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  1. Guitarsextreme,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. Very much appreciated.


  2. Starter Problem?

    Jim - Sounds like some time ago the starter had been replaced and someone did not re-install the heat shield. It was a common problem in the 70's of folks doing that. On another note Frosty gave some sound advice of things to check on. Except for one thingie. He left out if you have a leaky valve cover and oil dripping down on the solenoid when hot. Sometimes this will cause the solenoid not to pull in due to no continuity on the connections. But, I think the main cause is no heat shield which has caused your initial problem. But, hopefully has not damaged the starter.
  3. Very interesting reading !! Now, I use royal purple oil in my vehicles. And I'm running 0-40, 5-20, and 10-30. Now, as far as the fuel system goes my systems stay pretty darn clean. With that being said tho I do run a bit of racing fuel in my system. And I built a flow bench to run my injectors so, that I can clean them but also check the flow and pressure thru them. But, as far as the oil goes I like amsoil or royal purple synthetic. Last Indian - Very interesting ready I like what ya said.
  4. Pollock' s Auto Restoration Open House

    Great Pics
  5. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Dang it Frosty!! I'm starting not to like you again Ya dang nut
  6. Forget HOV lanes, get ready for self-driving vehicle lanes

    possibly but, a computer is only as good as the programmer and the cheap sensors that are made in china. or when china hacks the systems you left out farts, Ah the world is just gonna end up like that old movie from the 70's Logan's Run and have vehicles on a track.
  7. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    I hunt in 2 states so, that kind of helps me out alot. But, it also wears ya out too trying to keep up with the deer at both locations. Along with hunting in my backyard also kind of helps especially when it comes to everything being right thar to clean and do everything with. I have had those years where I saw plenty but had no clean shot. Then there were a few times where I climbed out of the tree and sat down and leaned against it and fell asleep and a nice deer came up. I told it to leave me alone and let me sleep lmao!! I try to hunt as much as possible but, lately it's been hard. I might get to hunt again before the season ends. I hope ya get ya deer or 2 and fill that freezer. Good luck!!
  8. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Pro I shall make sure that you get a venison steak with stumpwater
  9. Things that make Pro tingly.

  10. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Justa dang it!!! I've already keeled 4 deer with the bow. 5 if ya count the car kill lol !! I'm gonna have to let ya come play in the pines where I hunt at. It's only 4 of us hunting 500 acres.
  11. Things that make Pro tingly.

    OMGawd This is just too funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-B5vCLAoqw or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5FqZ0VeBBc
  12. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Well dang pro we can hook you up with the burger. Frosty nice sign
  13. Legal Racing!

    Racing is fun. Okay so tires may suffer. But, as long as yer having fun and hanging with friends while having fun. And most of all have that thumper in your chest a going and leaving with a big grin on "It's Worth It" !!
  14. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Yeah those aliens just seem to poop in and cause havoc getting all drunk and flying into trees and stuff like that. They like visiting Redchevy from time to time tho Well, the wait is finally over. It's been just a shy over a year. And finally I have made Ace again!! That's right I said it Ace!! She was a lil hongry monday morning and needed some fresh flesh. That's right Deer flesh!! She chewed it up, rolled it up into a burrito under the car. Spit it out like it was nutin'. Deer Slayer got hongry again and took it's 5th deer. Ain't nutin like rollin a deer under the car at 70 mph to make ya hongry in the mornin'. And the smell !! Let me tell ya bo! The burning smell of sweaty deer cooking off the headers and exhaust just makes your mouth woter and your tongue hang out. Hey, it's redneck brakefast time woo hoo!!! Now, the fun part comes when ya gotta steam clean that beast off about 6 times and still can't get all the funk off the car. So, ya just ride round and let everyone's lips start smakkin' just want'n a taste while going down the rode. You see the swerving in the rode heck I believe I saw a alien's ship come down for a sniff. Now, that all that excitement has worn down. I dun probably made ya'll hongry now. Dun got ya'lls lips a smakkin' just thankin about it, and ya'll probably heading for the ice box now for sumtin to eat. Dang now dun made my own self hongry. I'm a gonna go eat see ya'll on the flip side of the skilet later gators
  15. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Nah just letting it build up more heat That's right Notallthere !! We'll just show up any ole dang time with our own stumpwater Signal strength is good. I just gotta keep the signal down to a minimum to keep the aliens away!! Just gotta turn that ole puter on every now and then.
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