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  1. Dan, I can understand the cold weather putting a damper on car restoration. I have the same problem here in Michigan. I'll wait to hear from you about the radiator. How far are you from rochester, MN as I have to go to the Mayo clinic in two weeks and maybe we could get together and I could get a look at your car. John
  2. What did you do with the original radiator? If it holds water, I would like to buy it.
  3. Did you find your fender? I not I have one.
  4. How is your project coming? Did you ever flush out the old radiator? I am still interested in it. As far as your fender lights are concerned, I too amlooking for a pair. Saw some go by ebay some months ago for 762.00. Wow! I bid $220.00. you can email me at jmarkl@execs.com.
  5. Thanks, I am restoring my pontiac to original condition and I need an original radiator since my old radiator froze and destroyed the lower honeycombs. Brassworks 1931 pontiac restoration radiators are too thin (their cores are 2 1/4 " and I need 3inches to fit in the tanks. I already have had numerous conversations with brassworks. If you think your radiator can be reconditioned, I would be interested in buying it. John
  6. Hi cowboydanny. I'm new today and took particular interest in your restoration project since I also have two pontiacs I am restoring, a 1930 4dr sedan and a 1931 2dr sedan. I was curious, what are you going to do with the original radiator?
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