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  1. 2 pontiac powerplants representing! I like both shows.
  2. Yea the story is she eats Chevys and craps fords! Welcome aboard!
  3. Is it possible the lower rad hose is collapsing? should be a spring inside to prevent this. The rad hot from top to bottom suggest to me water is not flowing. Justa wag
  4. Partial vin was found on the top of my Lemans frame ,driver side next to gas tank. fwiw
  5. Did you cc the heads for true compression test?
  6. You must've walked right by my car...Thanks Frosty..LOL
  7. Great pics as always Thanks!
  8. I heard Rick was posting new pics? Hope i didnt hear wrong and its really Nude pics..
  9. Ames has an asm that is exclusive to the 71 72 endura D128D 185.00 for the kit. they also have a spring they claim will hold the weight better of those hoods. pn D130 its originally for a 64-67 gto. $16.00 each. Good luck
  10. Thought i had a bad day...this is where you find out if your ins co is worth a crap..
  11. The hoarder in me says YES! but i'm tired of looking at stuff i dont need..LOL Made Michelle go for a ride..Look honey LOOK! she got tired of me asking her to ask me what time is it and how many RPM's are we turning LOL
  12. Home sweet home lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. 360 i am torn about the quartz update. My clock is about 10 mins slow after 3 days. But i know i'll miss the movement of the factory one. I can pull the dash pretty fast as i have done it quite a few times adding stuff lol I did find the correct way to adjust the time mechanism.i'll post a pic..
  14. Vacuum trunk release! Awesome! I love installing factory options. Had i not been 5 yrs old when my car was born i would've checked all the boxes!
  15. That is a Badass car ! I see a Pontiac of the Month winner in the future.
  16. In thinking more about this,I'm afraid i will miss the "Pop tic tic tic tic tic...Pop tic tic tic" Its a old guy thing i guess. Anyways i took it all apart and cleaned it with a dry graphite lube.its been keeping time for 2hrs now. I'll post a 24hr update. or close to that as i hope im not up tomorrow night at 1:45 am LOL
  17. Well I got it apart Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Yep,the clocks we have are the correct one's. Mine has it on the PHS as well. I was curious as i have seen some with the extra numbers.So now to take it apart LOL
  19. Thats what im finding,seems Grandprixs had the rally letters and the additional numbers.Thanks for the Pic! Trying find out how to convert mine to quartz so it will work better.
  20. LOL Frosty here is a pic of my clock.(next post,pics from my phone) I think its just a regular clock BUT i cant find pics of a 72 rally clock. 360Rocket if you see this,did you get a clock from a guy on PY? Did he rebuild yours or did you buy one done from him? The 69's say rally on them and have more numbers.. Mine is the first one and the second is on eBay Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. HI

    Welcome to the secret club! Not sure what ya are looking for but if i was in the market i would look at some early 70's grandville convertibles.Awesome rides and alot of room for long cruises. But any pontiac is a great choice.
  22. Your Lemans is alot nicer to me than that 72 above..
  23. Justa went for a quick rip round the neighbor hood...4bbl cable works alot better than the 2bbl one.Day and Night difference! Kick down works real good. Cant believe i went this long being so wrong LOL
  24. Just can't find the factory location for the power feed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk And i need to "patina" the new Tach...
  25. Anyone here making their own plug wire's? I mean cutting them down to proper lengths? I want to clean up my mess of plug wires and need a tool to do so.Some of the vise ones i hear are good for only a couple uses and they get worn out? Summit has quite a few but i dont know which is a good one.prices vary from $15-$120.Not worried about the cost if its a good one i can use for years.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk No more free advertising for battery company's either!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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