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  1. Well, I have taken time away from the house and concentrating on the beast. I ordered new tires just hope that they get here in time.😰 Been going over the car tweaking thangs. Just gotta do some shake down runs and may even do an autocross this weekend to shake thangs down more.
  2. Yeah, I likey. Everything works great and the seat is comfy.
  3. Looky what I picked up for $100 bucks tonight.😬😬
  4. Heck I don't even have emergency brakes in the car
  5. Okay, well the not so recent news. Yes, I killed yet another deer with the car. Very little damage thank god. But, on an interesting note. I did run over a coyote Also, with no damage except for loosening up the exhaust creating a leak. Other than that not too much happening except for renovating a house which is killing my car show time and working on my car time. But, it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood
  6. Why do I visualize a Wile E. Coyote moment when he finally launches
  7. Well, up in the great white norf of the mason dixon line. It is still called rust. In the beautiful south well, we just say "it'll buff right out" lmao
  8. Okay, with the new heads and water pump cool. Now, I gotta ask. Did you replace the thermostat and the radiator cap with new ones?? 9 times outta 10 it's normally the radiator cap causing the overheating issue. Other times it will be the thermostat. Rare occasions engine timing can cause the issue. And on the outset part would be head gaskets leaking even with new ones. I know the guys have talked about the heater core leak. So, no need to rehash that.
  9. Yup too much big brother insurance agencies just trying to charge ya out the ying yang more than they do already. Now, I do have a twist for this monitor thingie. Now, it would be fun to actually find out just what they would do or say to someone like me who would plug it in only when racing at a road course track or land speed racing. I think that it would be hilarious to find out the outcome of their reaction would be on the data.
  10. Tesla's 3 series with the 2.5 has this capability already. So, they downplay the 3 series to sell more of the S series. But, they do say that they will update the S's and other models fee of charge. Also, Tesla and Apple have been working together on this for their cars.
  11. I'll call him tomorrow and re-check the issue to be on the safe side.
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