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  1. If my buddy gets them their patina will stay as is and they will be back up and running in no time. They found all the titles today so now just have to arrange a meet up for him to look them over.
  2. My brother in law is helping his family clean out grandpas shed. There are several vehicles from Shwinn bikes to motorhomes and everything in between. The list goes 07 Jeep Cherokee, 87 Astro van, 88 Supra, 49 ford F4 dually, motorhome, 1961 Mallard Camper which was towed by a 1959 Pontiac Catalina Safari station wagon (they put a boat on the roof of the wagon and a dirt bike on the back of the camper), and a 1966 Pontiac Catalina station wagon. Below are the two wagons. My neighbor is likely buys the wagons and camper that went with the one. But he has to help get them all out too. Quite the collection he had lots of stuff everywhere.
  3. Hey y'all I need to find some parts to order looks like I need to have my fuel cell custom made. The 31 Pontiac 4 door sedan fuel cell is quite different from the Chevy fuel tanks I can order online. So I have a couple people I know willing to build it but I need to find a fuel tank filler neck bung with cap and a fuel pump so a flange can be welded in for that to bolt too. Tips? suggestions? Hoping to go EFI but not sure yet I have a nice carb already that came with the crate engine. Thanks, Dan
  4. Yup need a different solution for the gas tank that guy water $3000 to build the gas tank. For 3grand I'll go to the votec and take advanced welding classes and build it myself.
  5. Ok hey everyone. I know how everyone likes suspense, Well here's the update on the 31 and life. My wife started working full time and is very proud of her new big girl job. It's her first full time M-F job since we started our family. So now we can start putting money into savings....maybe I should name the car that "savings account" instead of "Pete" cause everything was for Pete's sake. Lol. So I have two complete leaf springs one front and one back. I brought those into our local spring shop and it's gonna be $400 a piece x4..... ouch. This month is also 3 paycheck month for me so that helps. Next later today I'm dropping off the gas tank to have that rebuilt. Then I'll be ordering the radiator. I know someone that is excited for that right Rebel. Springs will be done next week after the 4th of July then I can get the car level. Oh and I also need to get my front hub adapters ordered so I can get it all sitting on rubber. Then we will start on the steering and then I can order the driveshaft. And make it move. So lots going on.
  6. Rebel I sent you a message check there for info. It's supposed to be in the 40s this next week so maybe I can run some water thru it. I have a hot water valve on the side of my garage. So that may help. Dan
  7. Hey Rebel sorry have not done as much on the car as I had hoped by this point. Because well -12 below right now. I do have the original radiator and driveline for the car that I am willing to part with. But the radiator needs cleaned out. I will put it at the top of my to-do list soon as temps increase so I can run a hose without making ice. No I have not found any fender lights yet. But I have 6 wire rims which I will o my be using 2 of. If I don't sell the stock rearend, I make turn that into a trailer for the car and use two original rims. As for rear fenders I'm not sure if they would work, this car is the biggest of them all with side mount wheel wells in the front, no rear spare so even a different rear bumper and the rear fenders are different they sweep out longer than the 2 doors.
  8. The 79-81 front bumper on the beautiful Trans am and Firebirds was the most butt ugly thing I have ever seen. They went from the breath taking look of the 76-78 to making me puke at the site of the later bumpers.
  9. This is my moms 1977 Pontiac espirit Skybird. All stock with little restoration. It was her daily driver. And puts a smile on her face every time she gets behind the wheel. My favorite memory of riding with Mom is when she accidentally got all 4 wheels off the ground in a parking ramp! We still laugh about that.
  10. This is great info as we are not yet at this point with our 31. What are you doing for steering setup? I have no idea what to do on ours yet.
  11. Yes he is very talented and under paid for his abilities at his day job. This is my v-star 1100 he painted a couple years ago. There was a large dent on this side of that tank he pulled out, pressure tested the tank and painted it and the fenders to a pearl grey. He will be doing the Pontiacs paint as well. Possibly the same colors. That is a 1931 GM blue and 1931 antique white paint colors.
  12. Found some original 1931 plates. Had then restored by the guy that will be doing my paint. I gave them to my wife for our anniversary and she loves them.
  13. Submitting because All those other Pontiacs just look too darn clean and new. Here is our 1931 Pontiac Sport Sedan or Custom Size depending on which dealer flyer you read. This was the first year for metal spoke rims. Because of how far gone this car is from original we are doing a restomod on it. Updating drive line so I can reliably be driven. We currently have a 350 crate engine in it with turbo 350 trans and S10 limited slip disc brake rearend. Working on new leaf springs, new gas tank, radiator and drive shaft right now. It has a carb for now but will likely get an EFI. Can't wait to get it going.
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