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  1. Dang right I’m skerd !! Oh heck no I ain’t puttin my tongue on that thing while on !! Heck your hair raises up on your arms if you get too close !! Heck I almost ran into it one day !! This thing is big it’s about 10’ ft square lol!! Yeah I went big. I gotta find those videos of it. It’s wild. Stumpwater is way less lethal than bug zapper !! By far I’d chug stumpwater.
  2. Okay, first off you should drink it and not be skerd to do so. I dun told they are smooth. And I dun told ya the first drink is the primer and the rest is like drinking water. Although, that primer may burn from yer lips down to yer belly and burn when ya breath. But, just wait fer the fire ball to drop and make you all red in the face and sweat starts popping from yer head. That’s when ya know it’s good. Honestly I just think ya skerd !! Yeah, I got some crazy skills wrenching, welding, machining, and making body panels from scratch, blacksmithing, and even mad electrical skills. I forgot my crazy wood working skills. I don’t use nails or screws. But, if I do it’s cut nails. But, you gotta remember I grew up around mechanics, electricians, welders and blacksmiths. So I gained so much old school knowledge of doing things that nobody teaches. But, I do make a lot of my own hammers and tool for certain things I need to form. I made metal rollers and planishing hammers, and even my own English wheel that I call Godzilla. Yeah it kind of looks like him lol !! Yeah, I’ve worked fer some neat guys and picked guitfiddle with a few. And talked fishing and hunting with others. I guess the three best people I met and the most interesting people I talked to were Tex Hill, Chuck Yeager, and Robin Olds. Now, I have been building this one car for years. I designed it way back in junior high. Now, it’s dun gone thru slight changes thru the years not much tho. I built the frame and been skinnin the body for a few years. It’s just taken technology years to catch up to my electronic designs for the cockpit and instrumentation as far as processors and displays. Now on that barn. I finally finished editing the videos and pics. FP will be the first and only place to see the gm cars and truck's. Now, on anutter note I did have me a drag race with my truck the utter day I was loaded down in the bed and pulling a trailer and came up on this red light and this black ford 4x4 pulls beside me and light turned green and it was on I pulled away from him then I Hurd him kick it in and get beside me. I turned to him pointing and laughing at him and yelled out watch this !! Well, I kicked it in and blew his 4 doors off. I’m sure he was like WTH just happened !! Well, he caught up to me at the next light and yelled out what the heck you got in that truck ? I just yelled back “ some really big balls” !! The look on his face was priceless to say the least. I did come across a jet engine out of a helicopter that works great a few years ago. And been pondering just what to put it in that would be street legal but, light enough to be fast. And just maybe stupid fast. I have thoughts but, no final thoughts . Well, gotta go install my 30k volt big zapper that I made a few years ago. This thing is awesome and scary at the same time. It scare the crap outta ya when you get big bugs !! It used to scare the neighbors when bugs hit it !! lol !! I thought about hooking it up to my Tesla coils. But, I thought it was to excessive for the project. Can you believe that !! That I would even remotely think that it was too excessive!! Just shocks me !!
  3. I started trying to organize the garage finally. So, hopefully I can get it cleaned up enough to bring my other toolboxes and equipment over. Then load up the other cars the 31 Chevy and 55 olds over. Frosty you’re so mean to me. What’d I do lol !!! I’ll just have to twist your brain more with stumpwater and my future project car that will make your brain go boom !!! Lmao !!! Yup, it’ll make you go WTH, ah kewl, now that’s just wrong in so many ways !!
  4. Well, dang I hadn’t even gotten to the cool parts yet !! It has a 400amp service for house and garages. And a generator that supports everything for house, and both garages. On the pics part let me get it organized and straightened up and I’ll take some. But, the solid maple cabinets that were built for both garages are killer. The previous owner was a cabinet maker. He did some nice work. I’m not trying to bost at all. I just got lucky with this house. The last one that had a nice garage I was out bidded on.
