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  1. Frosty

    Pontiac Christmas

    Happy Birthday to ME! -AND- Good night Missus Calabash, wherever you are!!!!
  2. Frosty

    Pontiac Christmas

    Now that's my idea of a traditional Christmas. You got things started right. All that is missing is "A Charlie Brown" Christmas, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and "Santa Claus and His Old Lady"!
  3. Frosty

    Gear selector

    What's your native language? French? Can you describe the problem more properly in your native language and then we can try running Google Translate - if that helps you communicate more effectively?
  4. It's probably $60-70K truck anyway Ringo. I doubt either of us have to worry about it being our driveways. Obviously we are going for the rugged / huskie / manly look here.
  5. Frosty

    Gear selector

    Okay I think you may be on the cusp of transmission technology my friend. Your Grand Lemans may have been built with either the TH200/TH200C or the optional TH250C transmission. In 1981, GM introduced the TH200-4R (overdrive). So is the '81 transmission you have a TH200/TH200C/TH250C (which GM still produced until 1987) or is it TH200-4R? This will make a significant difference as to why things shift differently.
  6. I am definitely talking about the center / brake pad contact point of the rotor. No way in blazes that thing should be that badly rusted and pitted with daily use. It had to have sat for a while.
  7. Welcome to all the joys and frustrations of DIY !!!! Don't be cheap on brake parts. Use good quality parts through out. The brakes you put on are suppose to save your life. It's amazing the abuse we and previous owners put our cars and trucks through. You rotor is so rusted and pitted, it makes me wonder how long its been sitting.
  8. You should also consider TH200R4 out of the T-type Regals and Grand Nationals. They were 3.8L Turbos. Heck, the '87 GNXs could beat the Corvette with TH200R4! You will want to match the flex plate to the tranny. Talk to you engine builder and see what he/she recommends.
  9. Frosty

    Heat hot at high rpm, cold at low

    Sounds like you've done most of the standard stuff. Have you checked your electric fan(s) to make sure they are working properly and perhaps checking the fan temperature sensors to make sure they are working / calibrated correctly? I am wondering if the fan is coming on and off at the wrong temperatures. For that matter, you might check your fuses for the radiator fan. Also check the electrical connections on the fan for corrosion or dirt contamination. Can I assume for your note above that you are running 50/50 mix water to antifreeze?
  10. I want your guys thoughts on this. I want to put new wheels and tires on Lucy, my Lemans convertible, this spring. She is running the original 14" Rally II rims she was born with. They are tired, pited, and need to be sandblasted and re-painted. The stainless trim rings are scratched up and need some repair work. The tires are nearly 10 years old and are due for replacing too. In the end, Lucy needs a new set of shoes. To that end I bought a set of 15" Rally IIs from Indymanjoe a couple of years ago. I've had them powder coated silver and then I've painted the areas the proper charcoal gray. All I have left to do is to touch up the gray a bit and buy and mount some tires. However, I've been thinking lately. Do I want to put total stock looking set of rims back on Lucy or should I upgrade her look a bit? I have three other options. Any option I pick, I don't need any trim rings anymore either and I could see about selling the 15" Rally II back to indymanjoe since I know he is still looking for a set. 1. I still have my old Cragar SS mags from my 1973 Lemans Sport Coupe, that I bought when I was 18 years old. They are rusting and need to be re-chromed. However, I still have them and I would not have to buy them, but re-chroming them could cost as much or more than buying new ones. 2. Do I purchase a set of 15" wheels - the chrome version of the Rally II from Wheel Vintiques? 3. Most expensive of the bunch. Do I purchase a set of 15" Foose Nitrous SEC wheels? I love the bead lock look of the SEC version of the Nitrous the most. So what do you think, stay the course with the stock 15 Rally II or go with one of the other choices? Indymanjoe - I am curious to see which one you pick....and yes, you have first dibs on the old 15" set.
  11. Hmmm...me things FIA swiped this idea from the old Hummer H2T / H3T and the former Jeep Commando pickup truck. 2020 Jeep Gladiator
  12. Frosty

    55/65 motor swap

    Hi again Marv. Again my question is the 4-speed originally to the '55 or is it a 60s-era or newer Saginaw, Muncie, or Borg-Warner style 4-speed? If it isn't the original '55 transmission, I would go with a modern OEM/OER replacement bell housing, fork, clutch, and throw out bearing that fits the 326 and 4-speed. The clutch linkage still all connect up. You may have to change the adjustment rod a little. Most of the modern parts should be readily available at most part stores or online catalog stores., Rockauto.com, etc. My theme is this, since you are not going with an all original, numbers matching engine in the car, who cares if the transmission isn't original either at this point? So if you are going to build up a reliable 326, 400 or 455 engine, why not build a reliable transmission that fits that motor too.
  13. For the least hassle, a BOP (Buick-Olds-Pontiac) bolt-pattern TH200 4R is the best route to go, in my opinion. The case is 2 inches longer than the TH350/400 case but it should otherwise fit your transmission tunnel with no problem. You will probably need to shorten your driveshaft or get a custom one made. You also will no longer have a transmission kickdown cable (assuming you have a TH350). You can go with the more plentiful 700R4 transmission but that requires an adaptor kit to switch from the BOP pattern on the back of the engine to the Chevy pattern on the transmission.
  14. Frosty

