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  1. My hope is to be able to get Lucy back together to do some local road testing before heading to WV. I still have a lot of thrashing to do first.
  2. Alan - You have a good combination of parts. Make sure you get a radiator that works with your newer 389. The '57 347 Pontiac was a reverse flow design. So I would not recommend re-using the stock radiator with the newer 389.
  3. Butler bottom end with an 068 cam spec cam....she's going to be runner for sure when you're done mate!!!
  4. The Chevy purists that think a Chevy motor should be in everything, but especially in a Chevy! A "corporate" motor means it's still a Chevy motor, not a Buick, Olds, Pontiac, or Cadillac powered.
  5. That would be good to have. If they aren't ridiculously prices, I might even buy one. I am sure Dmitri would be interested in having this information.
  6. You will also notice that no Pace Cars editions make the list. Surely the '89 Turbo Trans Am Pace Car is considered rare and valuable (I know, I know, don't call you Sherly!).
  7. Most days I would agree with you, but the the Crystal Turquoise '69 GTO Judge convertible was a stunner in my book. Now I did some checking - supposedly there were only 108 GTO Judges convertibles made in '69 (total Judge production was 6725). So the car is already rare by most standards. It's one of 29 RA III with automatic transmission Judge convertibles built. No RA IV automatic trans Judge convertibles were built in 69. As for the GT-37s, I need to look up production numbers. Most were built with a 350, although the 400 and 455 could be ordered in a GT-37.
  8. I think the crowd was much bigger on Saturday. It was really overcast on Sunday and the threat of rain lingered all day long. I suspect a lot of people left if they weren't picked for an award in order to get home before the serious rain hit unless they lived close by. That's my guess anyway.
  9. Here's some more from Frankenmuth..... Got a supercharged LT-4 in your daddy's Oldsmobile? I think this guy is compensating for something.....watcha you think? A real '71 GT-37.....bench seat and a stick shift!!!! I wasn't able to talk to owner to find out what he had under the hood. My guess is a 400 but there was no badging to know. Every year I see a handful of these cars running in and out of the nearby Cass Rivers. They are like little duckies in the bath tub.....amphibicars! A Nash convertible! Here is a unique '69 GTO Judge convertible - from Ohio - it is an original Crystal Turquoise car. I know this is a rare color for '69. The owner claims that the previous owner told him that less than 60 '69 GTOs were made with this color (not sure I believe that statistic). It being a Judge and a convertible....makes you wonder how unique this car could be. Definitely a gorgeous car in better sunlight. The picture does not do this color justice.
  10. Sunday I managed to slip past Bronner's land of eternal Christmas decoration shopping and endless family-style chicken dinners to get to the annual Frankenmuth Autofest car show. The show can attract up to 2000-2500 cars in good times. I got there early Sunday morning, so I am not sure if folks were showing up late after breakfast and Sunday service, or they left Saturday due to the impending threat of rain (which came around 6:00 pm that night). A rat rod boattail speedster on a Chevy S-10 frame. The boattail is real, it's made from a canoe and it's paddle too (look closely)! Smokey is the Bear! Ah Linda!!!! Linda! Linda! Who wants ice cream? Now this is an interesting rat rod..... Microphone shifter...cool. Kids banana seat for armrest....definitely original. How big do your kahoneys have to be to have an open spinning driveshaft next to your hip and thigh? Custom '38 Ford.....with a rear mounted Northstar V8 and transverse transmission and axle! Cool hot rod with either a 348 or 409 "W" motor......wait a minute, that's an LS in 409 clothing. What a unique way to dress up an LS! Every see or hear of a Humber before? Me neither. It's a British marque. Gorgeous '59 Caddy 4-door.....with 1,100 HP twin turbo charged Chevy big block, a 4L80 tranny and a Ford 9-inch with 3.73 gears! Right now it is "detuned" to run just over 825 HP because of a vibration problem at high RPM. Won't that just shock the crap out of the Hellcat crowd! A Sunbird with it's original motor!
  11. Tbone - when you say E-performance - are you talking about a hand held tuner / programmer? Otherwise I am not clear what you are asking.
  12. Do you own any Pontiacs now or are you thinking of getting one?
  13. I will agree with Justa on this one. I would attempt to re-do the upholestry with reproduction foam and new pre-made seat covers. I think I can handle a set of hog rings.
  14. If it isn't dissimilar metals, contaminated welds, then could you be using primer, sealer, or paint that don't play nice with each other (hard to believe but not impossible)? I am think of those 90s GM vehicles - especially Grand Prixes, Grand Ams, and Tahoes and Yukons that the paint literally blistered off over time because GM used a chemically incompatible primer vs paint. Only way to fix it was to literally grind the paint off to bare metal and re-primer and paint the car.
  15. A lot of resto mod guys I know swear by al-u-minnie-um radiators. I have been lucky with Lucy, she has a factory 4-core radiator. Still if it ever did fail, I would consider an aluminum radiator. I would try a Be Cool radiator simply because they are made about an hour from my house, in Essexville Michigan (Bay City). I have nothing against Cold Case radiators. Interesting thing to note, my '73 Lemans Sport Coupe with a 350 V8 and air conditioning had a bigger capacity radiator than a 73 GTO with 400 or 455.
  16. I am not made of money either but there are somethings I choose to do and be good at, and others I choose not to be good at and not spend the money attempting to learn. It's like learning to be a scratch golfer. I got no need or use to be a really, really good golfer. So why spend the time and money on it? Same thing with upholstery in my book.
  17. Well, perhaps little creative scrapbooking will help the next time someone gives you a free muscle car calendar and it's full of Chevelles. You will know what to do!
  18. The Espirit Skybird, Redbird, and Yellowbird edition Firebirds are definitely rare. However, as I have said before in this forum, rare does not necessarily mean valuable. These are fine cars in their own right - they just won't be fetching 6+ figures any time soon. However, to those who own and love them - they are priceless. What a wonderful ride.
  19. Check the make up of the welding wire. Perhaps it has some sort of tin, copper, etc. that is causing the reaction.
  20. Could the bubbling of the hood be caused from electrolysis from dissimilar metals between the hood and the weld material (e.g. aluminum against steel)?
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