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DAY TWO - continued

So after completing this stop, Ken headed to the hotel while I waited to meet up with a project manager that is part of my group. He lives here is SC, even though he is a contractor working for the State of Michigan. You gotta love remote work. Parmesh is a nice young man. We met up with Ken at the hotel and went out for dinner, but not before Parmest and I watched a few cars leave the fairgrounds.



We met up with Ken at the hotel. We parked our cars and Parmesh took us on a tour of the area. He took us to Lake Murray. A man-made lake created by an earthen dam. A newer, more modern dam lies behind the earthen dam. The lake is about 6,500 acres in area!


We returned the hotel after dinner. It was dark by then. We wish Parmesh well and then hung out with some of car folks at the hotel. We were talking with a guy who had a YearOne sticker on his windshield. Seems he is part of the YearOne entourage from Brazelton GA, where YearOne is located. As we were talking more of their crew came rolling in - including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, famous guitarist, in his Duster, Kenny is a well know hot rodder and Mopar enthusiast.



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Ask away bud! Always happy to answer questions, if I can!

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Posted (edited)

DAY FIVE - FINALE DAY - Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol TN

Today was finale day. The last stop, the last destination for this year's Power Tour. Concord to Bristol Motor Speedway. Again Ken and I avoided the published route but I suspect we still ended up doing a very large portion of it.

I called up fellow FP member, GuitarsExtreme (GE), for advise on what was the most efficient, yet scenic route from Concord to Bristol. He suggested taking I-77 north to US 431. Then in the town of Boone, NC, pick up US 321. 321 will take us all the way into Bristol.

I had hoped to catch up with GE since he lives between Rockingham and Concord, near Monroe NC. However, he was in Dayton Ohio on business that week and we couldn't hook up. Dang it. However, GE did recommend going to the Daniel Boone Inn Restaurant for mighty fine vittles. They serve food country style (all you can eat). Breakfast from 8:00 am to 11:00, Lunch/Dinner from 11:00 to close.

Looking the map, judging the driving distance, and where Boone was, it was going to take Ken and I a good 2 hours to get from Concord to the restaurant. Then another hour-ish to get to Bristol. 

We hit the road at 6 am, so we could be in Boone when the restaurant opened. I think that was a great move in hindsight. I'll explain why in a bit.


On I-77 North


Sunrise over Lake Norman, while on I-77


Now headed west/north on US 421.

I'm glad Ken and I hit the road so early as I said. Looking back at these photos, we had US 421 to ourselves. Not another Long Hauler in sight!


This route, unbeknownst to me, went through Wilkesboro NC, close to the infamous North Wilkesboro Motor Speedway! NASCAR just returned to this track to host the All-Star race in May. First race there in over 13 years! We were two thirds of the way to Boone!IMG_0628.thumb.JPG.311002bacf9d538318d3ebb706562c75.JPGIMG_0632.thumb.JPG.04b89ba0692c9e2c0971233de8757bf5.JPG


Just outside Wilkesboro, we passed over the eastern continental divide. All water that falls on the east side flows to the Atlantic, all water that falls to the west flows to the Mississippi River.



Welcome to Boone, NC and the Daniel (Dan'l as the sign spelled it) Boone Inn Restaurant. We got the restaurant just a couple minutes after 8 am. We were the third group to be seated. Good thing too.


This old garage with a gas pump and a Model A stored inside, we had to get photos!


Here is a look at what they served us, family style!


There was:

Scrambled eggs, stewed apples, bacon, ham, sausage patties, biscuits and sausage gravy, pancakes and syrup, red eye gravy, and grits. Milk, OJ, and coffee too.


This is my plate, I wanted to prove to JUSTA and Indyman Joe that I do know how to eat grits! With lots of butter and cheese! LOL!

As Ken and I left the restaurant (we hadn't been there even 45 minutes), there was a long line of people was waiting to get in! There were more people waiting outside! As we posed for the garage shots, two buses filled with what appeared to be some college athletic team rolled in! We were getting out of dodge while the getting was good.

So in Boone, we jumped onto US 321. By now, early cruisers from PT had caught up to us. Still we had a very scenic drive, but now we were down mostly to a two lane road though the hills.


Welcome to Tennessee with a GTO parked next to the state line sign. Is it Karma? 


Local spectators!


More locals.


The Power Tour motorhome. All of us Long Haulers want to get our picture next to it. More on that later.


Welcome to Thunder Valley Dragway and Bristol Motor Speedway! It's Bristol Baby (insert Darrell Waltrip accent while saying it)!



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Damn it man, I can't stop thinking about that breakfast! So any idea how many miles in total? And again great pics bro, thanks.

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Posted (edited)

JUSTA must be coming schizophrenic! 

Roses are red,violets are blue! 
I’m schizophrenic, and so am I!

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Thank you for the kind words and great photos....I'm certain that our paths Will cross again in the future...Look forward to it...


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  • 2 weeks later...

A little bit late but finally got some time sitting here watching all you amazing pictures, what a great trip .

Power tour is definitely on my bucket list but I wich they could run it a little bit closer to the west coast.😆

Thank you for the story and great pictures.

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Posted (edited)

The first few were nearly coast to coast. I remember one Power Tour went from Pontiac Michigan to the Santa Monica Pier in California in 7-days. PT use to 7-days but has been reduced to 5 days the last several years.

For what its worth, PT has been to 37 states over the last 20+ years.

Perhaps we can meet up out on Power Tour in the near future, justa like Two Lane and I did this year.

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