  5. Some spice cake, jet lag and a few pints of lager and you’ll be ready to do the Time Warp Song and dance!! 😀
  6. Well, a whole lot busy with my new job. And bought a new house in the country, sticks, boonies, yeah it’s out thar. Best part besides the house it come with 2 3 car garages. And it even comes with a big office. And between them is one of those RV carport and 2 industrial air compressors both 2 stage. And to beat that heck I almost fainted I sure did. It has you guys ain’t gonna believe this both garages have one of those big ole AC systems and ceiling fans. You can freeze ya butt off in the summertime while working on a car. And you can fart and the fans will blow it away. It’s the Dangist tang ya ever did see. Well, I dun fingered that I’d work on the cars in the front shop and use the rear for the machine shop and fab shop. Heck gotta find somewhere to put mills and lathes with them welders. Now , with the story that I started blabbering about that Frosty brought up. Yup frosty them dang ole cicadas did come out and they did with a big bang !! Both dang species came out at the same time and they been kicking up a ruckus. They be a hootin and a hollerin and having themselves a big ole reunion throwing dang loud parties at over 100dbs. Heck I guess they deserve it since they ain’t seen each other since 1803. I kind of figured they might be havin some inbreeding going on with the way they are partying. Been finding a few partied out ones passed out on my dang deck I kind of shove them to wake them and all I get is some chatter. So, I pick their butt up by the wangs and tell them to git on back in the trees and they just chatter. So, I fling them and they go flyin off back to the trees just being all sassy and cusin up a storm. Then they got back to the party and get all loud again. Dang crazy bugs!! Here’s just how loud they are if this loads up. Dang crazy bugs!! IMG_1521.mov
  7. Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I finally had to install a new optima battery after 8 years. Getting ready to load it up and take it to the new garage. In the past year I have been going thru every inch of the car checking and replacing stuff from years of hard racing. I re-engineered and machined new arms for the rear suspension from my last design making it better and yet more stronger. I’ve been installing all the new body panels I made to improve aerodynamics and drop drag coefficients while leaving enough to suck to the track and stick. Although, I did remake some parts to improve on fitment. So, next on the list is final paint and finally getting it inspected so, it’ll be street legal again probably by the end of may it’ll be back on the streets and on the track again creating havoc !!
  8. I just finished welding up a header for a friend of mines chevelle convertible. It was rusted out in similar locations. I cut out the bad and replaced it with same thickness of metal. His just happened to be 12 guage. You can fix this pretty easy if you have some fabrication and welding skills.
  9. We’ll, I’ve made a lot of changes. Still haven’t painted all the panels yet. It’s one of those perfectionist things that kills me all the time. All of the new stuff that I designed and made is out of carbon fiber. Front fenders, new sexy side skirts that may or may not have exhaust coming out the sides. New rear fenders, and doors. Rear sexy skirt, trunk and hood. The new nose is made of all aluminum and is held together by over 3000 solid rivets. It is supporting a totally new design which is more aero and style which mixes old skool and new skool into the design. The new wing is a composite of aluminum and carbon fiber. I even made a new radiator support out of carbon fiber in which I made more for strength along with adding more supports for various items under the hood and nose. There were new supports that I made for the front fenders that were needed since factory is nonexistent and were never designed for the fenders. I’ll get it all painted and installed and pics will follow afterwards.
  10. Kiwi - Thanks again Frosty - yup I laughed at the mask and now I laugh yet again and so did Sam lol !! Justa - yup we have fun everywhere with guys from FP gang
  11. Frosty you need to show pics of you in the mask
  12. Kiwi - I had a good time down under about 12 years ago. Meet up with a few mates in the aussy air force that I came friends with when they came over here to play a couple of times and ran into to them at various locations throughout the world. Needless to say when we got together we had a blast. Yeah very wild and fun times!!
  13. Whaaat !! People skerd to be in the car with me behind the wheel !!! I am shocked !! Now, I can understand the person being skerd to see me in the car behind them before I hit the wild pedal and blow there doors off.
  14. Thanks guys it was a blast and to have good friends there made it much better. Although Frosty was lil bit skerd of the stumpwater at first. Now, frosty it’s Norf Cakilakie. But you can spell it any way you want lol !! Yeah, she knew what she was getting into. Heck I taught her how to use weapons. Which might have been a bad idea !! And even to shoot bow and arrow. I even got her racing in the beast. She has fun with all my twisted hobbies. Best part she drinks stumpwater woo hop !!
  15. Well, been going over the car and replacing sensors that were starting to go bad, bushings, installing those rear control arms, and getting ready to blow the car apart and hopefully get everything installed and painted. Yeah, the car is getting lighter and the body panels I made and modified along with the new nose I made. Should look killer and mean. But, still retain the Superbird looks. Oh, and it'll be sporting a killer pic on the wing of one of Acme Corporations own beta tester.
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