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  1. This is great info as we are not yet at this point with our 31. What are you doing for steering setup? I have no idea what to do on ours yet.
  2. Yes he is very talented and under paid for his abilities at his day job. This is my v-star 1100 he painted a couple years ago. There was a large dent on this side of that tank he pulled out, pressure tested the tank and painted it and the fenders to a pearl grey. He will be doing the Pontiacs paint as well. Possibly the same colors. That is a 1931 GM blue and 1931 antique white paint colors.
  3. Found some original 1931 plates. Had then restored by the guy that will be doing my paint. I gave them to my wife for our anniversary and she loves them.
  4. Submitting because All those other Pontiacs just look too darn clean and new. Here is our 1931 Pontiac Sport Sedan or Custom Size depending on which dealer flyer you read. This was the first year for metal spoke rims. Because of how far gone this car is from original we are doing a restomod on it. Updating drive line so I can reliably be driven. We currently have a 350 crate engine in it with turbo 350 trans and S10 limited slip disc brake rearend. Working on new leaf springs, new gas tank, radiator and drive shaft right now. It has a carb for now but will likely get an EFI. Can't wait to get it going.
  5. Temporary rims and tires. Eventually we'll get wire rims with Pontiac center caps and taller white wall tires.
  6. Well engine support is cut and welded to mounting plates, just not bolted to frame yet. Next step is I'm ordering new leaf springs so we set this thing on all fours before we lock anything in place.
  7. Well it's not leveled yet because I'm waiting for tires to put on the rims. But the new rearend is under the car. The spring perches on the S10 rearend are 1/2" inbound of the stock rearend. 41" out to out vs 42" on the Pontiac. I also got the old gas tank out, the luggage rack off and the back shield between the rear fenders off. Tomorrow we will be looking at the engine placement and level.
  8. Hey everyone sorry been a long winter up here in the Frozen North. This weekend I am finally getting back to work on the 1931 4door Pontiac. I have my universal engine support and mounts. Transmission mount, spring perches and S10 10-bolt limited slip, disc brake rearend. Sat goal is to get the old rearend out of the car and Sundays goal is to get the new brackets welded in. I know that the rearend and transmission should match angles but how do I determine what angle etc. Any advice welcome. Thanks Dan.
  9. A little update on our project. We have the universal cross member and motor mounts on order. And found some 2.5" diameter perches for the 10 bolt rear end.
  10. I would have no idea if its good or not, but as soon as it warms up here in MN I'll try to flush the thing out and let you know. Just pay the freight and throw a couple bucks my way and its yours. You don't by chance have any spare fender lights do you?
  11. The original radiator is not efficient enough and will be replaced by a brassworks radiator. I contacted them last year but have not ordered it yet. But they have made one for a 1931 chevy which should be very similar. They want you to measure the radiator and then they'll let you know if it will fit. I will be bolting the original Radiator cap in place and turning out a new fill neck under the hood. Ordered from brassworks that way. I looked back at your previous post that others replied to and gathered that you might be interested in my old radiator core. But it sat without its crown jewel for years and so I believe that the radiator is filled with mud from wasps.
  12. Very nice well want a spare engine/transmission/carb. But cool I might need some pictures if you get the time. Good pictures of the back seat, and the front bumper. Oh and good picture of how wiper arm attaches to motor. But maybe post them via private message vs this guys thread.
  13. Thankfully this car does not have a lot of chrome. Pretty much just this shroud. And I have some companies that we work with on plating so I'm hoping that will help.
  14. The indian head already has a threaded bolt hole on the underside where the clip and gasket attached so its perfect dor bolting down. And this emblem is off a worse shroud that I bought just to get the emblem. Besides the bumpers this was the one piece I was missing.
  15. Ok so lets talk about the shroud. Amazingly one of my best friends had some stainless steel wire screening at work that he gave me that is a 100% match the the rusty plated wire in my shroud. So actually an upgrade! The plating has pealed off parts of the shroud. So what kind of prep work do I need to do to have this thing replated? The screen just unbolts as does the old radiator. Brassworks thinks they have a radiator that will work and we will put the fill neck under the hood and bolt the indian head radiator cap in place to the shroud.
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