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  1. Wow! I was about to send Dualquadpete your way to see if you and the missus were still alive!!!! I hope guys are doing well. Tried calling the cell and the house a few times - no answer.
  2. Fitzy - I am fan of both. Do what pleases you mate. After all, it's your car and your wallet. You could DUB the car for all I care and it would still look great. People might look at you funny but it's still a gorgeous car.
  3. JUSTA's video reminds me of the ol' Detroit Dragway. My dad took my brother and I to it as kids. My brother was a huge drag race fan as kids. I remember it was an AHRA event. I remember seeing Sox & Martin, Connie Lakita, Shirley Muldowney, Don Garlits, Grumpy Bill Jenkins, and Don "the SNake" Prudhoome. I was in drag racing valhallia in those days. Sadly Detroit Dragway is gone. Now a trucking depot sits were it use to be.
  4. Now that I have this original as a refernce for scale, I hope to make a few more of these for myself. I want to make a Buick one that had the iconic gold eagle silhouette on it and a old school AC Spark Plug/Delco Remy one. Who knows, I might even make one like the one over Flint Assmebly with the GMC and Chevy Trucks logos. But first I need a pole barn.
  5. I remember Ternstedt DIvision. We had a Ternstedt plant in Flint when I was a kid. They made chromed pot metal parts for a variety of GM cars back in the day. It was the first GM plant to close in my life time, just not the last.
  6. Bolted to the side of semi trailers that left the factory, one per side. JUSTA will remember them.
  7. An Original "Big Daddy" Ed Roth GTO Tin Rat Fink in a Deuce - signed by Ed's widow "Trixie" Roth! Artwork by local Detroit artist Bob Stinson - signed by him too! A possible tribute to street racing on Woodward back in the day???? A gift from Notahllthere to me several years ago - I call it "Little Lucy"!
  8. You are the forum's grand pooba for a reason.
  9. Good luck to you Kiwi. Justa don't be crashing anything on your head! We don't want the beer to go to waste! Priorities!
  10. I'm with you on that Kiwi, we love. Sometimes I just wish California would hurry up and fall into the ocean and get it over with. So what they have effectively done is legistated people's choice. You must buy a zero emissions vehicle (e.g. electric) or a bicycle after 2035. So what happens to all the pre-2035 vehicles still on the road? Are they going to bring back Cash for Clunkers? Amazon has surprised me on some things. All the LED bulbs I bought for Lucy was a much better deal on Amazon that I've found anywhere else. It just goes to show that you have know what you are lookin
  11. Very cool ride. Welcome to FP!
  12. Can we get a moist towellette for Kiwi please? I think he's spilled more than his beer.
  13. Good for you Kiwi. Glad they are stepping up! Getting parts for our cars is no easy task anymore either. Granted is still easier for us than you. The classic era of muscle car parts is fading into the sunset for a lot of us. Sure small block Chevy parts are still plentiful. However, Pontiac stopped making new engines in 1981. So it is aftermarket or recycle existing parts all the way. What aggrevates me the most when I go to the local parts store is when I'm asking for more typical common parts, like brake components. "Yeah I need rear brake shoes for a 72 Pontiac Lemans. Nope - have to
  14. AutoZone, Advanced Auto, Auto Value, O'Reillys is the order of convience for me. Closest Mazza's for me is on M-15 south of Ortonville.
  15. Agreed. That's usually been my problem, or I can drive to AutoZone and get it now and not wait for shipping.
  16. Ditto. Honestly, I don't recall ordering anything from RockAuto. I have nothing against them.
  17. I don't think I'd go over the asking price. Depending on the total condition I might come down quite a bit if there is a ton of rust. The Endura bumper delete option is interesting but it doesn't it make a particularly valuable car. A 400 was the correct original motor for that car. If the steering wheel is that bad, makes me wonder how bad is the rest of the interior (and the car).
  18. I ordered a pair of LED Flashers from Summit Racing yesterday. They should be here tomorrow. Not sure if I need two but I hedged my bet just in case I need a set for the turn signals and one for the emergency flashers.
  19. Kiwi -- is this what you are looking for? http://www.headersbyed.com/__pontiac.htm Headers by "Ed"
  20. 1968 GTO - with rare Endura bumper delete option / Lemans chrome bumper option a real 242 car $8900 https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/burleson-1968-pontiac-gto/7195825737.html
  21. So have I wrongway. It's just trying hard to be something it's not, and not succeeding at all. That's what bothers me.
  22. Glad she is finally home. So when do we get the thorough walk around with literally a hundred pictures? Just teasing. You look like the kid that just inherited the candy store and you're not sure what to do first. Take real good care of her!
  23. Lucy has the neutral safety switch on the steering column as well, even though it is a console floor shift automatic. However, the Hurst Dual Gate shifter I put in Lucy has it's own neutral safety switch on it as well. I don't use the shifter's switch since the steering column one works fine, but that's how I know some cars have them on the shifter and some on the column.
  24. You guys make a good point. I was aware of possibily needing a new flasher to support the external lights like the LED versions of the 1156s/1157s but I didn't think I'd need it for the dash bulbs (194s). Yeah, I think I will start looking around at the local auto parts stores.
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