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  1. Wrongway

    stumbled across these at an antique shop

    lol GTO out of CITGO! I repurpose things any chance I get but man I love that bro! Great work bro!!!
  2. Wrongway

    Introduce yourself

    Sharp TA man.
  3. I still cant watch the video, still giving me an "error" message, but that's not saying its not my fault lol. If they are indeed all spinning Lynn then grab each pulley and rotate them by hand. What your looking for will be a gritty/sandy feeling or a wobbling back and forth. The reason you need the thermostat is in part for your heat to work correctly and heat up the car but more importantly it controls when the antifreeze is released into your engine to cool your engine and give your antifreeze time to cool down before returning to your motor. Without a thermostat your antifreeze will just continually flow and heat up with the engine and both will be the same temp. Somebody else may be able to explain that better lol.
  4. Wrongway

    Hi Everyone

    Hey welcome! Awesome GTO and I love the background
  5. Black top, it didn't look like it to me bro but it wont let me replay the video. It keeps giving me a "error" message when I try to reply it. Btw, when mine went bad it still spun like it should. Turned out that the bearing in the tensioner was separating.
  6. Wow that really sucks Lynn I'm so sorry to hear about all the problems. Like Black top said, my thoughts are the tensioner pulley. I had one go out last year and it made a loud tapping sound. It was loud enf that I could hear it over the sound of my engine. Good luck, and let us know when you finally get it figured out.
  7. Wrongway

    1967 Ventura fuel sending unit

    OPGI has them for around 80 bucks with return line and 85 without and like Sprint 6 said I'm sure Ames carries them to.
  8. Wrongway

    1963 Grand Prix

    So I bought my Grand Prix almost a year ago. When I bought her the fella told me that she hadn't been started in around 9yrs. After having her hauled home and changing fluids & plugs she cranked but still wound start. After replacing the regulator, adjusting he carb & some general tinkering she fired up. After running for a few minutes I noticed a sound in the bottom end and shut her down. I was told the engine was a 421HO and knowing nothing about Pontiacs at the time I didn't know if that was a good thing or not. I spent the next couple days researching what I thought I had and listening to all the reasons why I needed to do an LS swap from the local guys. I finally decided to just rebuild what I thought and was told was the original engine. So I pulled the motor, tore it down and took it to the machine shop. I told the owner the story and what I thought I had and asked him if he could possibly double check for me before I started ordering parts. I got a call a few days later telling me that yes I had a 421ci motor and to start ordering parts, and I did 😀. A couple weeks go by and I get a call telling me that "we've ordered the wrong piston's". I was then told that the machinist made a mistake, he didn't measure the blocks bore he just ran the block number which came back as a 421. He continued to tell me that I had a 428 and the reason for the mistake was really not their fault, that Pontiac used left over 421 blocks to make the 428 and that's why they had a 421 part number. (Totally false). After talking to the place where I ordered the pistons they agreed to exchange them with a $50.00 restocking fee. The machine shop offered to ship them for me to save me an hour drive back to their shop. Then I get a call from the piston company telling me the pistons they got back were damaged and not in the original box. After getting pictures and looking at the video they sent me (they record the opening of all returns) it was obvious there was little packing between the pistons and they got beat all to hell. 2 weeks Later I dropped off my new pistons and rings. Almost 3 months later I pick up the engine and heads. Total time, just over 4 months on an engine that I dropped off to have cleaned up, bored 30, crank redone and parts cleaned and prepped for me to build. Anyways I've got the rebuild done and the motor back in the car and she sounds great.
  9. Wrongway

    Hello to the community

    Yeah Frosty, growing up in the Detroit area I do totally get it bro.
  10. Wrongway

    Hello to the community

    It'd better not melt or I'll be going back to building fords. lol. I had a brother in law years ago that had a C4 corvette. At the time it was about 10 years old. He only drove it a couple times a year. Wouldn't even open the garage door if there was a possibility rain. It was a "sunny day car". I just never understood that. Build it, drive it, enjoy it!
  11. Wrongway

    Disk brakes

    Hey does anybody know what car I can use as a donor for a disk brake conversion on my 63 Grand Prix? I can find a lot of info on 64 and up but very little on a 63.
  12. Wrongway

    Hello to the community

    Hey, welcome bro. Iv always been a sucker for those stacked headlights! Its nice to see somebody else with plans of using their vintage Pontiac as a daily driver & not just put in a box till a sunny day. 😎
  13. Wrongway

    What is Going On Here?

    I was thinking the same thing about the cruise. It would be the ideal time. Thanks man
  14. Wrongway

    What is Going On Here?

    Hey anything new on the museum? Did they finalize an opening day yet? Would love to go by & check it out next time im up that way.
  15. Wrongway

    Fuse panel location

    If I recall correctly that fuse block should be on the firewall on the drivers side underneath the dash.
  16. Wrongway

    New guy

    Just saying hello. Here's a picture of my 63 Grand Prix that im in the process of restoring with my 9yr old son. We've recently rebuilt the complete front end and just finished rebuilding the engine. It has a 428 with a 400 turbo.
  17. Wrongway

    New guy

    Yeah Justa I totally agree. Id be glad to post the pics iv got so far & the future pics as soon as I can Ringo, thanks for the info.
  18. Wrongway

    New guy

    Yes she is. We got the engine & trans dropped in & fired up about a week ago. Just dealing with a couple tuning issues now but she’ll be good shortly. Then on to the body & paint
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