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  1. 1 of a couple vettes i like. Sweet pipes man!
  2. I wanted to feel 16 again.The next best thing was my old car. And i wont end up in jail.
  3. my ladder only has 2 steps. High and too high. LOL
  4. I miss the hamsters..
  5. Turned out great!
  6. If frosty or Justa are taking pics I feel no need to Who wants to look at upside down pics anyways? Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Good job Pro!
  8. I would hate to see a modern Trans Am.Just a rebadged crapmaro. All good things come to an end. Respect what we had. I hated the holden gto's. Fast yes but just another aero egg to me.
  9. Looks solid.Nice job on the grill.
  10. just found your site here and signed up.Have a 72 lemans been working on for 5yrs now.interior is allmost done,motor is done lots to do.I do alittle at a time so i can still drive it.winter is almost here so its apart for now.
  11. Fine car indeed! The rims...rally 2's or crager's would be my first choice's...
  12. Didn't know where else to put this scored this on craigslist today for 10 bucks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. here is a podcast of chief and Shawn. Its pretty funny if ya have the time to listen to it. DAMMIT!
  14. 2 pontiac powerplants representing! I like both shows.
  15. Yea the story is she eats Chevys and craps fords! Welcome aboard!
  16. Is it possible the lower rad hose is collapsing? should be a spring inside to prevent this. The rad hot from top to bottom suggest to me water is not flowing. Justa wag
  17. Partial vin was found on the top of my Lemans frame ,driver side next to gas tank. fwiw
  18. Did you cc the heads for true compression test?
  19. You must've walked right by my car...Thanks Frosty..LOL
  20. Great pics as always Thanks!
  21. I heard Rick was posting new pics? Hope i didnt hear wrong and its really Nude pics..
  22. Ames has an asm that is exclusive to the 71 72 endura D128D 185.00 for the kit. they also have a spring they claim will hold the weight better of those hoods. pn D130 its originally for a 64-67 gto. $16.00 each. Good luck
  23. Thought i had a bad day...this is where you find out if your ins co is worth a crap..
  24. The hoarder in me says YES! but i'm tired of looking at stuff i dont need..LOL Made Michelle go for a ride..Look honey LOOK! she got tired of me asking her to ask me what time is it and how many RPM's are we turning LOL
  25. Home sweet home lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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