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General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in the Mid-Atlantic States of DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV.
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  2. Hosted by the Keystone State Chapter POCI at Macungie Memorial Park, Macungie, PA. Open to all years and makes of GM cars and trucks. See attached flier for more information.
  3. Hosted by the Keystone State Chapter POCI at Macungie Memorial Park. Open to all years and makes of General Motors cars and trucks. Registration and other information can be found on the attached flier.
  4. Sure. I will be happy to accept it on your behalf. I will keep the keys and car until you pay the taxes. Deal? I promise not to abuse it too much. Of course I'm not promising to not abuse too little either.
  5. can i enter ???? i got my second jab this morning and i dont mind a old rattly corvette !!
  6. Best quote of the day "That new C8 Corvette ain't but nothing more than a Fiero on steroids'!" Wow! That was a great one!!!! BTW - WV Governor Jim Justice (R) is giving away a brand new 2021 C8 Corvette as part of some COVID vaccination promotion this weekend. It seems his dog, named "Babydog" (honestly folks I can't make this stuff up), has been a hit here in WV and has done a good job getting reluctant people vaccinated. They are providing free 1st, 2nd, or 3rd COVID shots here on the boulevard as part of the show too. A great car to win for sure. The state is waving the 6% sales tax. However, the winner will still have to pay nearly $42,000 in federal taxes since this is a $102,000 car (still a Fiero on steroids'!).
  7. Too bad Pete couldn’t make it. COVID ruins everything. Man, looks like an amazing time! Cars from every walk and life. Thanks for sharing pics!
  8. Day #2 Missing man formation in honor of Dualquad Pete - who is beside himself because he can't be here this year! The borders between Canada and the US are still closed to tourism and COVID quartine fees are steep ($1200 Cdn) to come back even if you are vaccinated. Here is to you buddy!!!! Rusty and I have you covered! A Desoto with a Firedome Hemi in it. It belongs to my buddy LLoyd, VP of the show. I guess the Charleston Police need a lifted, four-wheel drive, high performance lawn mower? Twin Firebird Formulas - his and hers. One is Formula 350 with a TPI 350, the other is a Formula with a 305 HO motor. I grabbed some aerial views from the top of a parking garage across the street from where I am parked. Tomorrow's big event is the Scenic Cruise (which replaced the Poker Run) sponsored by O'Reilly's Auto Parts. Registration is limited to 15 cars this year, so I was told I had to register early. I was #4 (three other people were already reserved from the Doo Wop committee). I am told we are going thru America's newest National Park (this means we are going up to the New River Gorge Bridge - it use to be National Preserve and Recreational Area - now it's considered a National Park). I am told there are some surprises in store too. So more to come tomorrow.
  9. man thats a tight fit !! but very cool too 👍. great pictures mate 👍
  10. Day #1 - The evening Cruise In at the Home Depot and Cabela's in South Charleston. 4 - $500 giveway drawings plus other door prizes were givien away. Sadly Frosty was NOT in the money. Rain is predicted for Thursday and Friday......we'll see how it shakes out. This homemade hot rod is for sale - $6500. Yes that is a Slant 6 power and Plymouth tail fins! GTO envy in a Lemans! Any guesses what influenced this car owner? Wedding dress and Stetson Hat included. A supercharged Grand Turismo Studebaker!!!! Yes! This is new - an old LT-1/LT-4 in a Ford Falcon? Cool. The engine is almost as tall as the roof but not quite.
  11. Hey 31pontiac, I was at that show with my Moms 1966 Grand Prix. Wish I would have saw this post earlier I would have said hi. I think I remember seeing your car there. It was a nice show of all GM cars. The entrance fee was a little high compared to other shows around my area, but still a good show. Will probably go next year if they have it at the same location.
  12. Confirmed - I will leaving in the morning with the Buick. Look for a white 1994 Buick Roadmaster Limited (maroon interior) on the boulevard near the Sheraton 4 Points (host) hotel in front of Haddad Park. I just got the schedule of events for the show off the show's website. It would seem that my acquaintance band "The Reflections" (their 1963 hit was "Just Like Romeo and Juliet") will be performing on Friday night !!!! Yeeessssss !!!!! They are originally from Dearborn Michigan. I first met them 11 years ago in 2010 at the Doo Wop. They were asked to return in 2011. They couldn't believe someone from Michigan would drive to WV for a car show. This will be their 3rd appearance at the Doo Wop! My wife and I had drinks with them in the bar after both shows. I saw them this summer in Flint at the Back to the Bricks car show concert. I love these guys.
  13. Looks like I maybe taking the Buick. Looks like I screwed up Lucy but good striping the steering column. So look for a white Buick Roadmaster Limited on the boulevard this year! It's the Bond car! #0007 (Seriously)!
  14. Thanks Kiwi! My buddy Jim has teased me a few years ago that they should get me a jacket that says "Honorary Hillbilly"! I'd wear it!
  15. Lastly, when I revealed myself to some of friends at the show, my buddy Jim, who was also the DJ, announced to everyone I was there and they proceeded to present me with this award for all my support and contributions to the Hall of Fame. I was definitely not expecting this.
  16. It was from my personal laptop. The cursor disappeared and I could not select video to delete with my mouse or cursor. It was almost near a complete lock up. It was weird.
  17. I completely understand. I'm thrashing on Lucy at the moment. If I don't get her back together, I may end up taking the Roadmonster instead.
  18. Still up in the air..Will be a spur of the moment decision...Once (if) we get on Interstate 77...At Mount Airy N.C...
  19. Was this on a desktop or mobile? I'm not a fan of editing things on mobile as the cursor just jumps around too much with my fat fingers combined with the smaller screen is a no-go (just on iOS as a whole I see this). My suggestion no matter the device is to put your cursor a line below the embedded element you want to delete and then use the backspace to delete it. May take a few hits of the backspace as the software may highlight it before fully deleting. Something I think our software vendor is working on and possibly looking at new editors. Any rate, happy anytime to help
  20. You did a good job Ringo. Thanks for the assist. Not sure why things went wonky on me. Once I posted the first video, it won't let me backspace, remove the placement of the video, it was weird.
  21. @Frosty, believe I got it edited to what was intended. Let me know if I can be of further assistance! Taking a ride in that dragster would certainly be insane
  22. RIngo - can you clean this up please. Not sure why it added the file multiple times. I can't seem to edit them out either.

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