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General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in the Mid-Atlantic States of DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV.

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  2. I’m pretty much counting on it stratman!
  3. This year Bogi from All Girls Garage will be there for meet-n-greet and signing autographs. This year will also be a celebration / appreciation for military service. All the branches of the service will be honored throughout the show. Somehow, yours truly has been talked into doing "man on the street" interviews with car owners about their cars throughout the show too. I've been promised another zero on my check.....
  4. The 13th annual Charleston (WV) Boulevard Rod Run and Doo Wop will be held October 3-7, 2018. This will be my 11th year attending this show. For me, this is a can't miss show. They give away prize money, a poker run, fireworks after the concert of Saturday night. Concerts at Haddad Park Thursday thru Saturday night. Last year, Lou Santiago from Car Fix was there to meet and greet folks. The West Virginia Drag Racing Hall of Fame has its annual induction ceremony during the show. You can get more information and register online at: http://www.charlestonwvcarshow.com
  5. Here are the Pontiac HoF inductees.
  6. That doesn't come as any surprise. Both men are legends in the Pontiac community for good reasons.
  7. Frosty, I don't know if you heard this already, but I recently read on the PY forum that 2 of the PPA HoF names are John DeLorean and Jim Wangers. Sorry if it is old news.
  8. What Frosty said! ;)
  9. Please and thank you sir! I am curious about the deceased category since I knew John Sawruk, Mac McKeller, and Eric White - they were all members of our POCI chapter. I've met Jim Wangers (several times), Tim Dye (twice already and will probably know him more once the Pontiac Transportation Museum opens), Russ Gee (I skied with his son Greg for years), Jim Mattison, and Milt Schornack. ....and we'd love to see pictures of both events too.
  10. I will be at the Pypes show (have been to every one so far) on Saturday. And I am planning to get to the GTOAA Nats on Friday. I will try to get you that info.
  11. 31pontiac - are you going? If so I am interested to know who was selected for the Pontiac Preservation Association's Hall of Fame inductees since I was fortunate enough to actually vote on the initial list of candidates and the subsequent vote for this year's inductees.
  12. Pypes Exhaust / Max Performance Car Show Is June 29-30 in Hatfield PA just 20 minutes away from the GTOAA National convention in Valley Forge. Registration and info at www.pypesexhaust.com/carshow
  13. The 2018 GTOAA National Conventions will be held in Valley Forge, PA. It will be June 26-30, 2018. Contact the Susquehanna Valley GTO club for more information regarding lodging, registeration, etc. https://www.svgto.com/
  14. until

    This is Pro. Grace is back again this year.....and parked across the street from me too.....sigh!
  15. until

    Open day of the Rod Run and Doo Wop didn't disappoints. Lots of neat cars and trucks on the Boulevard to see.
  16. until

    Wise Acre!
  17. until

    Howdy Michgan
  18. until

    Last night after the cruise-in to Cabella's ends, I drive back to the hotel and start walking around the boulevard. I bump into my buddy Kenny who runs the parking for the show. Kenny always gives be a great stop. He said do you mind parking on the corner, I say I don't care. Kenny looks at his lieutenant Danny and says put him here. Danny gets out of the truck, gets a piece of chalk and marks the spot and writes the word "Michgan", no second "I". So its pronounced Mich-gan. Danny looks at me says it's the spelled correctly. It's the proper hick spelling!!!! LOL!
  19. until

    I am leaving tomorrow morning. I can't wait. I am anxious to see how this new venue for the Wednesday night cruise-in works out. We use to be at Mardi Gras casino in Cross Lanes WV. Now we will be at Cabella's in South Charleston.
  20. until
    The 12th annual Charleston WV Rod Run and Doo Wop will be held on the levy in downtown Charleston WV on Kanawha Boulevard. Events include fireworks on Saturday night, nightly concerts, swap meet, car show, a poker run, raffles and door prizes. Guest celebrity Lou Santiago from Car Fix and Musclecar fame will be there too. You can find out about registration and all the schedule of events at the link below: http://charlestonwvcarshow.com/ If you are in or near the Charleston WV are, please stop by and say "Hi" to Frosty and Lucy. I will be parked somewhere close to the Sheraton Four Points hotel.
  21. SPRINT 6


    One of the bigger/Better events in the Hampton Roads Area. A Great organisation doing Great things for Kids!
  22. I just got a text message today from a buddy of mine in St. Albans WV (a suburb of Charleston). It would appear that Lucy was photographed and included in the latest issue of Auto Roundup magazine, December 18, 2016, volume 927 issue. It is part of the write-up for the Rod Run and Doo Wop. Right now I have no idea what the picture looks like (other that it's Lucy) or what the write-up says. The latest Auto Roundup I saw at my local Kroger's this afternoon was the December 3 issue.
  23. That's not the first thing you've messed up GE!!! Or should I say "Ace"?
  24. Guitarsextreme

    2016 East Coast Drag Times Reunion

    okay, I messed up on the shirt thingie lol !!
  25. SPRINT 6

    2016 East Coast Drag Times Reunion

    NO PLAID SHIRTS in my wardrobe, That's Old man Holiday he's the snappy dresser
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