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About This Club

General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in the Southeastern States of AR, AL, GA, FL, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. nothing yet frosty except for a local GTO group xD and my car decided to kill itself so i have it on life support slowly rehabbing it
  3. Any takers that you know of yet? I'm hoping you have a lot of success. Good luck!
  4. hey everyone, lets book a hotel and have a rollout / cruise for november caffeine and octane! its the southeast no need to park the cars! i have a hotel that will give us low rates and are eager to host a Pontiac event. Holiday Inn Express - Gainesville, GA if you guys want me to reserve 20 rooms lmk!
  5. Good luck with this! Let us know how it goes!!!
  6. now taking any model of pontiacs and all years too! i need a bunch of pontiacs that are interested in meeting up and taking some photos! in GA please! you dont have to be from GA we have surrounding states as followed TN, SC, NC. go to our Georgia Pontiac Association page on facebook to join the event! i also will be making custom stickers and badges for everyone who attends (for free!)
  7. howdy!!! i am GAPRIXS and i have a GA group called Georgia Pontiac Association, check us out on facebook.
  8. Sorry didn't even cross my mind to do so...... Truth be told.... I'm almost too lazy to even carry my phone around...let alone take photos..Will try to do better when I go back in September....
  9. there are a lot of pontiac people in atlanta ga and there are two pontiac car clubs firebird and trans am club grand prix owners club 73 to 77 only are there any national clubs for other pontiac like 68 bonneville???👽😟
  10. What? No pictures from the Charlotte Auto Fair?
  11. What was your impression of GE and the little woman?
  12. Yes met up with GE...Hung out for awhile....Didn't really come across any treasures...or good deals..Did see alot of overpriced junk though...Also saw quite a few way over priced cars...I figure they're not really for sale because it is the same cars and owners....(Want #1 money for #4 condition cars) that have been there for the last few years trying to sell... Although I did run across a Can Am.... If I had somewhere dry to put it...I probably could have worked on the guy for awhile and got it for a fair price... It was kinda rough but all the key parts were there and did sort of crank up and run and was (with alot of work) very restorable...Seems that over the last couple years the attendance has been kind of off a little bit compared to what it has been in the past....Will hit it again in September.....
  13. So did you guys meet up and find wondrous treasures at Charlotte Motor Speedway?
  14. Not really looking for anything special...But you never know..... Yes if you would like to PM me that would be cool.... I understand....I've been told by several people through the years....That I might need some sort of highly specialized therapy too....(LOL)...
  15. Oh GE is quite interesting alright.....he just ain't right though.......don't say I didn't warn ya'! I can PM you with his contact info if your interested. You looking for anything in particular or just hoping to find some sort of hidden treasure if you happen to stumble into it?
  16. I'm going to try to get there Saturday By 8:00 AM myself...The track is about 45 minutes away (Depending on the traffic) from the end of my driveway...Would be interested meeting up with GE....Or any other members who might be in attendance.....
  17. I'd go if I was retreaded. Sorry retired. I have sent a text off to GuitarsExtreme (GE) to see if he's going. He lives in nearby Monroe NC.
  18. Was wondering if anyone out there will be attending the auto fair at the Charlotte speedway April 4th thru the 7th...??
  19. GE says I-95 and I-40 are still flooded in places. The Cape Fear River is expected to crest at 62 feet above flood stage on Friday.
  20. Good to hear he’s ok! Same report from a coworker of mine who lives in NC. Hope that flooding goes down quickly.
  21. I spoke to GE last night. He's okay, high and dry. He's not sure how the house near the coast came through the storm. He can't get to it to check it out. He and the soon-to-be-missus are fine. He says there are well over 1200 roads in North Carolina that are still flooded. Wilmington is still an island with some rivers over 40 fetet above flood stage already and rising. Some places the flooding is a mile wide out of the banks of the river. One of the unique problems is that many of the rivers in South and North Carolina flow north into Virginia and West Virginia. The rain is now hitting the mountains and will come down and swell those rivers even more - carrying the flood waters northward.
  22. I'm with Ringo on this one guys. Please take precautions and get out of harm's way. We are here for you - before, during, and after Florence. God Speed!
  23. Good luck to our Carolina and neighboring states members who will be affected by Hurricane Florence. Hope all of you are prepared and going to be safe! Remember, can replace your things but can't replace you so be careful and safe! We'll be thinking of you.
  24. Sounds like an awesome show. Please be sure to share lots of photos with us. If I wanted to go to the show that badly, I would have no qualms about breaking Lucy out of her winter slumber and driving her (o' so carefully) to the show. Or if the weather was truly that bad in my neck of the woods I'd borrow a buddy's truck and trailer.

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