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  1. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Well the newest missing piece arrived yesterday.
  2. new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Project update: We are going to keep the stock front end and remove the drums and replace with rotors. Just need to build a custom bracket for the calipers. Had to buy an entire radiator shroud just to get the missing Pontiac badge. I wish the shroud was i. Better shape than my original but just glad to have the badge finally. Also picked up a limited slip ten bolt with disc brakes for trade of the 9" i was going to cut down. Saved myself a bundle of money and time on this deal. We have the old engine out. And fenders off. Next step is to fit the 350 and box the frame. Then I need to figure out the steering. We also decided to put a reclaimed maple floor inside.
  3. 1931 Pontiac split 6, what do I do with it?

    Well funds are being set aside and next year my car and the camper will be paid off so that should free up a lot more money. The goal this year is to get the radiator from ordered from brassworks, plan is to bolt the original Indian Head radiator cap in place and have a functional one under hood. Also as we are planning on reusing the front axel, I'm taking drums off the front hubs, relocating lugs to a standard GM bolt pattern. And ordering some Wilwood rotors and calipers. Then I will know what my front wheel span will be and I can have new rearend cut down to match. Since engine and trans are done they will be next. I'm going to get them bolted up and in the engine bay so my buddy can help us align them, build mounting brackets and, reinforce the frame. We are planning on doing the floor with reclaimed maple flooring. And my other friend will be rebuilding the seats for us. Then comes the hard part replacing the broken wood filler pieces. Good thing I'm a woodworker and have stacks of white oak laying around. Once wood is fixed I need to have third friend come over and weld up some cracks. The roof will be a folding ragtop out of CA. About $700. And paint will be done by forth friend. He's amazing painter and wants his name on this car. So I'm sure it will be a few years but my dad's helping and he's a retired mechanic. So he claims this is his retirement project.
  4. 1931 Pontiac split 6, what do I do with it?

    Is this blue close enough? I'd like to get custom engraved timing chain cover and air cleaner cover.
  5. 1931 Pontiac split 6, what do I do with it?

    Like I said I was given this engine so no way I was gonna turn that down. I plan on replacing the timing chain cover. And add maybe some sort of Pontiac air cleaner. Anyone have a nice one sitting around they want to sell.
  6. 1931 Pontiac split 6, what do I do with it?

    I wish it was a Pontiac 350. My dad gave me the engine and 350 trans complete with MSD ignition system. And said find something to put it in. I have plenty of toys so this will be my wife's. She told me 4 door 1930's I would say I nailed it.
  7. 1931 Pontiac split 6, what do I do with it?

    I agree too I may only get a couple hundred or I may get 500 it's all about finding the right buyer and how long I want to sit on it. I just wanted a good starting point which you gave me. I'm gonna get it cleaned up. Play with it a little. And then post it for sale on here and MSRAs site. My hope is that I can find someone that has another 28-31 that needs parts to keep theirs original.
  8. 1931 Pontiac split 6, what do I do with it?

    Any idea where to start for asking price. I don't want to rip anyone off but don't want to just give it away either.
  9. 1931 Pontiac split 6, what do I do with it?

    As soon as spring actually gets here and stays I will bring it out front and pressure wash it. Be cool if I could turn it into a backup generator or something like that.
  10. Hey y'all, we bought a 1931 Pontiac 4 door sport sedan last year. We are doing a restomod on it and putting in a 350. I have pulled out the original split 6. But what do I do with it now? Coffee table in man cave, sell it, etc. What would it even be worth and will I regret selling it later.part of me really doesn't want to get rid of it cause it's the original engine. But I know I will never put it back in this car. This was a barn find, car is 4 door with side mount tires and was highest dollar Pontiac in 31. But the cars interior is long gone. Otherwise everything else is in workable condition. So what do I do with this old power plant. Thanks Dan.
  11. I didnt have the rest of bolts out cause I ran out of time that day. They are just small 1/4 bolts and easily accessible so I'll likely just cut the off. The main ones came right apart. Amazing how good old steel is. Car was black from the few places with paint left. We are doing antique white w/blue fenders and running boards and a blue accent stripe that climbs up to roof.
  12. I Started tearing apart the 31. Got the dash out, hood off, rat off, fender wheel locks off and 75% of the fender bolts removed.
  13. Slapped her back together that same day, but I'm sure I can still do that next time I go out there. Need to put a neutral safety switch and tie rod sleeve on our 1960 El Camino. so that will be doable while I'm working on that too.
  14. Yes that's the Buick with a Ford Econoline I-beam front axle and chrome firewall I'm thinking diamond plate firewall my self. I just want to say thank you to you guys right now. Please keep tips coming and I'll keep posts updated.
  15. Speedway has told me no conversion available for Pontiac. And chevs of the 40s said well Pontiacs were a separate brand at the time so he doubted any Chevy parts would fit. He could be right about parts I don't know, but Pontiac always has been GM I know that. Our spindles seem ok, need to be cleaned up. but I thought if we can't find conversion the next step would be new spindles or whole new axle. I'd still like to keep what we have and just replace as little as possible. Steering will take a couple swivels to get It done but it does fit. I've seen it at a local show.
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