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  1. I've had them in 3 different cars and sound quality is Fantastic !! Highly recommend. You can see mine in previous pictures I posted.
  2. Yes from the 2007 Hot Rod Power Tour !! When I put my first retro I was a little overwhelmed also, but it went together great. It will do almost everything except change your socks. The sound is tremendous in my 64! Good luck with it.
  3. I ordered it on line and it was not precut! had to cut and trim myself using Good scissors ! I'll try to find website for you. okay I got them from Protechcomposites.com they had a sample pack one pound of assorted styles sizes and thickness! which I bought, however looking back I would not recommend because a lot of these I could not use. Go to their site and make your choice. They have a lot of choices, mine was the high gloss version. Your dash is looking good I've always experimented with different finishes! Not a fan of the wood graining! I used a kitchen laminet before in place of the wood grain on a 66 Lincoln Convertible I once owned and got a lot of complements on that! I like to think out side the box. Yes I do and it makes me smile every time I hit the High Beams !!
  4. Everything is working now !! I've been out driving as much as possible!! When I first got my Bonneville I turned on the headlights and hit the dimmer switch and Chief lit up!! That was the coolest thing I have ever seen !! Still cool to see it.
  5. Not when you put in an after market wiring kit. They just show the basic stock GM ignition wiring. It's just that Pontiac runs so many other circuts thru the ignition switch that it's hard to figure out believe me I tried !!
  6. I had the same problem with my original ignition switch could not get it wired properly I looked at American Auto wire diagrams and still could not figure it out. Finally used an aftermarket switch that works fine, but pain in the ass to get it to fit in original hole !! But got it !! Don't like the key, but hard to see it ! My question is with all these "so called" wiring gurus out there Why can't someone figure out this common 9 pin switch?
  7. Check The Box !! Stewy is right these things are great!! Used them on my rewiring kit this past winter!! Be careful though the first batch I got would burn thru the plastic and not melt the solder, but I made them aware of the problem and they sent me a new and improved set that worked great! Make sure after use you let them "cure" a bit before you tug on them!
  8. Frosty, You should be very happy with your Retro Sound!! That's all I will use now !!
  9. Hey I used Blue LED lights in my dash, gauges,and glove box! I'll post a pic in a couple of days when I have everything back together !! Wayne
  10. The lokar switch can be used for either neutral safety or back-up light not both! I wired my back-up lights to a toggle under the dash!
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