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  1. 01GAGT1

    Will markpetersonii get a G8 GT?

    Looks good. White would of been my second choice had I not gotten black.
  2. 01GAGT1

    2009 G8 GT

    Found the TSW Nurburgring, so I'm going with that instead.
  3. 01GAGT1

    Did you name your car?

  4. 01GAGT1

    2009 G8 GT

    Yeah, almost identical to the TSW Nurburgring.
  5. 01GAGT1

    2009 G8 GT

    The windows were done by the previous owner.
  6. I almost bought a G8 from a dealership in Orangville.
  7. 01GAGT1

    2009 G8 GT

    I'm gonna go black, trying to stay away from chrome. In fact, I want to black out the chrome trim on the car too. These are what I'm looking at: Enkei Raijin 19
  8. 01GAGT1

    2009 G8 GT

    Starting to look at new rims. Found a set I like, the Enkei Raijin, but have heard the quality isn't the greatest. Anyone have experience with Enkei wheels?
  9. 01GAGT1


    Oh wow, for a split second I thought that was a Civic.
  10. 01GAGT1

    2009 G8 GT

    I'll wait till spring, but intake, headers, exhaust, and a tune.
  11. 01GAGT1

    2009 G8 GT

    I was thinking about the Camaro rims.
  12. 01GAGT1

    2009 G8 GT

    They came with the car, but def not my favourite,
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