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  1. Thanks Frost! That is a lot of great information! I am running the Pentronix 3 in the 67. The interior in the Catalina is perfect except the carpet and some touch up on the dash. If you have ever sine a better with Toy 2 or 3 on it, it was one of mine. I would love to set down and talk some time. I will be putting a new interior in the 67 this winter and hit the Catalina in the spring. Although Friday I will go up and drain the gas and cover her up for the winter. Thanks again and God bless! Ted JUSTA6 Thanks! I will. Probably more in the spring. God bless! Ted
  2. until

    I was there with one of my 89 Corvette.
  3. Thank you very much!!! I picked the car up last night and drove it 75 Miles to a pole barn that will be its home until spring. It did give me trouble with the engine. It looks like the previous owner, a friend that died and gave me first rights to buy it, never knew much about engines. 2 barrel carburetor, tappet covers and oil breather all leaked. I think the gas was 10 years old and I could not hardly keep it running at a stop without taking it out of gear. If I had known I would have came up and worked on it for him. With that said it road like riding on a cloud! Now I think I will start looking for a 4 barrel intake, put an electronic Demon 4 barrel carburetor on it, put, electronic points and duel exhausts. I would like your thoughts on that good or bad. I am pretty open. I own several old Corvettes and want to treat this beauty right. I do not think the car has been driven over 35 miles per hour and 1,000 miles in the last 15 years. Thank you again for responding! God bless!
  4. I have decoded the under hood plate all except the last line 4E 5Y. This was the car I had to give back when I was drafted in 1967, for my Asian vacation.
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