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  1. gas station in Chelsea Mi is at 1.39 a gallon. cash or credit.
  2. Last time i could look my hand was hairy, now i'm blind..should've stopped at needing glass's..and in keeping with that thought all the trim is done finally! seriously when michelle paints she finds it a must to remove all the trim with a sledgehammer..then complains how long it takes me to something i despise so much.detailed carpentry. Caulk and paint make me the carpenter i aint.
  3. $1.55 a gallon in Tecumseh Mi today. Just a regular gas station also.
  4. Anyone price out a new battery for an electric car yet? what happens to the old one? Iv'e read anywhere between 8-12k for a new battery installed. And thats at 100k miles. I hope more people buy electric maybe the price of gas will go cheaper LOL But of course the cost of my electric bill will go through the roof..Solar is a viable option for lights in the home but some gov't subsidized failure will need more tax money to fund the bailout as usual.
  5. That is a huge difference! makes me want to try it on my car.
  6. Start with brakes lol seriously though looks like a nice solid car.any interior pics? My 2 cents get it running and driving. Keeps it fun and rewarding. Too many projects get torn apart and never get put back together. Have fun and enjoy!
  7. Wheel's look great 360! nice choice.
  8. very cool! keep us updated on the progress. Love to see what ya do with her. Love the vw bus!
  9. Did you buy it or verify anything? Just curious what ya found.
  10. welcome to the club! i would love to the hear the story on winning an award on accident.
  11. What a nice looking ride! Tri power and a 4 speed as well! Fun factor is off the chart! sure doesnt look like it needs a restoration. Welcome to the site!
  12. That looks like a great book to read. Yea track is closed but 2020 is going to be big for us at lapeer.
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