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  1. I certainly hope he makes it out there too. He’s a wealth of information, for sure. Do you happen to have the Smole Signals article?
  2. 31 - yes it does belong to Dimitri Toth. I was introduced to him later in the day. Dimitri is a writer and a supporter of the new Pontiac Transportation Museum. I have his business card too. i will post some pictures of his car a little later. It’s gorgeous!.
  3. I rattled GE's cage for you. I told him he needs to contact you through Faceblob.
  4. Hi Tomy2tone. Welcome to FP. Power windows and seats would be driven off of the power/accessories fuse on the fuse block under the dash. This is either a 30 or 40 amp fuse. Check your owners manual. It should have a map of this fuse block and what amperage the fuse should be. Check your fuse, if it is bad replace it. If the fust is fine, then I suspect something else.... Now from what you described, being able to move the windows up and down and seats without the key in the ignition is a similar "problem" I had with Lucy, my '72 Lemans convertible for over 20 years. I could power down the windows and the power convertible top without the key. The car is not designed to do that - at least mine is not - and I suspect yours it not if you read the owners manual. The key is suppose to be in the run position in Lucy for the top or windows to work. So what happened to me and may have happened to you is a failed / partially failed power relay. For Lucy, the power relay for the power accessories is behind the driver's side kick panel. Mine partially failed over 20+ years ago to bypass the ignition circuit. I suspect yours did too and now the relay has failed completely. Mine failed completely 2 years ago and I could not raise/lower my windows or my top. A simple voltmeter will prove if it works. Check the body or chassis manual for the mention of a power relay that drives/supports the accessories. I knew the 'A' cars it should be behind the driver's side kick panel. This is what the power relay in Lucy looks like and probably what you may be looking for as well.
  5. A restored '59 Bonneville is a gorgeous car. Good luck in your search.
  6. A lot of header manufacturers have either retired or discontinued the 70s era large car headers from their catalogs due to a lack of demand. They aren't as possible as the F-body and A-body cars these days. You either need to call them and see if they will make you a set or you need to run a set of factory original or reproduction exhaust manifolds. A company called Ram Air Restoration makes reproduction Ram Air/HO exhaust manifolds, essentially factory headers. https://www.ramairrestoration.com/
  7. You were permitted by the little woman to go play with the Challenger? Be still my beating heart ! Or are you starting to get into a mad thrash since Cars and Cones is less than 2 weeks away? I still can't believe you are coming to Michigan!
  8. That's the great thing about this forum. Not all of us know everything about every ride or every nut and bolt. We all chip in with collective knowledge and experiences. Let us know what you end up deciding to do, oh, and pictures please!
  9. Casting number 521571 should be the number for a 1956 Pontiac 4-bbl intake off of a 316 Pontiac V8. The 287, 316, 347, and 370 were the part of the Strato Streak V8 engines. It should fit your 287. The casting number is usually near the #1 cylinder intake runner - by the thermostat.
  10. Always happy to. It was easy....I was the club photographer for the show anyway.
  11. Here are more photos from the Dust Off. Here is the typical post-show group photo. L-R - JUSTA66, JUSTAG6, ENVY, LUCY I am very excited to show off some new bling on Lucy during the show. This new bling is courtesy of Mr. Last Indian and his mad fab skills. I have a new "Jury" grille badge and I've added a new arrowhead/indian head next to my Pontiac. They both make the front end really pop. I cannot thank Last Indian enough for everything he sent me. Now that I've unveiled the bling I will share the rest in another thread. Winner of the Survivor Class Award - an unrestored yet drivable 1928 Pontiac - complete with a rumble seat I thought this was prettiest car at the show - a red, perfectly straight '59 Bonneville convertible with a triple color interior A pair of nice G8s How about some Solstices? This Solstice belongs to Marge Sawruk - the late John Sawruk's wife. She bought it from current POCI President Larry Crider. I am going to have funny teasing Larry about this. A '74 Ventura Sprint ! Time for G6s This one is owned by JUSTA's daughter -- JUSTAG6! Way to go girl!
