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  1. Yes yes, The infamous his/her shifter! I love it!!! Also really like the way you chose to mount the vac gauge. I had wondered a couple of times about it since your mentioning that it was in Lucy. You were right though Frost, it does indeed look new. Hopefully Fitzy will bless us with a few more pics.
  2. Iv got a couple pics bro, I'll send them in a message so we don't distract anybody from your build bud.
  3. Justa don't forget us little people who are still awaiting pics of this beautiful tachometer!👀👀👀 Glad to hear that its going to a good home guys!
  4. I'm not seeing the issues under the head light bro. Maybe you can point it out. The only issue I see is where the primer is. The story I was told was that the body was in "perfect" condition until a couple of weeks before I bought it. He was pulling out with his trailer and "cut it to sharp" hooking the fender. It looks like it pulled the fender forward about 1/2 inch, ripped a hole in the fender and bent the hell out of the bumper.
  5. There's nothing like the feeling of flipping the pages. I get it bro. lol
  6. Ok cool, thanks. If not a 64 then I'm back to searching pics on the internet.
  7. Ok I misspoke bro. I think its my passengers side fender that may be from a 64. Take a look, do you see it bro? One curves at the very end and one is straight.
  8. What's up Omar, welcome bro. Iv got a 63, do you have any pics? We love Pontiac pics bro!
  9. IF I'm remembering right the one you sent curves back just a bit more the my passenger side fender does. My drivers side looks just like yours. I'll snap a couple pics in the day light and let you see. But its such a small difference that its hard to tell. I honestly didn't notice it for about 6 months.
  10. Iv heard them called body clips but when I was replacing some of them they called them "U nut clips" bro. You can google that and all sizes pop up. Thanks for the pics bro. Those did help confirm that one of my fenders is from a 64 lol.
  11. Oh, by the way bud, when you start putting your panels on or just have them out messing with them would you mind posting a picture of both fenders. In particular the front, lower portion between the wheel opening and the bumper section. No rush Justa whenever. Thanks bro
  12. My brake cable runs under my cross member bro. But I'm honestly not sure if that's how the factory did it. So much was changed on this car by the time I got her. For example, when they put the 428/400 in. It looks like it had a slim Jim trans from the factory. The trans tunnel wasn't wide enough so the 400 turbo was actually touching the floor, like pushed up tight. The drive shaft was pushed all of the way up into the trans with no wiggle room, again pushed in tight like it was wedged in between the trans and rear end yoke. The trans had a 4x6 (guessing on the exact size) piece of thick steel
  13. If the price is right I would think so. I know I like it lol.
  14. Lookin really good bro! Your making a lot of progress!
  15. I agree that there would have to be some HP gain and weight reduction but had no idea it would be that high. I was honestly figuring 2-3hp would be about it. Thanks bud.
  16. I've been thinking about the same thing for a while now to Kiwi. I've got a buddy that's been trying to convince me to go electric. Justa makes a real good point. I've been at the Dream Cruise a number of times and in other places where the roads or interstate was like a parking lot. Good luck and let us know what you end up doing. Also, everybody that I've talked to about putting in an electric fan talks about the increased horse power. I wouldn't think it could actually be more the 2-3 horses. Does anybody know how much of a horse power again you actually get?
  17. Surely not bro, looked pretty safe to me. I mean, there were lights so people could see, there was a loud attention getting sound (like the beeping on a backing up truck), and if all that wasn't enough the driver even sent up warning signs of movement in the form of smoke signals. That was awesome bro, thanks for sharing.
  18. Man I Justa love that goat!!!!
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