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  1. Nope Yiddish is useful it lets me insult people in colorful ways and let's me get away with it. Careful mates. Disco Duck and the Bay City Rollers won't be far behind at this rate! BTW - my dad listened to ABBA.
  2. Last Indian - does the "honey do list" ever end in retirement? Great work by the way!!!!
  3. You have the 2-door sedan. This is an example of a '54 Chieftain hardtop. Notice that the hardtop has no "B" pillar behind the door or window frames. That is the difference between the hardtop and sedan.
  4. That's the beauty of the FIre-Am, you could (and still can) build your own. Herb Adams designed the Fire Am (and the Cheverra - Camaro) as primarily as DIY tuner for your Firebird/Trans Am. He sold the parts from his company VSE. National Parts Depot has purchased the rights to those parts and you can retro fit your car with these parts today.
  5. Hmm....I was sure it was a Wayfarer. You hardly see either the Custom or the Wayfarer here in Michigan at all. So what is the story on this old girl?
  6. Is that a '50 Dodge Wayfarer Business Coupe? Does it still have the straight six?
  7. It might be the switch, or it could be a loose wire(s) at the switch.
  8. Fitzy - there is only one thing a man can do when he's had too much wine, woman, and song...... Give up song mate!
  9. Can someone get Fitzy a moist towelette please?
  10. Dude - I got the WHOLE frickin' story! Dimitri doesn't tell a story in 10 minutes. He mentioned wanting to swap cars with you on it too! That's how he feel in love again with the '59 Bonneville. Then we got to Utah and the original owner family with only 29,000 miles on his 4-barrel/original tri-power pieces in the trunk '59 Bonneville, how he located at the car in the shipping yard near the Ford Rouge Plant in a sea of new autos but they wouldn't let him past the office due to insurance liability reasons. The cost to ship the car from Utah to Michigan was almost as much as he paid for the car ~ $1500.00 at the time. He also said at Christmas time he puts up two Christmas trees. One for the family gifts and presents and one for the he-man / automotive / Pontiac memorabilia. The steering wheel is going to be in the box under the tree again this year he said! He's not sure if he'll never mount that steering wheel. I heard we had 87 cars this year, we normally have close to 110-125. Walk-in spectators were way down as well. Kind of have to expect that a bit. All state restrictions are lifted July 1st. So perhaps the Motor City show will be better attended.
  11. That's a keeper for sure Randy!
  12. Mike. What an outstanding labor of love!! Congratulations to you on a job well done! Now that you've got HER car done, isn't it time to get one for yourself???? LOL!!!!
  13. Terry - I have exactly the same thing in Lucy. As for not working in the down position, check under the dash and make sure all three leads are plugged in. Unlike most electrical connections, the power top has three separate leads going to the switch and not some form of electrical connector. So it is easy for one or more to come off. I could be wrong on full size cars, but on A-body cars there is an accessory relay in the driver's side / footwell. You have to remove the kick panel to find it. This relay could impact the top, power windows, and seats.
  14. Now you are sounding like a Scotsman! Get your kilt on laddie!
  15. 31pontiac - I did have a long discussion with Dimitri Toth on Saturday. First of all he says hello and he hopes you are doing well. Second "tell Tim I still haven't installed that steering wheel yet!" Dimitri went into a long winded story of how he purchased his '59 tri-power Bonneville from a couple out of Neffi (spelling?) Utah. Their parents had bought the car new, had a hard time keeping the 3 carbs tuned, had it switched to a single 4-barrel and then moved to Utah. The car sat for years. Dimitri was working with a car guy out of Salt Lake City. He asked Dimitri about his dream car - a '59 Bonneville. The guy thought he know of one. So because this long winded story of the back and forth communication, Dimitri getting photographs in the mail and looking at them with a f;ashlight during a power outage, etc. Dimitri didn't bring his car down, he was working for the Pontiac Transportation Museum on Saturday. So he was being a fair weather fan and he didn't want to worry about cleaning his car up in case it rained.
  16. OKay folks - here are some of my photos from the show. Here is Marge Sawruk's Solstice - Marge is the widow of the late Pontiac historian John Sawruk. Unrestores 55 GMC pickup and GMC Suburban A couple of Oldsmobiles - a stock 88 and a custom Firehawl #308 JUSTA's GTO Indyman Joe showed up after work First time I've ever seen an Oakland radiator grille shell in a swap meet before. The Pontiac Transportation Museum showed up with three cars: a '73 GTO, a '67 GTO, and a LS-7-powered Solstice This Mallett conversion is apparently still available today. that you could've ordered from the local Pontiac dealer. This particular Solstice was ordered from a local Detroit-area dealer - Art Moran. How about a Royal Bobcat? Dennis Koss' car is gorgeous.
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