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  1. We seen the jetski's heading to Woodward on m-59 in highland on our way home. Made us both do a double take!
  2. Well that was embarrassing LOL Slicks next year for sure!
  3. Had a great time as always hanging out with you guys! Had to cut it short as my grandson was coming over unexpectedly.
  4. Looking forward to hanging out with whoever shows up. I cant stay still for too long so i will be driving and smoking some tires! Plus i have Bail money and a bondsman lined up!
  5. Sweeeeet! Looking forward to checking it out! I'll pick something off my wall to donate to the garage art!
  6. His welding slag is art..
  7. I thought all bridges and roads in general required burnouts..LOL I'll take a vid when me and Michelle go over that one.
  8. This whole thread is full of awesomness! So cool Lisa found us! Keep the memory's coming! I love to hear these kind of story's. Never heard of this car until today. The craftsmanship is stunning! Reminds me of another artist on this site.. ps i would love that cookbook! Peanut butter is my Favorite
  9. Dealers have no clue what they have most of the time. They know the selling words ie Judge emblem on glove box,spoiler,hood tach etc.. but the less they " know" the less their held accountable for the frauds they sell. Yea in my opinion its a Lemans,,as obviously stated above.
  10. i run a 45 gap on my car. seemed to be the consensus when i went to HEI. supposedly its a hotter spark because of the bigger gap. which will change the timing sequence so you may have to experiment. My engine liked the change but i did'nt dyno the changes. Justa something to think about ( or in my case obsess over) . chasing power is a never ending game. Learn how to read your plugs (i'm learning daily) as thats a good indicator of where ya want to be.
  11. Terry did you go from points to HEI ? the gap of the plug should be increased if that's the case.
  12. He had a cam for sale awhile ago..priced the same (can't remember the exact price).
  13. Also found out Onondaga dragway will be opening this summer! So that makes 3 tracks i can drive to now! Hmmm actually four including mid michigan motorplex.
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