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  1. 1931 Pontiac 6 Sedan Questions

    Very nice well want a spare engine/transmission/carb. But cool I might need some pictures if you get the time. Good pictures of the back seat, and the front bumper. Oh and good picture of how wiper arm attaches to motor. But maybe post them via private message vs this guys thread.
  2. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Thankfully this car does not have a lot of chrome. Pretty much just this shroud. And I have some companies that we work with on plating so I'm hoping that will help.
  3. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    The indian head already has a threaded bolt hole on the underside where the clip and gasket attached so its perfect dor bolting down. And this emblem is off a worse shroud that I bought just to get the emblem. Besides the bumpers this was the one piece I was missing.
  4. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Ok so lets talk about the shroud. Amazingly one of my best friends had some stainless steel wire screening at work that he gave me that is a 100% match the the rusty plated wire in my shroud. So actually an upgrade! The plating has pealed off parts of the shroud. So what kind of prep work do I need to do to have this thing replated? The screen just unbolts as does the old radiator. Brassworks thinks they have a radiator that will work and we will put the fill neck under the hood and bolt the indian head radiator cap in place to the shroud.
  5. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Ok after a hour long call from my new best friend I have some more info on the 27 Buick. Earlier picture was a different car not his. His steering is a GM saginaw power steering box for a Nova, with pitman arm. It was mounted behind the axle and then it ran to the passenger side wheel which then crossed back to the drivers wheel. He also put the master cylinder under the drivers feet and battery under the passengers feet with trap door in the floor for access.
  6. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Yeah his didn't come with side mounts he added them there. We will be cleaning up two original rims and putting them in the fenders for show. I will get custom narrow rims for that area later. I'll be using the original front axle and spindles and hubs so I am planning on making an adapter plate to bolt to the 6 lug pattern and convert to the 5 bolt. We currently are trying to figure out if we can find and make a power steering unit work. Can't do mustang front end on this car. Fenders dive to fast and narrow.
  7. 1931 Pontiac 6 Sedan Questions

    Rob have you posted any pictures of your car? We have a 31 sports sedan that we are doing a restomod on. It will look mostly stock. No chopping but we will be upgrading drive line to 350 ours has the two side mount tires and luggage rack on back.
  8. Stephen see link i just added above. I am using a 4wd s10 rearend that had disc brakes and limited slip. It is only 2" wider than my stock unit. So 1" conversion plate on the fronts will maker line up. For now i have some ar-762 rims but there is a company that builds new rims to look like originals and even fit original center caps. That is the end goal. Like to build a skinny set that will fit in fenders as well as full size yet skinny donuts.
  9. 31pontiac's '31 Pontiac

    Very nice I'm currently working on a 1931 sport sedan. What are your plans.
  10. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    I wish I knew. We only met him the weekend before we picked up this car. But I did find someone that knows him so hopefully I'll hear back soon.
  11. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Thought y'all would like a little update. Its not a huge step but it paves the way to getting motor/tranny (turbo 350) seated and rear end mounted. I have an S10 limited slip disc brake 10bolt rearend that is within 1-2 inches of stock width. Once engine and rearend are in place I will need to replace the leaf springs and order a drive shaft. Though im thinking I should maybe wait on that till I have the steering figured out. Then our next step will be to find a steering setup that we like. I've meet one person the put a power steering unit infront of the axle. With a couple universal joints. This is the other guys car for steering reference.
  12. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Well the newest missing piece arrived yesterday.
  13. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Project update: We are going to keep the stock front end and remove the drums and replace with rotors. Just need to build a custom bracket for the calipers. Had to buy an entire radiator shroud just to get the missing Pontiac badge. I wish the shroud was i. Better shape than my original but just glad to have the badge finally. Also picked up a limited slip ten bolt with disc brakes for trade of the 9" i was going to cut down. Saved myself a bundle of money and time on this deal. We have the old engine out. And fenders off. Next step is to fit the 350 and box the frame. Then I need to figure out the steering. We also decided to put a reclaimed maple floor inside.
  14. 1931 Pontiac split 6, what do I do with it?

    Well funds are being set aside and next year my car and the camper will be paid off so that should free up a lot more money. The goal this year is to get the radiator from ordered from brassworks, plan is to bolt the original Indian Head radiator cap in place and have a functional one under hood. Also as we are planning on reusing the front axel, I'm taking drums off the front hubs, relocating lugs to a standard GM bolt pattern. And ordering some Wilwood rotors and calipers. Then I will know what my front wheel span will be and I can have new rearend cut down to match. Since engine and trans are done they will be next. I'm going to get them bolted up and in the engine bay so my buddy can help us align them, build mounting brackets and, reinforce the frame. We are planning on doing the floor with reclaimed maple flooring. And my other friend will be rebuilding the seats for us. Then comes the hard part replacing the broken wood filler pieces. Good thing I'm a woodworker and have stacks of white oak laying around. Once wood is fixed I need to have third friend come over and weld up some cracks. The roof will be a folding ragtop out of CA. About $700. And paint will be done by forth friend. He's amazing painter and wants his name on this car. So I'm sure it will be a few years but my dad's helping and he's a retired mechanic. So he claims this is his retirement project.
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