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  1. No worries Pete. We've been friends too long to worry about sh*t like that. So long as I get the cold one and a chance to bang those gears in the wagin some day in the near future. Deal?
  2. Look under the dash, above the emergency brake handle, it will be mostly be in a "wad" of electrical wire. The flasher should be there, it will be an two-wire L-shaped connector connected to the cylindrical flasher unit. That's where I find it for my '72.
  3. Ted, a member of my POCI chapter, Jim Larson, is a bit of an 8-lug expert. He has a '64 Grand Prix. He's written a few articles about it. He lives in Waterford, MI. I can give you his contact information if you are interested.
  4. Are you looking for the flasher button or the actual flasher unit under the dash?
  5. I just got back from Africa, I was playing cards with the natives. Zulus? No I usually won! Follow Stupid!
  6. I would recommend looking at Original Parts Group (OPGI.COM) first. The have an assortment of molding and trim hardware, some universal and some specific to your car. If you are unsure, call them up and talk to a tech. Ames Performance also carries large car parts as well.
  7. Apparently squirrels don't like fruitcake either. I don't know the little buggers were that fussy. I still don't have a problem with that! t
  8. Yessa boss! I'll hitch up the snow bunnies to the sled and mush my way over to the storage unit right away and grab that tacho bell. Gold plated or gold leaf? If there is too much gold, the missus will want her cut. Count on it! The song "In the year 2525" comes to mind.....
  9. Does that mean it's beer thirty mate? A man has to have his priorities!
  10. I'll bring the kegger and tap.
  11. I totally agree - it's like the logo caught something and went pale. The capital letters were bold. What's with the lowercase letters? We are not bold anymore? Well said Kiwi. GM always had square logos, now they've gone to rounded edges. Not sure I understand the meaning of that. Clearly this gets further and further from the GM I once knew. Which I suspect is the point.
  12. It would appear that GM has redesign's it's corporate logo GM is among a growing number of major companies making corporate logo changes recently. Others have included Kia Motors, Rite Aid, Burger King and Pfizer. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/08/gm-redesigns-corporate-logo-as-it-focuses-on-electric-vehicles.html Right now, IMO, I'm not a fan.
  13. Oh Cripes! I forgot about the D.R.E.A.D. Card! Detroit Rockers Engaged in the Abolition of Disco! J.J. and the Morning Crew were the best. Mike and Drew were a distant second to them IMHO.
  14. What JUSTA said. You have kicked ass this week on that thing Kiwi. I'm so glad you've been sharing this with us.
  15. Kiwi - WRIF is a Detroit radio rock station. 101.1 FM. In the 70s and 80s they had some truly legendary disc jockeys, especially in the morning. They would come up with all sorts of music parodies and tomfoolery across the Detroit Metro area, as you see above. In fact, a lot of the other Detroit stations tried to keep up with them. It was the heyday of Detroit FM stations. JUSTA - do you remember the WRIF "Man Card"? This was the first is an eventually series of "Remarkable Mouth/Baby" commercials for WRIF on TV. All of them stared Kelly Harmon, sister of actor Mark Harmon and daugh
  16. I remember having this record. That's the real Dick the Bruiser (famous wrestler) on the cover.
  17. JUSTA - what is this? Learn to Spell with Darnell all over again? GAWD I miss the old WRIF!
  18. I see more rubberized undercoating being liberally applied to Joe's rear fenderwells and fenders this summer! I also hear him complaining about have to buy more tires for some strange reason! Any chance of seeing Cargo Vanna White paint on the car this year Joe?
  19. She sounds real strong. When is the first test drive?
  20. No elves allowed in the southern hemisphere. Santa has gotta lock on 'em in the northern hemisphere - union rules. You are stuck with penguins south of the equator mate! No opposable thumbs on that lot either. You're pretty much screwed. Yeah beer!
  21. My wife won't let me.....I think we can all relate to that! You make it sound like a bad thing mate. It's what happens when we eat too many beans! Never trust a [email protected]!
  22. Did they use naughty language once you got there? Did they imply that your mom and dad were not married? Gave you a teensy weensy tip? Imply you suffer from cranial rectal inversion?
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