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  1. should be held in place with a clip under/behind the lower dash panel.
  2. other than aesthetics the ground cant be too big. Kiwi has you on the right track for sure.
  3. Sissified Government motors. Build a quality product instead of reinventing yourself with a "Logo". I wonder how much was spent on this turd. And to think a bunch of yes men said " Yea we nailed it"...soooo sad.
  4. Pretty cool Bird. Pic date? I'm guessing early 80's, i remember it well (well kinda) LOL welcome to the site!
  5. Frosty i have 2 weddings this summer. My sons in Costa Rica in December, and my daughters in Hawaii in june. I am/will be broke. The money to paint once again has other plans as always. Next year i'm sure my boiler or whatever else can break will eat up the savings,again..
  6. Sounds healthy for sure! Nice ride
  7. I love looking closer and seeing all the other art projects you made.
  8. Nothing great or exciting has been going on with the Lemans. New adjustable upper control arms from UMI set the pinion angle etc..But i am happy to report i finally found some rims on Facebook! 15x8 4 1/2 inch backspace Pontiac rims! The seller bought them 5 yrs ago and never mounted them. Got a great deal. Had my local shop mount the 275 60 15 Mickey Thompson's i found last year and here they are on the car. Really fills up the wheel well. Maybe an inch taller but the tires i took off are bald..(no idea how that happens) so maybe that's the diff.
  9. 7 months. I'm setting records for longest to finish LOL Loved the vid and music !
  10. I see a future POTM candidate! Nice ride.
  11. Love watching your progress on this thread! "moral of this story, not all aftermarket parts are created equal"🙄 Understatement of the century! LOL
  12. Love those cars! Great find welcome to the club
  13. Yea that's all he does is rebuilds as far as i know.
  14. If you find a pump i have used this guy. http://www.waterpumpman.com/ Does excellent work its been 5ish yrs and the one he did for me is holding up fine. He did a couple for some friends of mine as well and no issues.
  15. I see 2 calendar candidates for 2021 welcome to the site!
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