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  1. Currently tracking a very special shipment from Florida !!! it says it will be here in nz today ..... bet itโ€™s not!!! but watch this space !!! Big hello to my good mate phill who is making heaps of head way on his 57 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  2. Yeah man ! I have only justA learnt what a flux capacitor is !!!and I am not even going to ask what a root file is !
  3. Bugger ! Frosty I have no idea what you justA said !!!
  4. mate your gona have to show me how that Fertan works... it looks good shit ! the crc rust converter is good but i read the fertan is good too for a pommy product
  5. Back in march Wrongway commented that he hoped things would get back to normal.......... its now September and really it wont. delta is now like a horror movie in nz..... slowly the black is feeding through the vanes of the north island and soon it will feed into the south.. all we have now is to get vaccinated and hope like _ _ck its doesnt kill us. today i got my second jab, and i am thank full that i can, i have mates who are dead against it and that's there right. i just dont want to see any of them die because of this thing...
  6. i will, get in quick here before JustA6 does..... i want door seals, window rubbers, a set of white walls and front wheel bearings please Santa
  7. ah Christmas time at Fitzy house !!! what a lot of shiny bits you have there mate!! looking good too!! all nice and clean and tidy!! .... or is that your bedroom ???? I see you too have a xmas theme going on !!!! justA the the side of your white draws is a whole bunch of wrapper and is it a mini tree ??? are you going to send us a xmas pressy ??
  8. can i enter ???? i got my second jab this morning and i dont mind a old rattly corvette !!
  9. man thats a tight fit !! but very cool too ๐Ÿ‘. great pictures mate ๐Ÿ‘
  10. cool 60 mate.... are those 59 caddy tail lights ???
  11. I have no idea why they dress the weather man like that! Haha fashion ???? wtf ๐Ÿคช And mate !!! Wtf !! Howโ€™s a man supposed to watch motor sport without a 75 inch tv !!! You gota be able to see the whole track !!! Hahaha
  12. the boss likes colour ! can you tell ?? hahaha... no Biden there mate, was the weather man you see.... telling us that its getting warmer
  13. JustA use the intake manifold gasket as a template mate, and mark the inside of each port onto the head and the same on your intake manifold, and be mindful that if your machinist has decked the block you will need for him to shave the intake too.
  14. mate have you though about port matching your heads to the inlet manifold ? its easy to do and helps that intake flow.... along with spending a little time with dremal and clean up the intake runners and blend the bowls a tad !! ... its a nice little trick that improves intake flow and improves velocity bet two lane black top does it all the time on his race engines ! gota show us a picture of what turned up
  15. fitzy i reused my base gasket under my afb,,, it was super thick and in good nick and i recon it will help stop heat soak into the carter... i didnt have my intake manifold off to plug the exhaust cross overs and i would leave them open... i dont live in super hot northern Queensland!! and it does help cold start , to vaporize the fuel in side the intake runners under the carb.
  16. no mate !!! what i want to do is now i have a brand new one..... i am going to risk opening up my old one and see what makes it tick !!! i recon i can fix it.... all that was stopping me was if i stuff it up i am screwed without a replacement... i will post some pics when i do the surgery !!! i have a mate who is a jeweler, and i think if there is a issue with the copper contacts why not coat them in gold and make them last wayyyy longer!! justA idea !!! THEN stick the new one back in the box and resell it !!!
  17. Mate ! I am not allowed to sit in that chair ! I will get it dirty ! And I think Santa is the gate keeper !!! Haha i too told the boss what you said ... she justA laugh and said what ever ! What the boss wants she gets.... no questions ๐Ÿ™„
  18. another down under picture !! hahaha welcome
  19. I had to drive 2 hours to a shop in Napier for her to get this chair and it was justA soooooo much fun !!! Not ! Oh Santa is another issue !!! The boss would kill to get to frankenmuth ! She would have Xmas stuff up around the house all year long !! Yeah two lane ,, the box is pretty cool alright ! Itโ€™s going on the shelf in the bar might stick my old switch in it
  20. Mate !!! Ever told your boss not to buy something she wants ? Hahaha
  21. Andy's onto it ๐Ÿ‘ a heat pump would work well
  22. Yes mate , it was a very clean car it won best classic trophy ๐Ÿ‘
  23. Shit happens mate ! the tap and new nut might work ! does anyone make a helicoil for a male thread ?
  24. congratulations Ringo !!!! your a Dad !!!!! i still remember when Harry was a new puppy !! harry4.bmp
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