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  1. Big day today !! My mate who is building the super bird is firing the engine for the first time and a small few have been invited to the cranking 👍👍👍👍 I will post some pictures 👍
  2. Yes that’s a very good point mate we do lots of cruises that drive around in convoy really slow , like the Christmas parade etc and that’s why I am thinking to go electric , to get that cfm up at low speeds 👍 and good point about the four core I will call in on Monday and ask Maurice the rad man if he is building me a four rower👍
  3. I am also thinking of deleting the factory fan, and fitting a thermostatically controlled electric one on the back side of the radiator. My reasoning is that the factory fan is not thermostatic, so its pulling power straight from cold start, it has no real shroud to make it way more efficient. It will increase hp justA by removing it. What you guys think ??? 🙄
  4. Boxes ticked today. Drive shaft at engineers, will get new tube, universals and balance, be ready next week. Brake hoses dropped off at my mates brake shop, he is going to make some really cool hoses... more to come🙄 Hoses for power steer dropped off at the hydraulic hose guy ( old customer of mine) and he will reproduce the factory hose and supply some 3/8 return hose. I had a really hard time finding a litre can of satin black paint in this town to use on the radiator cross member and inner guards, i justA hope what i have will work🙄... thats tomorrows job, sand blast, p
  5. Have a list of gear to get today for the weekend, and i am going to drop the bent drive shaft off at the engineers to make a whole replacement today
  6. I am not sure weather to cry or laugh ...... oh anyone who does that to a challenger has to be a f wit ! So I choose to Laff HAHA
  7. yip moldy hay aint a good thing and your horses wouldn't be into hay with clover in it too, way too sweat for them 👍 i can relate to those memories, when i was a boy, i had a pet lamb named snowy... went away to a school camp one day and came home to find my pet had got into the chook run, ate all the pellets and my mother had seen it wasn't happy so she gave it water! it basically expanded its gut and killed it made its hide into a great fluffy rug!!HAHA it taught me how to cure hides... was my first one👍 also taught me a about death.... at that age,13 really wa
  8. welcome to FP👍 super clean engine bay there
  9. it certainly was!!haha JustA got it all in before it did mate this time of year it can be stinking hot all day then at night it poors down🙄 but we bet it, got 56 bails off 2 acres and had lots of clover in it which makes for great winter feed for the cattle
  10. January is hay making time for us and last night about 5 pm my hay contractor guy had all the hay rowed up for bailing And thought great! He will be back in the morning to bail !!! Not we where just about to watch series 11 of shameless and I could here clunk clunk of a bailer !!! We spent till 10.30 stacking bails of hay into the shed as it looked like we may get rain !!! it didn’t 😡😡 am nackered !!
  11. And this is what we did at the beach for new years eve... had a ball
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