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  1. The vette plates "rdy on 3" have to be the coolest plates ive seen in a while
  2. i would say fender rolling along with zero drop springs/drag bags. shit would be close to shocks.
  3. not a fan of that fender but to each his own. looks great otherwise
  4. not sure if a 10.5 inch wheel will fit on a G8 without some fender work
  5. The rest of the parts will be in by tomorrow...... Parts are: TSP 228R Lunati .660 Dual Valve Springs Hardened 1 piece 7.400 push rods LS2 Timing Chain Melling high volume oil pump Performabuilt 10.5" billet 2800 stall Hayden Trans cooler (not related but I have a braided fuel line there too lol) Should be mid-late september it will be installed and running!
  6. It is known as the heterosexual way of spelling Erik.......
  7. I need to be friends with these people.....Obviously his personal goat is mini tubbed because no one fits 305s lol
  8. I know a lot of them are similar but hey i just snapped em quick with my phone and I wanted to get the best shot i could while parked across a country road haha
  9. Had a couple of middle of the week days off so I finally got to installing my rear replacement rotors and pads as the were due. Today I set to wash and wax her and break in the pads. While doing so I found a nice back road that made for a few decent pics. Brakes: And the photos I snapped
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