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  1. Those seats will look killer in the car casper50. I'll bet you are getting real anxious now that you are seeing substantial progress.
  2. I'm glad you got your money back Joe. I find it amusing when Chevy guys use Pontiac or some other non-Chevy parts on their rides. Oh, it's okay to put Chevy motors or parts in virtually anything, but it's not okay to put a non-Chevy motor in a Chevy. That's sacrilegious. Yeah....right.
  3. This is quite true! Signed Joe’s IT Guy
  4. Cool. Psst....Joe, that’s not a Pontiac!!!!
  5. That’s the way to do it, one thing at a time,
  6. I’m still quite the dinosaur, I still like a good. book or magazine in my hands rather than a pc or a tablet. However I am increasingly in the minority it seems.
  7. TEN Publishing Kills 19 Automotive Print Publications https://jalopnik.com/ten-publishing-kills-19-automotive-print-publications-i-1840273584 TEN Publishing, the publisher behind enthusiast magazines like Motor Trend, Hot Rod, Automobile, and a lot more, has announced it is shutting down print operations for 19 of its 22 titles next year. The three remaining titles that will continue to publish in print are Motor Trend, Hot Rod, and Four Wheeler, according to a memo from MotorTrend Group president and General Manager Alex Wellen seen by Folio Mag. Back in 2017, Automobile Magazine underwent a very questionable relaunch that evidently was not enough to keep it alive. Here is the full list of the 19 publications ending their print run. 4-Wheel & Off-Road Automobile Car Craft Chevy High Performance Classic Trucks  Diesel Power Hot Rod Deluxe  Jp Lowrider Mopar Muscle Muscle Car Review Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Mustang Monthly Street Rodder Super Chevy  Super Street Truck Trend  Truckin’ Vette Update, 6:40 p.m.: Here’s a statement sent to Jalopnik from TEN that doesn’t clear too much up: TEN Publishing Co. announced today that it will discontinue publishing 19 of its 22 automotive print titles by end of year. MotorTrend Group provides all of the editorial and sales support for those publications. At MotorTrend Group, we remain committed to providing our fans and advertisers quality automotive storytelling and journalism across all of our content platforms and we are doubling-down on our best-in-class digital product experiences, while maintaining our support of the three most popular, profitable and strategic brands across digital and print – MotorTrend, Hot Rod, and Four Wheeler. Update, 7 p.m.: Jalopnik has learned that digital coverage for the shuttered print titles will continue. Here’s more from the memo via Folio Mag: “It was announced today that TEN Publishing will discontinue publishing 19 of its 22 automotive print titles by the end of the year,” wrote MotorTrend Group president and GM Alex Wellen in the memo. “I know this is difficult news, but I want to assure you that we remain committed to you and your pursuit to deliver quality automotive storytelling and journalism across all of our content platforms.” MotorTrend Group, a joint venture formed in 2017 and majority owned by Discovery, Inc., comprises the digital and video businesses of the company formerly known as The Enthusiast Network, whereas TEN Publishing controls those brands’ print magazines. Under a licensing agreement, MotorTrend Group provides editorial and ad sales support to TEN, producing content for both MotorTrend Group’s digital platforms and TEN’s magazines. It’s unclear if the shuttered titles from TEN Publishing, formerly known as The Enthusiast Network, will continue publishing work online, and it’s also unclear what will happen to their current employees. Jalopnik has reached out to TEN for more details and will update this article when more information is available. The move follows an alarming trend in the automotive print world following the shuttering of Autoweek’s print operations and acquisition by Hearst Magazines back in October, and a restructuring at Car And Driver last year that saw over a dozen staffers laid off. This reminds me when High Performance Pontiac and Popular Hot Rodding were cancelled. I ended up with 2-year subscription to Hot Rod instead. I was not a happy camper. Bottom line is the trend to move away from printed magazines period. I am not happy about it, but subscriptions or the lack of the same is the reason.
  8. So did you do the Mother Road trip? Down Route 66? If so, how was it?
  9. Sorry if I misunderstood your question Yahnke. To answer your question, I can honestly say I know of no one who has tried your particular combination. I do see your dilemma. Good luck. Please keep us in the loop on your results.
  10. Right now work is just a legitimate excuse to ignore them.
  11. Wise acre! Retiree's coffee cup.
  12. I agree with you Ringo. The current Regal TourX wagon reminds me of the Volvo wagon. I like it's styling a lot. Again, being the RWD bigot that I am, it's a no go in my book since it is a FWD platform.
