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  1. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Dang okay maybe I should have painted it transparent and just showed a pick of some trees and placed some tires on the ground lmao!!! The owner is gonna send me some pics so, I can put them on here for ya'll
  2. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    I threw dust in the air and found it. lol It was a pontiac firebird actually. It's gone and I forgot to take pics of it completed. It was painted raven black, very deep black. 18 coats of paint and 15 coats of clear. It was wet sanded between each couple of coats. You could read a newspapers print 10 ft away. It turned out amazing. It took long enough with this car making sure no waves in the body etc... nice straight smooth body. The owner was beyond happy. It only took 6 months to get that thing straight with all the panel replacements. Now, on to the next project Hopefully, it'll be one of mine
  3. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    I just painted a car transparent color. Now I can't find the car
  4. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    She would have a blast at the truck bed regatta lol !! Yeah we can have a few days before Pro. LOL Yeah she met Coy and had a blast with him. On the truck beds well ya just gotta fix them leaks if ya can. You can only have a bucket to bail water from the truck bed. And Frosty that inflatable raft. Well, that can't be inflated before the regatta or towed behind the truck bed. It'll have to be inflated only if buckets will not work to keep water out to stay afloat and you have to abandoned ship or truckbed in this case lol !! Yes, alcohol will be involved and yes it will start heavily before the races, during, and while sinking. It's mandatory LOL!!! Drowning is not permitted LOL!! Oh, and just FYI there are big cooters in the water to bite your toes or anything else that they come in contact with These are highly trained cooters. And they are very very sneaky under the water Oh, and lets not forget about cannons on the truckbeds or the underwater mines just for some extra fun and excitement I will be using my truckbed submarine for added excitement. The taking over another truckbed is allowed while under battle with that ship LOL!! The sinking or taking another's truckbed is extra points, and if you can maintain 2 or more truckbeds that's extra points. The winner is decided by the last truckbed afloat. The award for the winner will be decided among everyone that sunk or truckbed was taken during battle. And during the award ceremony there will be fireworks. Just what the doctor ordered after all day of drinking and battling eh !!
  5. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Pro - Okay firesticks not a problem. Frosty - No they ain't gonna be there. Now, the race with the army vet not a problem. My hot rod against the other hot rod not a problem who needs a paint job when ya got primer on it anyway. Besides, it'd make it a sweeter race. I can paint it again later. House is in NC. Now the truck bed regatta might have to happen lol !!
  6. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Okay, as of yet we haven't set a date for the hitching ceremony. Now, the wedding will be at the new house that has a killer 50 x 80 garage and 50 x 80 barn and sits on 10 acres with an acre pond on it. And we gonna kill a few pigs and have a pig pickin'. We have kicked around the idea of having a shooting gallery in which everyone BYODW (bring your own dang weapon) and have a shoot out killing targets some with an extra surprise I will let ya'll know when the date will be. And ya'll know that ya'll can come on down if ya want to. We can try to get him down from nashvegas. Oh, this will be a blast. Hey maybe we can finally have our truck bed regatta on the pond???
  7. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Pro - roflmao - I like the corrected part better myself And the Buford T Justice bit was good as well Notallthere - I don't have a clue as to what she was thinking I even asked her again just to make sure I heard her correctly on the road trip racing around the country. And even after she had hit her head on the roll cage a few times with a helmet on while racing on the track Frosty - Yep there is still alot of oem sheet metal on the car. Rear fenders, roof, aluminum hood, sunroof and stock front seats. Doors are carbon fiber, deck lid carbon fiber, front fenders are aluminum, no back seat anymore, soon to be installed aluminum nose and rear facia. Yes, in the black rumble bee with a hemi (non-modified). Can you believe it the only things that I have done to that truck are exhaust and air filter!!! Okay well, that is getting ready to change. I'm putting the procharged 426 that came out of the challenger in it. Installing pro touring suspension and gonna put a new SHR tranny in it. It'll be interesting to see just what it'll do Overall I think that I finally found a keeper. She likes working on the cars with me getting all greasy. She likes racing with me, and car show thingies. Can you believe going to swap meets for car parts and helping carry the junk Heck you should have seen the grin on her face when I installed a air horn from a train on her nissan And couldn't wait to use it lmao!! You should have seen the faces on the people that she honked at. It skerd the heck outta them Yes, I have ruined her
  8. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Yup, that's right. Ya'll read it correctly. I got rear ended by a truck in the beast. It's just mostly paint with a few small dings. The bumper took all the damage. I'm just glad that it was more of a glance impact rather than a hard impact. And am I ever so, dang glad that I hadn't installed the new rear end that I made out of aluminum and painted as of yet. Wew, that wouldn't have been purty. If all goes well, I should have it back before the weekend woo hoo!! Hopefully!! Ringo - Yes I do have the worst luck !! Pro - Yep LOL Frosty - That ned beaty thingie was just so wrong LMAO. But, the coyote should be finished this week. Notallthere - not this time LOL Now, I did get a ticket in the truck this past weekend while in the mountians DOH!! Now, on another note. Actually, some good news this time can you actually believe it "good news" !!! imagine if you will. On a nice cool sunny day. While working on a certain orange car in the garage tweaking away. When asking a certain lady "the garage assistant" to pass over a wrench and help me tweak a bolt. I slide out from under the car all greasy and dirty. And asked her to marry me and she said yep!! Without any hesitation. So, I guess that I is engaged now!! Couldn't be any happier!!
