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FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

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  • 1 month later...

Things still moving to damn slow. My girl would get better than regress than stalemate than do a little better. Hopefully she’ll get all the way back one of these days, soon, I hope!

The Indian, that’s a different story, hasn’t been any help either. Went to install the 1” rear sway bar; what a nightmare. Now most that know me would believe I know how to install a sway bar, & I do. Well son of a $#@&* I can’t get this thing in. And when I finally do it looks like I took an axe to the sway bar & the struts! With the suspension unsprung the bar is jammed against both strut tubes. If I jack up the rear wheel suspension arms I can barely get it in & that’s with pushing & beating with a rubber mallet. Than I have about 3/16 of an inch clearance between the bar & strut tube on each side! So now I can install the end links. But when I let the suspension down, major contact again! Now I know this is not right! So I call ZZPERFORMANCE where I bought the bar. Guy gives me all the usual garbage about all the bars come out of the same mold! I say what? The bars don’t come out of a mold they are mandrel bent on a machine, this is a solid bar by the way. Well, he says, maybe I don’t have the right camber! Seriously? So let’s see the sway bar now only allows a certain amount of camber? Yeah I don’t think so & on top of that I run zero camber on the rear wheels. So slight variations can & do occur & with the configuration of this particular bar because of all the complicated bends in the bar a ¼ of a degree in one of the curves can mean 3/8 of an inch in total length. End results ZZPERFORMANCE was worthless with this issue! 

So I continued to for another two weeks on & off trying to determine how I might solve the problem. I could try to tweak the bends, but that’s no small task for a solid 1” spring steel bar! And if I anneal it & than reharden it; that’s really tricky because it usually leads to early failure. But I really wanted the 1” bar for the rear because I know it will make a major improvement to the handling. The Grand Prix’s came with a hollow 20mm rear bar. I replaced it with a hollow 22mm bar, which made a big difference, but a 25.4mm ( 1” ) solid bar is a whole magnitude above that! So I finally decided to bite the bullet & order another bar hoping it would be right. It came at the end of the week. So I measured the new bar against the first bar that came. Well I don’t understand it, I must be stupid because the guy said they come out of a mold & they are all the same! But ear to ear measurements showed the bar to be almost an 1/8” narrower. And at the curvature of the bar where it goes around the strut tubes it is 5/16 of an inch narrower! So now in total I have about 3/8 of an inch clearance between the bar and the strut tube on each side!





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Still doesn't seem right, good luck.  With all the projects.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ever since I relocated the Indian’s battery to the trunk I’ve had a concern for the front setup I built. That there exists the possibility that in an accident or more likely while doing work up around the engine, an inadvertent contact with the positive post & the body/frame/engine could occur. That would be ugly! But other things have always taken precedence & I am the only person who works on the car, so I’m careful. 
So this weekend I decided to CYA!! Much safer now!








May end up painting the amber top black to blend in.

Edited by Last Indian
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