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  1. I want to start a company like uber that has classic cars. Then i think more people would want to own one. Or at least NOT ride with me again LOL
  2. New member from Newfoundland, Canada

    Fine looking car for sure! welcome aboard!
  3. Does your tank leak or is the sending unit bad?
  4. FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Kicking ass! Creativity at its finest!
  5. Rear Disc Swap

    How fast do you drive the torrent? Good thing ya have the 3.4ltr . seems like alot of work for not much payoff. Any pics of the torrent?
  6. overheating

    2 hoses go to the heater core. A feed line and a return line. cut the hoses and install a plastic nipple,or a old school radiator flush kit to join the hoses together. Bypassing the heater core.
  7. overheating

    you can bypass the heater core until you get a chance to fix it. How high is the oil level on your dipstick?
  8. replacing Air cleaner

    No i would stay with stock. The heat shield i have is to cover the stock starter to keep it from getting hot from the exhaust manifold. Because i was talked into a deeper and wider oil pan my factory starter wouldnt fit, so frosty offered me his unused mini starter. works for my application. Also if ya break down on a road trip the factory stock one is likely available at any auto store.
  9. replacing Air cleaner

    The stock Heavy duty is mainly heavy! However i do enjoy the mini light starter i got from Frosty! Would like a backup justa in case. Start with the simple stuff first like frosty said. Old oil soaked cables would be my first bet to change. Assuming your 350 is stock and you end up needing a starter let me know as i have a heat shield that may fit your application. Alot of these got pitched by folks who didnt know why they were there to begin with.
  10. Hi ! New LeMans 73

    Nice car! We like pics lots and lots of pics
  11. G'day

    I was following the progress before the fire. The replacement was turning out nice if i remember,welcome aboard.
  12. I always hate voting because there are so many great cars here. Congrates to the winners!
  13. Why You Might Want to Rethink Your Brake System

    Thanks for posting, real world experience is great.
  14. from Newfoundland,Canada

    Nice ride! Welcome to the club.
  15. insturmant lights

    I pulled my dash twice to get all the lights working. Very lightly very very very lightly sand the sockets where the tabs on the bulb holder touch the circuit board. do not sand the circuit board! I found by doing this all my bulbs worked the second time. pic to follow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. ^^^^^ that was the worst part about doing the undercarriage. Even with safety glass's stuff still found a way into my eyes.
  17. The 1970 Humbler

    Boy that sounds sweeeeeeeet! i think my car sounds like the open as it is now?
  18. It's ya boi

    Welcome to the site! This is one friendly helpful bunch of people! No purists per say but unless ya put a LS in your car no one here will care.
  19. The 1970 Humbler

    Thank QTP we have electric cutouts now. At one time Tom Hand was making these i thought,the VOE mufflers?
  20. Hi from Pontiac, MI

    Welcome aboard! Justag6....sounds familiar...LOL
  21. Legal Racing!

    Tires are like condoms..ya wanna play? ya gotta burn some..LOL
  22. Legal Racing!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk One of my best times overall Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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