  9. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Well, I got rear ended on thursday morning on the way to work. I put the car in the shop and it'll be all fixed up like brandy new.
  10. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Howdy guys!! The trip was a blast and a whole lot of fun. I definitely need Coy(redchevy) as my crew chief. Oh and main fuel guy LOL. Yup, I over powered the track from all get out. And yes, I started in 3rd gear and still smoked the dang tires. Now the tires were Pirelli's and yes a new tire is needed. So, finally continental has my tires that I need. So, maybe just maybe I want have to change setup in the rear. Waiting on those tires to test. Stand by for results lol. Yes, the girl friend did bash her head on the rollcage a few times and I laughed my butt off. She didn't get hurt at all. She actually had a blast riding in the car with me which was really cool. Now, about that mustang. Well, be it as you may. I was riding down the road with already 8 hours on the car since I left Jasper, IN. Well, this goofball comes off the ramp and powers it by me and cuts me off. So, just to screw with him I got on his butt really quick. I wasn't pissed just having some fun. Well, I would let him get out front a bit then reel him in fast. Well, he decides to romp on it and pass this vehicle on the left. I let him get even with the car he was passing then hammered it and went right and blew by him like a rocket on a string. Well, lets just say this. He was just a spot in my mirror. Well, he comes up really slow on my left and I lowered the window and looked at him and both of us laughed and pointed at him. Now, that weak hellkitty as I call them. Pulls up to me at a light and wants to play. We both had the windows down and I just told him step down. Well, I blew his doors off and sent him home packing his 90k car back home. Just to let ya'll know I do not do anything that would hurt anyone on the road. I rarely do this at all unless it's on a track in controlled situations. So, Don't Do This On the Road Please!! With all that said. Yup still uploading video and editing them. I will put some on here soon. Modern Mopar, Bangshift, and Protouring did articles on the car. And I believe a few more not sure of the names but, I'll find out. But, I had a blast with all the friends and messing around with a good friend in Nashvegas Coy. It's always a blast being around him!! Just like being around Notallthere, Frosty, and Pro. Great guys In most of the pics below I have my co-pilot in the car with me
  11. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Justa - This thing does have warp drive. Along with the ability to crack your neck and back Oh, the wabbit jumped out in front of me. I think they call that wabbitcide Well, he lost anyway Notallthere - Oh, I love it !! Might have to do that espeecially the kid with a ball maybe do it in a stick person figure Pro - Your right I am warped. But, I have alot of warped friends like all of you guys Frosty - I haven't gotten a squirrel yet tho But, I got time
  12. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    we'll see just how she handles it on the first few runs lol. I did however add a few stickers to the car. Especially, one group that Frosty has been after me about adding is the kill list to the side of the car. We'll it is done Frosty!! I'll post a pic of it later since I can't seem to load it from my phone. Also, I put a sticker on the rear of the car " I Race Naked !!" Who says that I don't have a since of humor lmao Ringo - very true Pro - That want happen while racing Frosty - Your starting to scare me again
  13. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Pro - yup keep all pets inside lol Frosty - The beast kind of was a digging to get to that booger huh!! Notallthere - gonna try and see if he can make it to nashvegas and the old speedway downtown to watch us run. Yeah I need to help him with that too!! Well, I went thru and torqued all the bolts on the suspension and installed new 5 point harness in the passenger seat for the girl friend to use since she'll be able to get some seat time in with me while I'm racing. This is gonna be a treat !! I'll have some cameras pointed right at here to see the reaction she has. She has ridden with me and I haven't pushed the car with her in it at all. Just normal driving. So, this will be a fun treat for me as you all know And yes, I'll probably no I know that I'll scare the crap out of her on the second lap cause I know that I'll hit the first hard but, not quite like the second lap cause it'll be faster and harder in the turns and I'll hammer the wild pedal and let it rip. The pucker factor will be happening in the passenger seat fer sure !! And yes, I'll be laughing my butt off while driving. It just can't be helped I guess that I should hit a road with lots of twist and turns to prepare her somewhat. But, as I think about it nah ! It'd take all the dang fun out of it
  14. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Sweet Guys!! Heck, I've been working way too much between work and home it's unreal. I go racing in 2 weeks and having very little time to get stuff done to it. So, yet again it'll be a last minute slamfest to get it all ready for the road trip of racing 5 full days from Hoover, Ala , Nashville, TN , Bowling green, KY, Louisville, KY , and finally to Jasper, Ind.
  15. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    On the stumpwater I liked Frosty's labels Now, just a note. I left the firewater at the house due to it might melt the metal tops of the jars lol !! Yes, there is a difference between stump and fire water. stump water is smooth with a lil bite. fire water just bits from the lips, nose, and makes ya sweat like crazy til it hits your belly then the fire balls hits the belly then you really sweat. Then when ya decide to get some air then comes the next fire Pro - I like the ball juice comment lmao Notallthere - just remember to be gentle with Frosty he's shy lol !! Frosty - we'll have to get ringo some firewater
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