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  1. Mariachi

    MTZVibe Progression

    ya'll haterz needz jesus! stop hatin on the vibe!
  2. Mariachi

    MTZVibe Progression

    i wish they would have cupcakes if not, why the heck would they call it cupcake meet?
  3. Mariachi

    MTZVibe Progression

    lol. no hood for the photoshoot. was trying some different angles with the camera and the over head shot of the engine bay. I pretty much got it down after a crap load of shots. hahaha. thnx man. i'll be taking the vibe to Cupcake Meet 17 in Aug.
  4. Mariachi

    MTZVibe Progression

    that escalated quickly. lmfao
  5. Mariachi

    MTZVibe Progression

    well sorta... the 240sx has been a butt load of a project. had to de-rice the poor thing and finally got rid of the riced out nismo fakey seats.
  6. Mariachi

    MTZVibe Progression

    thnx! I have HID's for the headlights so sticking with chrome housing. foglights will be HID's as well but whatever the color is for yellow. I am not sure what else to do at this point other than save up for coilovers and install everything else I have that needs to go on the car. i'll try to keep this thread updated.
  7. Mariachi

    MTZVibe Progression

    i doubt anyone will comment on here as not many here showed any interest towards the vibe but whatevs. just thought I would share an update of my car.
  8. Mariachi

    The new project.

    on the opposite side of my folgers can is a panda bear.
  9. Mariachi

    The new project.

    not quite sure you are correct on that one. one of my buddies has an s14 with a 3" and it sounds ridiculously loud. he had to put his silencer back in and resonator.
  10. Mariachi

    The new project.

    actually doesn't sound all that bad. everyone was very surprised that it gives out a deep low tone at lower rpm range.
  11. Mariachi

    The new project.

    that isn't just a fart can either. full 3" catback exhaust with 3" test pipe deleting the cat.
  12. Mariachi

    End of the world.

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