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  1. Crimson

    Carlsbad Cars (& Coffee)

    The vette plates "rdy on 3" have to be the coolest plates ive seen in a while
  2. Crimson

    2009 G8 GT

    i would say fender rolling along with zero drop springs/drag bags. shit would be close to shocks.
  3. Crimson

    Getting there...

    not a fan of that fender but to each his own. looks great otherwise
  4. Crimson

    2009 G8 GT

    not sure if a 10.5 inch wheel will fit on a G8 without some fender work
  5. Crimson

    Crimson's Goat Progression

    and a little more pr0n for you guys
  6. Crimson

    Crimson's Goat Progression

    The rest of the parts will be in by tomorrow...... Parts are: TSP 228R Lunati .660 Dual Valve Springs Hardened 1 piece 7.400 push rods LS2 Timing Chain Melling high volume oil pump Performabuilt 10.5" billet 2800 stall Hayden Trans cooler (not related but I have a braided fuel line there too lol) Should be mid-late september it will be installed and running!
  7. Crimson

    Chaos's "Cool Cars from Work" Thread

    It is known as the heterosexual way of spelling Erik.......
  8. Crimson

    Chaos's "Cool Cars from Work" Thread

    sound like good people to me!
  9. Crimson

    Chaos's "Cool Cars from Work" Thread

    I need to be friends with these people.....Obviously his personal goat is mini tubbed because no one fits 305s lol
  10. Crimson

    Mini QSM photoshoot

    thanks guys!
  11. Crimson

    Mini QSM photoshoot

    I know a lot of them are similar but hey i just snapped em quick with my phone and I wanted to get the best shot i could while parked across a country road haha
  12. Crimson

    Mini QSM photoshoot

    Had a couple of middle of the week days off so I finally got to installing my rear replacement rotors and pads as the were due. Today I set to wash and wax her and break in the pads. While doing so I found a nice back road that made for a few decent pics. Brakes: And the photos I snapped
  13. Crimson

    jedi3's Progression thread

    Looks awesome Joeseph!
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