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  1. I'm sure they're fine. I already had the Konis in a retrofit with Eibachs so it was a no brainer. I ran 400# springs for a few weeks and felt they were to soft for my liking.
  2. There are a few sets out there but they use AGX struts which aren't the best thing outside of a normal drop. The fronts were revalved to match my springs. I'll get the rears done one day in the same way. I'm running 500# front and 400# rear
  3. Koni struts and Eibach springs all the way around. Custom front mounts, the rears are stock with a spring hat. I'm still working out getting bumpstops mounted. Everything I've done hasn't worked out to well so far.
  4. I forgot all about this thread till today. I've done some more work to the car, mainly it's that I built coilovers for the car and retrofitted a air splitter for the GTOs to my car.
  5. As it sits once more, I have put on red LED tails but no pics with those
  6. Wheel bearing, fender, and went ahead and replaced the brake rotor as well. Wheel/tire are fine.
  7. Pretty much, I just put new lugs on and they were tight. I never felt anything weird in the steering. Got it mounted also
  8. I guess I never posted it here but my front passenger wheel decided to separate itself from the car, all the lugs stripped at the same time. Thankfully I was making a slow turn so nobody got hurt. The fender was pretty messed up so I got a new one and had a friend pretty of up for something different for now. Also had to replace the bearing and rotor on the car, otherwise the car is fine. A few coats of clear and it'll be thrown on.
  9. Soooo I just bought one of these Corbeau GTSII in black suede. Would've gone black/grey leather but that's way to much for me. Driver side only for now since the passenger seat is in great shape but the driver is destroyed.
  10. No shots yet, those will come once I get spacers, lugs, and get extended bolts. I'm also going to order a new seat, red LED tails, and go a little lower when I rebuild the struts. Then I think I'll be done with the car for the most part. Actually I bought light blue then found Pontiac blue, but grabbed light blue by accident and i didn't know till after i painted everything. It stayed that way lol.
  11. The wheels are done. For now...
  12. ****ty cell phone pic but you get the idea, GPOs painted and mounted Threw on the old new wheels after getting new tires. I can't decide if I'm going to go silver or back to black. These went on unfinished since my old tires were pretty much slick and I wasn't going to wait till I hydroplaned before swapping these. Still going with the can centercaps and I need to figure out what spacer to get for the rear to get them the same offset as the front. Rear offset, I know I'm going to need something like a 1/2", its 7.5 wide +37 Front offset, just where I want it, its 9" wide
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