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  1. These all seem like great ideas. I have always used my leaf blower, professional grade. Great to hear from you all. God bless! Ted
  2. Thank you again! That is a good idea. I have to wash the engine on the Catalina and will use the air pressure on that. Good bless! Ted
  3. Thank you Justa6. I was worried about rust? God bless! Ted Feight
  4. We moved into a new home in the country in September. Life out here is a little different than the city. Thus my questions: Should I worry about washing my cars with water softener salt water? The water is currently to salty tasting. Thank you in advance! God bless! Ted Feight
  5. I switched my 67 Corvette over to normal oil filters with Summit's Help, 800 230-3030. Summit also has the canister filter you are looking for. God bless and good luck with your new Toy!
  6. This is its brother, a 66 Catalina I call Barry! you have a beautiful car. I hope to see it up close some day.
  7. In 1967, I was driving a 1966 Catalina Convertible. I came home to Michigan, from working in Chicago, to find a draft notice to report the next day. I had to give the car back to the dealer; which you could do back in that period of time. After an all expense paid trip to Vietnam, I came home and bought a 1969 Camaro. It was a great car, but I always missed my Catalina. A few years ago I was travelingdown M-55 between Houghton Lake and Lake City and saw the nose of a 1966 Catalina poking out of a small garage. After finishing my business in Lake City I stopped and talked to the owner,
  8. Thank you! It is a very friendly informative group of people! God bless! Ted
  9. In 1967 I had a 1966 Pontiac Catalina Convertible, silver with a black top. I came home from working in Chicago for 3 months to find a draft notice to report the next day. I had to give the car back to the dealer, which was allowed in that day. After an all expense paid trip to the far east I came home and bought a 69 Camaro. I wanted a 67 Vette, but was talked out of it. I finally bought the 67 Vette in 1984, but never found a 66 Catalina that I liked. Then while traveling to see a client on M-55 I saw the nose of a Catalina sticking out of a small garage. After seeing the client in Lak
  10. Frosty, Thank you! I would like to get on Jon's list. Please private message me his email. I am putting the Widetrack's Dustoff meet on my calendar. We had a wonderful Christmas Thank You! I hope you also had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by lots of family and friends1 God bless! Ted
  11. Frosty, You are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you! Where do you find the list of swap meets and also car shows? I have found one intake on Ebay, but the freight is to high. The first thing I did was buy the paper Pontiac chassis shop manual and DVD build manual. The second thing I did was find two places to get parts: Original Parts Group (High Cost) and Mike Yager sent me to Ames Performance. Mike owns Mid America Corvette and is a friend. I worry about the tri power setups because I am not sure I am ready to rebuild the entire unit? I think I will go to Kalamazoo and
  12. Frosty, Thank you! I guess I had most of it figured out. I was just looking for knowledge. The water pump bolts is good information. The engine needs painting and if I do that, I figure I should make the intake and carburetor changes. The choke is automatic. I put a Demon on the 67 vette, a year go. It has an electric choke and works really well. I think I will put one on the Catalina,but I am open to ideas. I thought about putting tri power on, but I had that on my 60 Chevy and it was sometimes a problem tuning. Then again, Dad did give me the snap-on gauges to ke
  13. This place is a world of knowledge. Thank you! I am thinking about changing the 2 barrel carburetor to a 4 barrel carburetor on my 1966 389 Catalina. I think I would like to use an original Pontiac 4 barrel intake, if I can get one that will work. What problems with this change will I find, with its current setup, if any? What suggestions do you have? Thank you again! Ted
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