a spring washer in there, which will do exactly what the retainer would have done. Total cost: zilch! Cleaned out the old grease, lubed and greased the gears, and now it happily winds away. I offer these tips not to show off, but to assist others who may have the same problem. Plus, it's a great excuse to disappear into your work area, crack a beer and fix the problem. Just remember to use the angle grinder first, THEN have a beer.
  10. Okay, here they are. NOW I can pop the hood and stare lovingly at my freshly painted valve covers. All I need to do now is whip out that little 389 and unbolt every accessory and sand & polish everything until it gleams. The engine runs sweet but I have yet to perform a compression test to see where it's at. I figure that if it needs a rebuild, I might go all out and chuck in one of Butler's 420CID stroker kits. Like Wrongway said - gotta make it mine!
  11. Welcome Everyone to Tightass Tricks, with Fitzy. Thanks to the ever plummeting Aussie peso plus the fact I'm TIGHT, here is my latest mini project: valve cover rejuvenation. As you can see, they started off looking terrible. I wire brushed them, then 80 grit, then 400, then I converted whatever rust was left, wet 1200 (at this point, if I was building a rat rod, I would have clear coated them and job done) then VHT primer. Once finished, I'll post a pic of the final result. They are gonna look great. I polished the oil filler cap and the retaining bolts, just to provide a little variety amongst the blue covers. Total cost, incl. paint, sandpaper & rust converter - about 50 Aussie pesos, that's roughly US$30.
  12. Hi Wrongway, I emailed Ames and yes, they will custom make me a headlining in the black star pattern. You are right - I WILL make it mine. If we have 6 of my model in the country, I'd be surprised, so the chances of offending a Pontiac purist are gonna be mighty slim!
  13. Thanks fellas, that's a great help. I love Sprint's comment about my 'local parts store.' Sorry Sprint, I'm in Australia and my Poncho is probably one of perhaps 6 in the entire country. Be assured that my local parts store wouldn't know a Pontiac from a Honda. Having said that, here's an uplifting little story. I needed some correct Pontiac light blue engine enamel. Yes, it's available from the US but can't be shipped because it's an aerosol. After a fruitless search in all the panel shops and 'local parts stores' I was about to give up when I saw a little place I'd never been to and thought 'oh well, I'll try them, just in case.' I told the guy what I needed and he showed me the VHT catalogue. There it was, the CORRECT Pontiac blue, alongside the later metallic blue. So I ordered it (along with some primer) and to my total amazement, got to pick it up a week later. So, I will now eat my own words and declare that my 'local parts store' came through for me. I guarantee I have just exhausted their Pontiac parts supply though...
  14. Hi Sprint, sorry about the late reply (I'm still lucky enough to have a job and just got back from 2 weeks away.) I never even considered a painted roof as an option. That GTO looks great in that combo. I love the way the GP has that flowing hardtop rear sheetmetal and I think I'll keep it in one colour so that the flowing lines continue to, um, flow.
  15. Hi Guys, my GP is ex California and as such has a pipe from LH rocker cover to air cleaner (to assist PCV and keep emissions down I assume.) I have seen photos of other 389s and there appears to be some sort of rocker cover plug that I guess other states allowed when emissions weren't mandated. I'd like one of those plugs. Anyone got any leads as to where I might source one? Yes, I can fabricate something but would prefer a factory item. Perhaps even a non CA issued rocker cover that is solid and has no outlet whatsoever. I have one more question. Trying to locate a US wrecking yard online is proving tough. Does anyone know of a good un with a few GPs lying around?
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