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  1. One of the electric power assist steering units we were looking at. https://www.jegs.com/i/Flaming-River/898/FR40200/10002/-1
  2. So thanks but we are sticking with this i-beam. This is not a ford so IFS does not work, the fenders are so different that you have to cut a giant hole in them to make ifs work. And there is no way we are cutting up these tins. We've seen it done, not good looking at all. We have spoken to two others that have manual steering with a 350 in a 21 chevy that was almost identical and they said it's not so bad. But for my wife power steering would be better. So that's why we are looking at the power assist at the column if we have to. Yes I've heard vega steering box as well. Just a matter of if we
  3. Ok we are at the point that we have to figure out the steering before we go any further on the 31 build. But what should we do? For those that don't know, my dad gave me a used 350 crate engine and turbo 350 transmission and said find a car to put it in. So I found a 1931 Pontiac 4 door custom sedan at my wife request. It's in great shape but the interior is all but gone except the front seat. So we are not doing a factory original restoration but more a resto mod. We want this driving good for road trips but will keep the body as stock as possible. We are even keeping the front i-beam ax
  4. I have a 31 that I took all the original drive line out of in favor of a 350 for reliable reasons . And so we can more easily road trip this car. But the shifter linkage cover cracked off one corner. I would ideally like to sell the entire motor transmission and rearend. And yes back in the day every year there were advancements in engines and drive lines so part do seem specific to year. Send me a message with a picture of the part you need and I'll see if it's intact. I'm in MN.
  5. Thanks Frosty so that 66 wagon should have the same size wheels as well. Maybe between the two of them we can get 4 wheels inflated to get the car on the hauler.
  6. Found a buyer for the 59 way-gone. But we are trying to find tire and rim bolt pattern because they are rotten. Anyone know what the stock size tires and bolt pattern would be? Thanks Dan
  7. Anyone have any resources for gas cap bungs and lids?
  8. Do any of you have an idea what the stock tire size and rim bolt pattern would be on the 59 wagon?
  9. Yeah I have no idea how to even tell what it is. Other than the valve covers said 69 pont on them. Too dirty to see any numbers besides the intake.
  10. So any idea what engine this would be? This ones in the 66 wagon. This is the 59s engine. Last picture is the transmission cooler. This thing also has a trailer brake controller.
  11. The 59 is pretty rusty. Lower 6-8 inches are almost gone all the way down the sides
  12. There are three other 59s I've found in original condition none are Safaris, one for 3950 in much worse shape, for for 3000 with no hood of drivetrain, and one for 5950 with no glass in worse shape. But again no Safaris just the basic Catalina wagons. Grandpa took good care of his stuff but it's been sitting for 20+ years. I would think a plastic gas can in the truck roadkill style, a new battery and a little monkey wrenching and it would run easy. And yes they have the titles signed and ready to go.
  13. So as of right now they are asking $4000 for the 66 Catalina Wagon And $6000 for the 59 Catalina Safari wagon. And $1500 for the 61 mallard camper that they used to tow with the 59. Rumor has it both cars only have about 20,000 miles on the engines that are in them. I believe that I am going out there this weekend to look them over and get better photos. Dan
  14. That one is not a safari though, not sure how much that adds in value.
  15. Yup as soon as I hear back from them on listing amount I planned on it. But since a few were following this I thought I'd update it here first.
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