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    and i am a workaholic ! always got to be building/ making something ! haha

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  1. JustA is right, power from ignition switch goes to positive terminal. negative terminal goes to the distributor, and so does the condenser , looks like you havent hooked the wire from the distributor to the coil 👍
  2. seams odd that pontiac would use a carb mounting bolt as a vacuum line ! have you blown air through it to confirm its connected into the manifold ?
  3. hahaha, i wish they had efi back when i spent sooo much time dicking with worn out holly carbs on 327 chevs in my 56s !!
  4. fitzy, i dont have that hollow stud like yours, only vacuum at the back comes off the carb, and feeds the booster, heater controls, idle diaphragm and dissy. on the passenger side i have a plate with vacuum lines that go to the coke, and top of carb. and at the front is two ports teed together heading too the trans
  5. good Work Dwight it will make driving the 63 justA that little bit nicer !!!
  6. after day 2 of wind and rain we decided to pull the plug on the beach! the weather was less than favorable, and no fun for either us or the grand kids! so we headed home only to find that the postie had been !! Thanks Ames 👍 new wheel bearings, caps and hardware, along with the new ignition lock and matching door locks, which will go nicely with the brand new ignition switch ! Also ordered front/rear brake hardware, i noticed when i had the rears apart that i had 2 broken springs, so these kits will work nicely 👍... Now since i am home early i am going to get some pictures for Fitzy of the vacuum connection on the 64 manifold....
  7. Whats with this ? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/retailers-turn-to-bizarre-tactics-to-cover-up-empty-shelves-as-us-supply-chain-crisis-worsens/EN2XN7VBDC2FA2CF66ZPR3IYRE/
  8. Did you know ? https://www.hotcars.com/pontiac-gto-muscle-car-surprising-facts/
  9. This vid is for you Fitzy !! its got some good tips and i especailly liked the tip on installing the front timing cover !!
  10. yes mate for 190k it would have to be matching numbers! but what a crazy number ! thats the retail on a brand new hellcat wide body in nz money ! https://www.4guys.co.nz/vehicle-details?id=2228405&veh=2020-Dodge-Challenger&pageNumber=2&dealerid=75&pageNumber=2&make=16&pageSize=24
  11. Here is another outstanding buy! https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/pontiac/trans-am/listing/3195790940
  12. Yes mate it’s a vacuum line that from memories is hooked to the choke but I won’t be able to confirm till Monday mate ... we headed to the beach yesterday for a long weekend and hopefully some fishing , but the weathers a bit nasty !!
  13. Oh now I feel sorry for fitzy too i laugh when I herd Tesla warn owners not to leave their Evs fully charged or to charge them in the garage .... justA in case they catch fire !!!! Hahaha
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