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  1. I use Mobile 1 in my Heritage bro
  2. Yes it did have moisture in it, most likely from sitting 9yrs before I got it. Its a 63' Grand Prix with a 68' 428 and 400 turbo. The original trans looks to have been a "Slim Jim" and I'm happy with the 400 turbo and used to run them in a couple of old Chevy's and race cars years ago. Had the guys that did the engine/trans swap did things the correct way there wouldn't be any problems with this set up. Unfortunately people get cars and do things to them not having any clue as to what they are doing and we're left figuring out what they did, how they did it and how to fix it. That's where I'm at now. Guess if you buy a car already assembled and restored you wouldn't have these kinda problems, but what fun would that be lol. So I got the master cylinder hooked up now and spent a day and a half chasing down a leak that turned out to be a "top side" leak. There was no fluid dripping to find the leak and it turned out to be on the drivers side rear flare where it connected to the wheel cylinder. I've got the engine and trans back in the car now and the trans brace I found from another old 68' Pontiac that I just had to clean up and weld a tab onto for the mount to sit on. The drive shaft was extremely tight coming out, like just barely enough room to for the u-joint clear the rear end yoke. So I'll be cutting down the driveshaft a couple inches tomorrow after pulling an engine from a C10. Hopefully then I can drop the car off the lift and take it for a test ride.
  3. So about 2 weeks ago I took the ol' girl in to have the new wheels and tires put on and they look great! Driving home from the tire shop I might have made it about a mile and a half and the trans gave up the ghost. I was told that changing the fluid and filter was most likely what caused it. So I barrowed a buddy's lift and took the motor and trans out figuring i'd replace and touch up a few things. I've since replaced the master cylinder, all wheel cylinders and all brake lines just needing to connect the lines to the MC tomorrow. I knew there were a few small holes in the passenger's side floor board, but I was way wrong and the seats are coming out to replace that floor pan. Along with the new floor pan I'll be making a new transmission tunnel and fabricating a new transmission crossmember. Not sure who did the original motor/trans swap but the trans was actually pushed up touching the floor right behind the bellhousing and while the trans is bolted to the mount the plate they welded to the brace allowed for the long tail shaft to sit right on top of the brace causing vibration at both spots. I did get the trans back and I'll be starting the floor pan and trans work in the next couple days. I'll get pics in the next couple of days if I remember but here's one of the trash inside of the pan and 1 of the floor pan.
  4. Thanks man, yes it is
  5. Welcome bro. Great goat!
  6. Great progress bro. Cant wait to see future updates.
  7. 😁Oh yeah man, I'd drive her. Hope you can find a garage bro
  8. Welcome bro. Thanks for the pics 😁
  9. Welcome Bird. Shoot us some pics when you can
  10. Looks great man. Welcome
  11. I'll keep my steering wheel thank you. I still prefer to be in control of anything that moves faster then I can walk lol.
  12. Hey bro, OPGI has the floor pan quarters in stock for $172.99. I'm bored over .30 with a small cam kit from COMP (part # K51-222-4), a set of Hooker headers (PART# 4902HKR) and she sounds great. I'll most likely be going with the Flowmaster super 44 mufflers (PART# 942545) and the exhaust set up that Last Indian recommended. I wont know the horse power numbers till I put it on a dyno (I'm sure there's some formula but I don't know it lol) but all I was looking for was kinda like you said, a little over stock, good sound, reliable, fun around town be interstate capable. Hope this helps some bro.
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