    Craigslist '81 Camaro For Sale

    I will say that I am truly impressed at the wood work on this vehicle. A true woody through and through. It's got a flathead Ford V8, those are cool but can be a pain at times to maintain. I just not sure if I can tolerate all the Pledge fumes it would take to keep it clean. Also you can't leave this car outside, unattended for very long. Woodpeckers! https://thumb.craigslist.org/cto/d/oak-wood-car-and-enclosed/6756674623.html
  15. This one speaks for itself...and no air conditioning. https://janesville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1981-chevrolet-camaro-custom/6552630281.html
  16. There use to be claims of Elvis sightings in Kalamazoo Michigan for years after his death. Funny how a company called King Construction started up with a guy named L-Vice on the payroll! At least Hoffa was a Pontiac man!
  17. LOL! I know a lot of Billetproof and Sins of Steel (a local Michigan version of Billetproof) followers who would agree with you 360 ! I was never pro or anti billet. I just want a sharp looking wheel. Oh and by the way, Elvis is also dead man.....let it go!
  18. Frosty

    55/65 motor swap

    Hi Marv. welcome to FP. I am a little confused by your question. The short answer is yes, the transmission bolt pattern is the same. However, are you planning on re-using the stock Roto-Hydramatic transmission from the '55 and hooking it up to the newer 326? If so, I would advise against it. The original Pontiac 287 V8s were notorious (even by yesteryear's standards) for not being able to get out of their own shadow. They produced a whopping 180 HP/265 lb-ft so the transmission didn't need to hold up to much torque. The newer 326 thru 455s can be real HP/torque monsters if they are built properly with the right selection of aftermarket parts. So I would plan on getting a newer Buick/Olds/Pontiac bolt-pattern TH350, 400, 200 4R (overdrive) or a rebuilt Muncie or Saginaw manual unit, that can handle the torque your new motor is going to produce and there is plenty of aftermarket support for these transmissions versus the old Roto-Hydramatic. Another thing you have to consider is replacing the original stock '55 radiator. The early Pontiac V8s had a reverse flow cooling system, as compared to today's conventional engines. Therefore, the original '55 radiator won't work with the 326, since the 326 flows conventionally.
  19. Interesting alternatives 360 - I had not seen these before. I will have to study them some more. One thing I want to avoid is going into a plus size wheel (16" or higher) and the rim does not look proportionally correct. There is one rim on the market that I've seen (don't know the maker) that was a 17" or 18" rim and the proportions were bad and it looked awful to me. I found one more wheel that really like - watcha' guys think? Barry White's Super GTO wheels - from the old Wrecks to RIches show.
  20. Frosty

    US government investigating 2.7M GM trucks, SUVs

    It's not an official recall at this point. that's the only up side, at this point. Still, not a good sign.
  21. I definitely went too wide. Like you, I went with L60-15s back in the day. It was a wide and tall tire in those days. I definitely chewed up some sidewall. I got the Skyjackers in a real hurry once I found out it was happening. That's another reason why I bought the Percy WheelRite tool. I don't want to repeat that mistake ever again.
  22. Frosty

    1969 Pontiac Catalina Wheels

    Two ways to find out. 1. Take your car to a reputable wheel and tire shop like Discount or Belle Tire (mid-west area) and have them measure your wheel wells. Most shops will do this for free or for a small fee. 2. Measure it yourself with the Percy WheelRite Wheel and TIre tool. It's under $70 from Summit Racing. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/php-01201 It will allow you to measure for wheel diameter, wheel width, backspacing, and tire profile. You to simulate a number of different sized wheels and tires without actually having them. I own myself. It's money well spent.
  23. I understand the look your are talking about Two Lane....the ET's I remember were a variant of the Torq Thrusts design. I like the Torq Thrust design but I seem them everywhere these days. It is a little over done for my taste. However, they are classic, good looking, traditional muscle car wheel. Gawd.....I do remember the Kraco 8-track players and Mind Blower speakers. I put a set of those speakers in my Vega. It was connected to a Pioneer AM/FM/Cassette radio! Kraco's and Craig's were some of the first really affordable aftermarket radios back in the day!!!! 360 - The goal has always been to fill up the wheel wells with tire and rims. The stock 14" tires and rims just don't cut it. I made the mistake back in 1978 with the '73 Lemans and I put too much tire on the Cragars and the back tires rubbed the rear fender lip, so I had to add air shocks to jack it up and prevent it. It's what we did in those days.
  24. This article talks about how demand for passenger cars has changed since 2012. https://www.aol.com/article/finance/2018/11/26/gm-to-slash-jobs-and-production-cancel-some-car-models/23601258/ The Warren Michigan plant produced FWD and AWD-variant transmissions (a.k.a. the old Versatrak) - 4T60s. These transmissions are becoming passe with the introduction of the larger gear shift transverse transmissions. Interesting that Detroit-Hamtramck is on the chopping block considering all the investment GM has put into it for both large cars (DTS, STS, CTS) when it opened and then re-did for the Volt. As GM assembly plants go, its one of the newer ones in the US. The Lordstown plant is amongst the oldest. Lordstown has traditionally built small cars, the Vega, Cavalier, Cobalt, and Cruze.
  25. Frosty

    The Roadmonster

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