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  1. Justa - This thing does have warp drive. Along with the ability to crack your neck and back Oh, the wabbit jumped out in front of me. I think they call that wabbitcide Well, he lost anyway Notallthere - Oh, I love it !! Might have to do that espeecially the kid with a ball maybe do it in a stick person figure Pro - Your right I am warped. But, I have alot of warped friends like all of you guys Frosty - I haven't gotten a squirrel yet tho But, I got time
  2. we'll see just how she handles it on the first few runs lol. I did however add a few stickers to the car. Especially, one group that Frosty has been after me about adding is the kill list to the side of the car. We'll it is done Frosty!! I'll post a pic of it later since I can't seem to load it from my phone. Also, I put a sticker on the rear of the car " I Race Naked !!" Who says that I don't have a since of humor lmao Ringo - very true Pro - That want happen while racing Frosty - Your starting to scare me again
  3. Pro - yup keep all pets inside lol Frosty - The beast kind of was a digging to get to that booger huh!! Notallthere - gonna try and see if he can make it to nashvegas and the old speedway downtown to watch us run. Yeah I need to help him with that too!! Well, I went thru and torqued all the bolts on the suspension and installed new 5 point harness in the passenger seat for the girl friend to use since she'll be able to get some seat time in with me while I'm racing. This is gonna be a treat !! I'll have some cameras pointed right at here to see the reaction she has. She has ridden with me and I haven't pushed the car with her in it at all. Just normal driving. So, this will be a fun treat for me as you all know And yes, I'll probably no I know that I'll scare the crap out of her on the second lap cause I know that I'll hit the first hard but, not quite like the second lap cause it'll be faster and harder in the turns and I'll hammer the wild pedal and let it rip. The pucker factor will be happening in the passenger seat fer sure !! And yes, I'll be laughing my butt off while driving. It just can't be helped I guess that I should hit a road with lots of twist and turns to prepare her somewhat. But, as I think about it nah ! It'd take all the dang fun out of it
  4. Sweet Guys!! Heck, I've been working way too much between work and home it's unreal. I go racing in 2 weeks and having very little time to get stuff done to it. So, yet again it'll be a last minute slamfest to get it all ready for the road trip of racing 5 full days from Hoover, Ala , Nashville, TN , Bowling green, KY, Louisville, KY , and finally to Jasper, Ind.
  5. On the stumpwater I liked Frosty's labels Now, just a note. I left the firewater at the house due to it might melt the metal tops of the jars lol !! Yes, there is a difference between stump and fire water. stump water is smooth with a lil bite. fire water just bits from the lips, nose, and makes ya sweat like crazy til it hits your belly then the fire balls hits the belly then you really sweat. Then when ya decide to get some air then comes the next fire Pro - I like the ball juice comment lmao Notallthere - just remember to be gentle with Frosty he's shy lol !! Frosty - we'll have to get ringo some firewater
  6. I have a cure for that ill feeling that your having Frosty Pro - its a snowman which is enough to work for me And on the other part. Your starting to scare me again
  7. And the best part is he now has a Peez Despenser of the same pic above lmao
  8. I did however find frosty on clearance
  9. Oh and just to let y'all know. He ate his roadkill bloody rare. Just spanked on each side.
  10. Come on now Frosty you ordered the roadkill along with the roadkill desert with blood and guts for the topping. Now, the fried okra now that's just good eatin' right thar.
  11. Frosty ordered the roadkill
  12. I've had my hands full the past couple of weeks. The lil woman got ran over by a 17 yr old in a grand cherokee when she was in the cross walk. The kid was making a right turn and never looked right he was busy looking left and texting. Lil woman tried to wave to get his attention to make him stop and got run over. She was halfway in the crosswalk. He stopped the car on top of her. Witnesses had to get him to back up to get off of her. Well, she broke her right hip and femur, pelvis, both left shin bones in two places, and left ankle in two places. She's better but, she's sporting a new ride called a wheelchair and want be able to walk for a good while yet. So, I pick on her about playing in traffic and not to do that again lol !! I just wanted to let ya'll know. No, I didn't run over her in the challenger either dang it roflmao!! Dang nuts lol !!
  13. Good videos guys lol !! I use that high grade high carb mopar orange coolant for dipping sauce. And royal purple oil for that special flavor. ya'll crack me up lmao!! Imagine if you will in a big town or in rural town usa. An orange car. Not just any car mind you. But, a car with a weird smile or grin. With an appetite for meaty flesh that crosses it's path on any road. The time of day doesn't matter. Day light or the light of the moon, or even the darkness of nite. Doesn't curve it's appetite. It only appeals to making it more hungrier. Out in a distance you hear this loud roar and whine of it's engine coming down the road like a bat out of hell. And suddenly you hear a squeal and thud noise. Yes, you know that you have entered the GE Zone !!
  14. And just to you know. All the food at KFRK cafe all meat is fresh and no extra charge for any fur found in the food or any asphalt or rocks etc.. At KFRK cafe we kill it and grill it fresh. We got all your greatest seasonings. We have motor oil, anti freeze, rocks, sand, mud, asphalt, all racing fuel smoked under hot exhaust. It's so dang good it'll make your mouth water just thinking about it.
  15. The filling station has alot of GM parts for that era. I have a 31 chevy. Now the running boards and rear fenders where the same. And you can get re-made steel fenders for that sedan. Not sure on the running boards tho. But, I could make you a set of running boards for your sedan.
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