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  1. My childhood was a lie

    It just amazes me that you find these messed up videos
  2. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    We can make this happen Pro Got tools will travel
  3. Notallthere's 1970 Chevelle Malibu

    Pro just like touching thangs And you know that he would never have fun touching thangs or maybe just re-arranging things so it would make you look for them longer Frosty - nah stuff with cheese curds just don't sound good to me. I'll stick with grits, fried okra, and liver pudding
  4. Notallthere's 1970 Chevelle Malibu

    Pro-Well, the plans are going good. Still trying to finger out just what vittles to have. It was gonna be a sprang wedding and we pushed it back to possibly fall of next year which may change back to sprang of next year heck who knows. I'll keep ya posted. Frosty - Why I'd be filming everythang I thank that Pro and I can make some killer videos while we are test driving all the vehicles. Pro can weld up all the tools together and tie all the cords in a knot so electricity can't pass thru them. So rendering them making them useless to anyone. Taking the torch and heating up the rattlecans for some fun. Heck Pro and I would put our genius scottish brains together and maybe build a robot out of all the parts just for kicks and giggles to destroy stuff
  5. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Hey it's that funky talking that they do up thar lol Pro - Frosty my just have a point on washing the kitty
  6. Notallthere's 1970 Chevelle Malibu

    That causes quiet a problem then. If your in the other room with the missus, and notallthere is waiting for you in the other room. Then who the heck is with Pro??? You know that we cannot leave that youngman unattended and unsupervised. That would mean that he would be free to unleash way too much fun for himself and just think of what kind of mess he could make LMAO
  7. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    I'm sure that you will be laughing Frosty. Cause, stupid lil shit just happens to me for some dang reason So, instead of telling you multiple times. I'll just tell you the southern way if you'll be able to understand it. But, you just might seeing that you understand u-pper language LOL!! Not sure on if I will be able to make it to charleston or not as of yet. Especially with the beast. I kind of got it tore down and the rear axle out, sheet metal is off the front. Kind of in the middle of a re-vamp of the car parts everywhere
  8. Notallthere's 1970 Chevelle Malibu

    It's Alive!!! Sweet!!! Ah, don't worry about Frosty he just wants to wear liquid latex and be in the film with Pro in his armour dancing around the car
  9. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Howdy dudes!! It's me it's me it's GE lmao!!! Well, it has been very eventful lately. To start with I got really sick and with all the hard coughing I managed to give myself a double hernia yay!! So, it's been hard working thru all of that before I could have surgery. So, last week I finally had surgery and all is good. I'm up and moving around pretty good. Just can't lift anything over 8 lbs as of yet. I got me a new house with plenty of acreage and I am in the process of putting up a new shop. I am also, in the process of gutting the new house and updating the wiring and plumbing along with changing around the interior. So, all of that is being done by myself and my lil assistant or soon to be Mrs. GE lol !! So, been a little busy lately. I don't start back to work for a couple of weeks yet. So, I've been going stir crazy and keeping busy at doing something as always. Frosty - Yeah I talked with you prior to your trip and was unable to make it down that way due to getting the house. Yup I gotcha more racing fuel hehe!! Pro - looks like ya got things handled on the new vehicle.
  10. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Dang okay maybe I should have painted it transparent and just showed a pick of some trees and placed some tires on the ground lmao!!! The owner is gonna send me some pics so, I can put them on here for ya'll
  11. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    I threw dust in the air and found it. lol It was a pontiac firebird actually. It's gone and I forgot to take pics of it completed. It was painted raven black, very deep black. 18 coats of paint and 15 coats of clear. It was wet sanded between each couple of coats. You could read a newspapers print 10 ft away. It turned out amazing. It took long enough with this car making sure no waves in the body etc... nice straight smooth body. The owner was beyond happy. It only took 6 months to get that thing straight with all the panel replacements. Now, on to the next project Hopefully, it'll be one of mine
  12. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    I just painted a car transparent color. Now I can't find the car
  13. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    She would have a blast at the truck bed regatta lol !! Yeah we can have a few days before Pro. LOL Yeah she met Coy and had a blast with him. On the truck beds well ya just gotta fix them leaks if ya can. You can only have a bucket to bail water from the truck bed. And Frosty that inflatable raft. Well, that can't be inflated before the regatta or towed behind the truck bed. It'll have to be inflated only if buckets will not work to keep water out to stay afloat and you have to abandoned ship or truckbed in this case lol !! Yes, alcohol will be involved and yes it will start heavily before the races, during, and while sinking. It's mandatory LOL!!! Drowning is not permitted LOL!! Oh, and just FYI there are big cooters in the water to bite your toes or anything else that they come in contact with These are highly trained cooters. And they are very very sneaky under the water Oh, and lets not forget about cannons on the truckbeds or the underwater mines just for some extra fun and excitement I will be using my truckbed submarine for added excitement. The taking over another truckbed is allowed while under battle with that ship LOL!! The sinking or taking another's truckbed is extra points, and if you can maintain 2 or more truckbeds that's extra points. The winner is decided by the last truckbed afloat. The award for the winner will be decided among everyone that sunk or truckbed was taken during battle. And during the award ceremony there will be fireworks. Just what the doctor ordered after all day of drinking and battling eh !!
  14. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Pro - Okay firesticks not a problem. Frosty - No they ain't gonna be there. Now, the race with the army vet not a problem. My hot rod against the other hot rod not a problem who needs a paint job when ya got primer on it anyway. Besides, it'd make it a sweeter race. I can paint it again later. House is in NC. Now the truck bed regatta might have to happen lol !!
  15. My 08 dodge Challenger / Superbird

    Okay, as of yet we haven't set a date for the hitching ceremony. Now, the wedding will be at the new house that has a killer 50 x 80 garage and 50 x 80 barn and sits on 10 acres with an acre pond on it. And we gonna kill a few pigs and have a pig pickin'. We have kicked around the idea of having a shooting gallery in which everyone BYODW (bring your own dang weapon) and have a shoot out killing targets some with an extra surprise I will let ya'll know when the date will be. And ya'll know that ya'll can come on down if ya want to. We can try to get him down from nashvegas. Oh, this will be a blast. Hey maybe we can finally have our truck bed regatta on the pond???
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