  13. I think the first set of rice cakes would look better to me as beer cans.
  14. This marks the second time Buick has killed that particular marque here in the US. The first time was between 2004 and 2008. This sounds like this retirement is for good though. Think about it. The last US-made (or North American-made) Buick car (not SUV, crossover or truck) has already been built and sold. There are no more Buick cars. Think about Buick's line-up here in the US as a whole and where they were actually made: Regal sedan and TourX wagon - Russelsheim Germany (to be discontinued in 2020) Buick Cascada convertible - Gilwice Poland (discontinued in 2019) Buick LaCrosse - Detroit/Hamtramck (discontinued in 2019) Buick Enclave - Delta Township (Lansing) Buick Encore - Shanghai China / Incheon Korea Buick Verano - Lake Orion [the Asian version is called the Buick Excelle/Excelle GT/Excelle GX and it's built in Shanghai] (discontinued in 2017) Buick Envision - Yantai, Shandong, China
  15. https://southbend.craigslist.org/cto/d/south-bend-2014-nissan-cube-pure-sport/7030601521.html - $12k I've got nothing.
  16. I work for the State of Michigan as an IT project manager. I am just a Pontiac enthusiast, like you, who happens to know a lot about Pontiacs. There are parts for the 8-lug wheels out there now. Again not the cheapest things in the world but they are available to help at least refresh the brakes if you need them. One of my car club buddies owns a '63 Grand Prix with the 8-lug system. So you have a tired, probably well used, 389. So you have the choice of a complete rebuild or crate motor. Have you considered calling Jasper for a quote on a reman replacement motor? They are not known for hi-performance motors but they are known for quality reman rebuilds, which sounds like what you want given your funding limitation. So if you get long block, transfer both manifolds, put on a new water pump, transfer your brackets, you might be motoring down the road next spring. Food for thought.
  17. Congrats to everyone who entered and to 31pontiac for the win!
  18. Chuck, the answer is definitely yes. The 389 can also be re-built for respectable horsepower or bored/stroked out to 421/428 cubes too. Just depends on what your budget and performance goals are for the car and what you are starting with from the 389. We'd be happy to help you out there too. Care to describe the situation with the car and the 389 in particular? Pontiac engines in general are torque beasts if tuned properly. It is torque that gets you down the road, not horsepower. The other nice thing about Pontiacs is there never was a big block/small block program. All Pontiac V8s were dimensionally the same size externally (except the 265 and 301). So swapping a 389 for 421, 400, or 455 is literally a bolt-in swap. You also can swap heads around too.
  19. Before I answer that question, is your Catalina a 5-lug or 8-lug per wheel car? It makes a difference.
  20. Hang in there pal. Don't be afraid to find reputable shops outside your local community either. Indoor car show season will be starting soon. The Cincinnati and Detroit Autorama shows will happen in January and late February, respectively. Assuming you can get to one or both shows or other indoor shows in your area, you might be able to find some interior folks at these shows to talk to as well. Your price from Just Dashes does not surprise me. They are a vendor of last resort in my book. As I said, I knew they were not cheap. However, when no one else re-pops stuff for these unpopular dashes, who else are you going to call ? Definitely not the ghostbusters - LOL! I am fortunate that I have found a top notch interior guy near me He's done my convertible top, my seats, and door panels on my convertible, as well as re-done a Recaro seat for my '86 Trans Am. I found him by talking to car guys. I recommend him to all my friends as well. Once you find "your guy", I am sure you will do the same. According to YELP, these are the top auto upholstery shops (based on limited reviews) in the Cleveland area. Obviously I am not sure if one of them is the shop you took your panel to either. 1. DuraMend (216) 398-9009 9449 Brookpark Rd Cascade Crossing 2. Jason's Custom Trim (216) 973-8700 745 Marks Rd 3. Clover Car Center (440) 951-2022 35550 Lakeland Blvd
  21. Frosty

    New Dent Decal

    Shhhssshhhh!!!! Don't tell GE !!!! It might give him ideas!
  22. Frosty

    New Dent Decal

    I think this is the perfect decal for a dent. It's pretty self-explanatory too.
  23. Here are the 12 Days of a Notallthere Christmas! 12 different donor cars 11 calf stitches 10 Home Depot gift cards 9 grinding discs 8 fuel injectors 7 quarts of oil A 6 cylinder in waiting 5 cups from Tim’s 4 Hankook tires 3 dropped screws 2 lug wrenches And some parts for the missus Fiero GT
  24. Does that make me sound like a millennial? Gawd I hope not!!!!
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