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  1. Can ya find it on amazon? I like to keep my oil from the manufacturer. Polaris in my sleds and honda in my road bike.
  2. Well its all in.Painted, 3rd member installed sway bar hooked up brake lines yada yada yada..too tired to bug frosty for pics.should be done tomorrow. Key word should. 1 man shop this thing kicked my but today. Tomorrow axles installed i hope. we will see.G-night all. Indy Out!
  3. Absolutely amazing what you did. ( i was lucky to see the results first hand ) Words fail me. Well done sir!
  4. For my next trick i need a trojan and a volunteer...
  5. Welcome to the site! we need more Joe's
  6. Thanks Frosty! I cant upload pics and justa cant answer his phone lol we are old..
  7. And that is why he stays. That and my mom drives him nuts LOL
  8. I couldn't give away my old 14's. They ended up at the scrap yard. Take what ya can get. The trim rings I did sell for $50.
  9. My father is still working at GM with 53yrs. No plans of retirement either. I would of left a lot sooner LOL
  10. Frosty is my hero! Also seemed to leave all the F-bombs out i texted LOL Thanks Frosty!
  11. Gorgeous car! Rims look great also! Keeping it a Lemans or doing a GTO clone?
  12. ive used a propane torch, unlit,to find vac leaks. it changes the idle when your close.
  13. I just dont know what i need lol. I am getting closer though. i want to be able to use the original E-brake cable. Sway bar is in!! had to cut a small piece off the jack pad but it fits now and doesnt hit anything!
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