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  1. Have you checked the coolant level? Not sure if you have the plastic waterpump elbows on that one.i did and they cracked and leaked.
  2. Happy New Year!
  3. Just ordered mine.Thanks Ringo for putting this together for us.
  4. heard about it but never tried it.Acetone and trans fluid has worked for me when all the other stuff didnt. 50 50 mix
  5. Merry Christmas gang!
  6. Maybe i need to make my deer blind look like one of GE's cars... ...never had a deer jump into a blind before..Genius! Glad you are OK..
  7. I couldnt find out how to change just the shifter on mine. (68 dual gate as well) I sold one not long ago for 250.00. That was what i paid for it.One just sold on the AMES forum for 300.00. they are out there but getting harder to find ones with nice chrome on the shifter.
  8. G6

    Nice when a guy does what he says hell do.
  9. That is very clean looking. what kinda plans do ya have for it?
  10. Lucky for you I am a collector.I'll send ya my address so i can add it to my stable. LOL welcome to the site!
  11. Or if its easier share it on our Facebook page..
  12. Unless Butler or the like is having a HUge sale i wont be buying anything today.But i did trim out the basement for the wife....Actually i did shop at harbor freight today Nevermind..LOL
  13. I feel so guilty.I must be responsible somehow..these poor young adults,what a shame. I want to show my son this but he is at work and wont be to his home until 7 pm.
  14. awesome score! Great looking ride
  15. Love the last pic. Awesome view. Jeep looks alot better.
  16. Bump to the top Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Hmmm let's see if this works lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Very nice Poncho! Cant wait to hear the details on the steering wheel. welcome to the site!
  19. Meth?? LSD? LOL Far out man!
  20. i have some kids for free!! includes clothes and cell phones
  21. Hope this works.Not sure if Frosty has seen this or not but..
  22. I like the Black spoiler on the white Judge.Nice contrast.
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