  12. Okay - here are some photos I took during this weekend's Dust Off. I will be adding more photos through out the day. The weather was absolutely perfect. Sunny, warm but not hot. A little breezy, it was breezy enough to keep knocking over JUSTA's 303+ display bottles!!! LOL! Indyman Joe came. We are not sure if he washed his car or not. It's hard to tell with his car either way. Funny thing is notallthere was so excited he forget to check out Joe's rear end! Starting in the swap meeting area: How about your basic Pontiac Beaumont Acadian El Camino????? Which were never made - but it is still cool to look at. Here is an uber-rare piece, I wish I had brought my checkbook with me. A Mickey Thompson Cross Ram intake manifold for an early 389. This one is for Pro. A '84 Safari wagon.....with a LS1 in it! A first-gen 1974 Grand Am A gorgeous resto-mod Star Chief. I love the interior. Beautiful '38 Pontiac street rod. Newer GTOs A kangaroo and a joey too! Nice touch. Goats - we got 'em! Fieros - Check....if you look hard you maybe able to see Envy, Mrs. Notallthere's pride and joy. Hint - it's the silver one at the very end. Trans Ams, Formulas, and one even one Firehawk!!!
  13. Welcome to FP. I love your Goat!
  14. Are you going sleeve one cylinder or all eight? The machine shop will significantly over bore each cylinder in the block to insert the new steel sleeves and then they bore it to stock or whatever over bore is needed. So in theory, they can take it back to .030 over.
  15. I guarantee you restore this 'Bird, you will be the only one at virtually any Pontiac show. The late Pontiac Historian John Sawruk was very high on these cars, especially with the turbo-4. He thought (rightfully so in my opinion) that Pontiac missed a huge opportunity with the "tuner crowd" back in the day with this car/engine combination.
  16. That cover is what the top folds down into when it is retracted right? It helps any water from the top run to the side of the car and drains out there and keeps it away from the trunk, the motor, and the electrical connection. It's a huge pain in the butt when you are trying to get to the motor. That's why I push it up and weigh it down or pin it.
  17. The convertible top cover can be push up back into the interior. Grab some wooden clothes pins and pin it rail that holds the convertible boot or grab some weighted bags like cornhole bags to weigh it down out of the way. I assume at this point you have the back seat and rear quarter interior panels out of the car so you can work on the cylinders.
  18. Are you looking for a positraction rear end 82firebird? Most 10-bolts were limited slip which means one wheels gets the power and the other didn't. A positraction unit means power is sent to both wheels, thus allowing you to do a two-legged burn out. Now assuming that you are happy with your present rear end gear ration, a differential carrier change to a positraction unit runs $370-550 from Summit Racing. I am sure you can probably shop around perhaps find a better deal but that gives you a ball park. It will mean draining the diff fluid, removing the axles, and removing the center section of the rear end. So essentially you are rebuilding your rear end. Now would be the time to change your rear end gear ratio of you wanted to.
  19. Good morning vin1069. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Your '70 GTO convertible and my '72 Lemans Sport convertible are identical when it comes to the power top mechanics. Make sure your hydraulic lines fit the new cylinder ram. I had an issue with mine. The threads match the upper line but not the lower, so I ended up having to get a new set of lower lines. Also it easier to screw the lines into the cylinders (to at least start them) before you mount it into the car. ATF - Automatic transmission fluid is fine for your top. To add the fluid, you have to remove the rubber stopper in the motor inside the trunk. I use a clear 16 oz ketchup bottle I got at my local Kroger for about $2.00. Fill it with ATF and you can crawl inside the trunk and fill up the reservoir of the motor/pump. Make sure you have a rag handy to wipe up any that comes out. It's best if you have someone else cycle the power switch with you in the trunk (so you don't have to constantly crawl in and out of the trunk). Cycle the top a few times - both up and down. Pay attention to the amount of air in the lines as it goes up and down. You will probably have to fill the reservoir several times to get a lot of the air out in order for the top to go up and down reliably. Make sure you connections to your new cylinder is tight and does not leak. That's currently the problem I have and I am afraid I have to replace the line or the cylinder - again.
  20. No you don't. If the brakes fail, you will HIT IT!!!!! Words fail me. Don't mention the Rinse Off JUSTA ! That's bad JU JU!!!! How can we tell the difference Joe? He's cheap! He's looking for a free car wash.
  21. Okay, I've said this before, and I will continue saying it. Besides the corn lobby, where is the demand for E15? Who is asking for it or rather why is the government pushing it? The automakers are not certifying it for the cars on the road, in fact they are saying the opposite. It may damage your vehicle. So why allow it in the first place? The public isn't demanding this? There is the smog issue. WTF EPA? Why are we going here in the first place?
  22. That's makes two of us. I just hope our bad karma with brakes is not contagious Joe!!!! Now that you mentioned it Last Indian, the driver's side rear tire did stick a little when I took it off, I had to push the drum back on slightly. I wonder if that is when everything went to hell-in-a-hand-cart?
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