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  1. Hey bro, OPGI has the floor pan quarters in stock for $172.99. I'm bored over .30 with a small cam kit from COMP (part # K51-222-4), a set of Hooker headers (PART# 4902HKR) and she sounds great. I'll most likely be going with the Flowmaster super 44 mufflers (PART# 942545) and the exhaust set up that Last Indian recommended. I wont know the horse power numbers till I put it on a dyno (I'm sure there's some formula but I don't know it lol) but all I was looking for was kinda like you said, a little over stock, good sound, reliable, fun around town be interstate capable. Hope this helps some bro.
  2. Yeah man, I got'cha. I seriously had no idea that this much thought went into exhaust. I knew there were different set ups but I just kinda thought a pipe was a pipe. Thanks for all the help and info bro. I'll update yall once I get it all installed.
  3. G118 welcome bro. What are you wanting to do with it. Stock, reliable daily driver, track beast or?
  4. Not sure on the headers I'll have to check with Hooker. All their website says is mild steel. Yeah id like to keep the headers since they've only got maybe 50mi on them at most. I'll have to find a shop to weld up the pipes since I cant weld anymore but that shouldn't be a problem either. Do you think 3" pipe will be a good choice or should I reduce them to 2.5"?
  5. Wow, my head really hurts now Indian, thanks man. I think you broke something in my thinker lol. Seriously bro that was a very in depth article and I thank you for sending it to me. I did also talk to flowmaster today. So since you guys have built and have way more experience with exhaust then I do what do you think about Flowmaster super 44s and 3" pipes running all the way back from the 3" header collector's? That was kinda where Flowmaster thought I should be with the 428.
  6. OK guys, thank you I really appreciate all the input.
  7. Yes Indian I'm running just headers right now. Id like to keep the rumble but not the loud noise. I guess the easiest way to put it is I want the rumble and performance but I want to hear what your saying while were driving to. Yeah, I no I'm asking for a lot lol. JUSTA, Black Widow is a newer company from what I understand. A friend at the parts house recommend them and all I no is what iv read online. You said your running flowmasters? Is that on your 421? Series 60 or?
  8. Do you happened to know the model Frosty, I'll take a look at them
  9. Has anybody had any experience with Black Widow exhaust? I've just been running open headers and its time to get wheels, tires and exhaust so I can start taking her out on a daily basis. I'm wanting that classic muscle car sound and the Black Widow sound bites sound good but after running open headers I don't want something that you'll here from 6 blocks away. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  10. Wrongway


    She is absolutely breath taking brother. Those OHC 6's are one of the prettiest car engines ever made and the cool factor is off the charts. Just an awesome ride bro.
  11. I agree totally Indian. I don't think 16 degrees is enough. My cam is just a bit bigger then stock, nothing major. Small enough to run the stock converter and COMP told me to start with 12-14 degree advanced and see what the engine liked. I just walked out and put a light on mine to double check before speaking but with the engine cold at idle I'm at 23.5 degree @ 850 RPMs, remember mines a 428 though so I don't know how much this helps. Also my PCV is connected to a port in the manifold NOT to the carb so that might be an issue. Not that my gap size will help but I'm gapped at 0.35
  12. Great article Frosty, I really enjoyed reading it. Be nice to visit one day
  13. Hey Jcro, welcome. My 1st thought is you may have to much carb unless you've got it dialed way back. Could also be a timing issue. I had a similar issue after I built my 428. Mine was great at idle but would fall flat when I hit the gas. If I feathered it at take off it would go, after 20 feet or so it would take off and pin you to the seat. I had set the timing by ear just like I always did and finally put a timing light on it and started playing with it. I set it at COMPs recommended starting point and went up from there. Runs great now. One other thought is to make sure that all your vacuum hoses are hooked up and in good condition, paying attention to the ends for small cracks and brakes. Again I may be wrong but id try a single carb set up if you can just to eliminate that being part of the problem. Good luck and please keep us posted. Also pic of your car/engine would be awesome 😁
  14. OK, I may sound like the dumb kid in class but are the Pontiac bumper jacks actually stamped Pontiac? I looked at all the pics and the link SPRINT put up but I didn't see it any where. Just wondering so I know how to spot one for my car when I'm at the swap meets.
  15. Welcome Dog. Shot us some pics when you can bro
  16. Sounds good bud. Let us know how it goes and I totally agree with that Chevy guy. I hate seeing any classic doesn't matter the make going to the crusher. Once their gone their just gone.
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