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    • Oh, and I love the way Australia refuses to offer consumers any incentive to buy an EV. Absolute frigging gold. This wonderful country run by idiots is going to become the laughing stock of the world. Did you know that once upon a time it was illegal for non Australians to own land here? Then there was a cash grab. Now, the Chinese buy whatever they want (they consistently outbid anyone else at any auction) and DO NOT get me started on the Islamisation of this country. I'll be dead in 20 years so don't really care but I fear for the future all the same. It's that insidious way of taking over that was performed so beautifully in the UK that's now happening here.
    • Thanks to Frosty for stumbling across this. Unfortunately, Australia has been hobbled by successive inept politicians where corruption & croneyism (jobs for the boys) is firmly embedded, but I suppose this is the norm for any modern industrialised nation. You know,  I've spoken about EVs before, and I think it's part of a necessary future. I get all the concerns about where the electricity comes from and the recyclability of batteries, but if it cleans up the air, let's do it. Better still, what about promoting mass transit in urban areas?  I know - nobody likes public transport because it's the natural habitat of the urban weirdo, it's sometimes dirty, often late, can be crowded and slow, but make it cheap as chips and your average Aussie will jump on board. Less cars doing the Monday to Friday grind can only be a good thing - save the 'car' for the weekend, but we all know the 'family car' is going to morph into the autonomous plastic electric bubble that you summon on your phone. It's the current generation (pun intended) that will drive this feature and that's why it's going to be a thing. For us crusty old dinosaurs, we've been lucky enough to experience the good times but now is the time to ensure your classic is cherished and brought out on occasion in order to show the young uns what horsepower used to feel and sound like.
    • Whats with this ? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/retailers-turn-to-bizarre-tactics-to-cover-up-empty-shelves-as-us-supply-chain-crisis-worsens/EN2XN7VBDC2FA2CF66ZPR3IYRE/
    • Another good source for parts is:  car-parts.com  That's where I shop for Pontiac 6000 if my own mechanics shops can't find the parts.  
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