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  2. Antique Drags

    The Antique Drags are taking place at Barona Raceway on Saturday, April 30. Barona is in San Diego County. I will be there with my Tempest. Cars have to be 1975 or older.
  3. Cali Roll Call

    I'm a little late to the party. Escondido (North San Diego County) 92027
  4. Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

    haha thanks!
  5. Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

  6. Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

    The vette plates "rdy on 3" have to be the coolest plates ive seen in a while
  7. Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

    More shots! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.401355189929301.62768744.389019711162849&type=1 Like my Photography page as well, if you haven't already.
  8. SoCal Fun Day at the Runway!

    Lol thanks man. Sent from my mind using telekinesis.
  9. SoCal Fun Day at the Runway!

    Probably not on Camp Pendleton. What I can do though, is make a post every time Shift S3ctor holds a runway race. They have them all the time.
  10. SoCal Fun Day at the Runway!

    ill quote it to the other forums. so still no event for this year?
  11. SoCal Fun Day at the Runway!

    To make things easier for some, I am posting the latest update that I sent out in an email, on the forums. If you did not receive an email containing this update, please email me saying that you did not receive this update and that way I will know who I may have accidentally not added to the list. Thank you! Good Afternoon all, As most of you know I was supposed to have a meeting on Friday the 18th, with the Semper Ride/Safety Officer from Headquarters Marine Corps. That didn't happen. Instead, I talked to the head Traffic and Safety Officer from Headquarters Marine Corps. Our meeting was short and sweet and there is some good news and some bad news coming from this meeting. I will start with the bad news, since it's always best to end on a good note. Right now, from the away everything is sounding, this event might be geared to only Marines aboard Camp Pendleton. I'm not 100% on this right now, however, that is what it is sounding like from the small meeting I had with him. I did mention that I have a ton of interest from the civilian side and surrounding areas of Camp Pendleton and from as far as Las Vegas. He had said that right now, they are looking at making it a safety event for Marines however, I do have his email and we will be talking back and forth in the upcoming future about this whole thing because he wants more ideas. The good news is, they have already begun the brainstorming for this event and me bringing up the idea to have it done helped them further their thought process on the set up of the event. They are also thinking about adding an AutoX event and Car Show to it as well, with a coach, to learn about the limits of your car and to see what it can handle. The new goal is to make this not only an event for just Camp Pendleton but, an event for all Marine Corps bases. I believe that something good will come out of this and I am hoping that I can get more interest from them to make this happen. I want to be able to bring the public into this event, I want this to be something that everyone can have and be a part of. If MCAS Miramar can let on hundreds of thousands of people for an Air Show, why can't we bring a bunch of cars on to race? I will have more updates as I email the Traffic and Safety Officer about the events and the interest that I am getting for it. As of now, we are at 75 people interested. That is much more than I expected right now and I'm sure once there is a for sure set date and everything for this event, the interest will skyrocket. I appreciate your guys/gals' time and patience about this, I will continue working on this event for everyone and I hope that you continue your support for this event as well. I would not be able to continue if I didn't have the support from you. Thank you. If anyone has any questions or comments, please email me and I will get back to you within 2-3 days of it being sent. Thanks again!
  12. Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

  13. Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

    Starbucks? Damn that is like looking forward to a strip joint and going to a Deja Vu.
  14. Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

    haha I like that Mini as well. I told my wife that it would be awesome if she got one. The coffee is at Starbucks on the corner.
  15. Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

    Nice Nomad and this is going to sound funny from a man who is 6 foot 1 and north of 250 lb but nice mini. Seriously where's the coffee?
  16. Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

    Nomad by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Nomad by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Panamera by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Ferrari by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Ferrari by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Gallardo by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr 500 Abarth by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr 500 Abarth by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr 500 Abarth by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Kalis' Camaro by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Z06 by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Z06 by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Z06 by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Z06 by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr C63 by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Datsun by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Datsun by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Mini by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Mini by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Mini by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Mini by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr Mini by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr GT350 by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr GT350 by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr GTI by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr GT/CS by MAP2_Photo, on Flickr
  17. SoCal Fun Day at the Runway!

    Quick update so everyone knows I'm not abandoning this. I have a meeting on Friday with the Semper Ride event coordinator from Headquarters Marine Corps. We will be discussing making this an annual Marine Corps wide event, instead of just a local event. Sent from my mind using telekinesis.
  18. SoCal Fun Day at the Runway!

    That's the goal in the end. I'll let you know, thanks Jim!
  19. SoCal Fun Day at the Runway!

    If you need more interest I can spam... I mean send out an email to all those registered on the forum? PM me if it's going to happen, I don't want to waste it if it's not
  20. SoCal Fun Day at the Runway!

    sucks. and will it be a recurring event?
  21. SoCal Fun Day at the Runway!

    You can just quote what I put. Thanks. Basically it'll probably not happen this year but, if it happens next year it's going to be HUGE.
  22. SoCal Fun Day at the Runway!

    Good Day to all! Alright, as some of you know I am in the Marine Corps and I am stationed on Camp Pendleton. The Marine Corps Ball is coming up for my unit and we are doing a lot of fundraising to get the price of our tickets down to a much lower price or free for the lower ranks, that will be attending. As of right now, the tickets are $100 a person and we need to get this number lower otherwise a lot of the junior Marines will not be able to attend the great festivities that the Marine Corps Ball has to offer them. My plan for a fundraiser is what it states in the title; a "SoCal Fun Day at the Runway." The plan is to have 2 lane drag races down the runway. Here are some of the ideas that have been brought up for the day so far: Who: TBD. When: Saturday, 7 July 2012 (Tentative Date) Where: MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA Why: To support our Military and help the Marines of my unit to have a successful Marine Corps Ball. How: As of now I need names and a phone number, so I can create a list and submit it to my bosses to get this approved. Cost: Donation of at least $50 per car This is still in the very beginning stages of planning and I would love any and all support from anyone in the area! I will be contacting a few motorsport companies in the area to see if they would like to come up and set up a tent so you can see some of their gear or parts. Please send your contact info to my email: [email protected] If you have any ideas or would like to help in the planning process please let me know, as I know I will only be able to handle some of this on my own. Lucky for me I can work with the Military side a little easier than the Civilian side.
  23. Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

    I've actually been going to this on and off and it has been gradually getting bigger and bigger everytime I go. Today, however, it was pretty crappy out so not to many showed but I'll just continue to put pics in here when I go. CBad event... info : http://www.facebook.com/CBadcars A meeting place for all car enthusiasts, no matter your background or interests. Come share your ride with others, hang out, grab some coffee and meet This is now a WEEKLY event EVERY Saturday like other similar events. DETAILS/INFO 7:00am-9:30am Carlsbad Company Stores 5620 Paseo Del Norte Suite #124 Carlsbad, California 92008 DIRECTIONS: From I-5 exit Palomar Airport Rd Head EAST (from I-5S-Left, from I-5N-Right) Turn LEFT on Paseo Del Norte At first light turn RIGHT into shopping center Enter and turn RIGHT at T-intersection into SOUTH parking lot
  24. Cali Roll Call

    post up the location of where youre at.
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