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  1. Front seal blew out !! Stuff happens, but a lot with me !!! I guess that's the price you pay for driving these classics !! I just think about all the smiles I put on peoples faces when they see the cars and that makes up for the frowns on mine !!
  2. Well just got back from Columbus Goodguys car ran Great until 30 miles from Buffalo and Tranny let go!! AAA took it to my tranny guy in Buffalo and I'm waiting to hear what's wrong. At least it's under warranty!! Sometimes you just have to deal with set backs !!
  3. Wondering if you're going to Ames Show or to Frankenmuth !!
  4. I have pulled the firewall plugs and cleaned the contacts and greased them up and put back in seems to be no issues. One problem is I bought a new voltage reg. and today found out it was for a idiot light instead of a amp gauge!! so have that on order! I think I have everything straightened out. I fried my $400. retrosound radio when the battery went dead, I contacted them and ordered a new master power cord and will see if that will fix it if not then I'm at their mercy. I have another radio that will fit the hole so I may go with that. You going to any shows this summer/fall ?? Also got new air shocks on car and got the shift linkage adjusted right! Happy with that.
  5. No I meant bulkhead plugs for firewall but haven't found any !! Wrong term.
  6. Yes I would !! Got home and have replaced battery again, new Altenator, and Voltage Regulator. Have a problem with power going thru fire wall into car. Going to start tearing that apart in a day or two. Have new heater/A/C relays ordered going to be looking for new plugs !! Any suggestions ?? Richard Childress Racing, Me at Indy, Jacking car up to fix shift lever, Pontiac Power !!
  7. Well here goes the story !! We left home around 8 am In the rain! Met up with one friend in Penn Yan and traveled south to Pilot Truck stop and met 4 other friends. Total cars 4 !! 40 Ford 2dr sedan, 63 Chevy Belair , 65 Chevy Impala, and the Big Dog 64 Pontiac !! Off we went down Rt 86/17 in NY and then south on 15/99 thru Pennsylvania, Maryland, and final stop Lexington,Va. Nothing but rain on and off all day, but no problems !! Checked into hotel and came back out to go to dinner and Pontiac won't start!! Dead!! Thought maybe the horn relay/junction box was bad and replaced it, but nope that didn't work! Called AAA got a jump start and told that battery was bad!! It was new 2 months ago! Went to advance Auto ( lucky) and got a new one N/C warranty !! Went to dinner all good !! Next morning Monsoons !! Brake light wasn't working right so we fixed that and some how fried the horn relay !! car would not start !! Put the old one back on and off we went !! Made it to Charlotte and all was good visited with an old high school classmate haven't seen in 51 years it was great catching up! Saturday was BEAUTIFUL at Z max Raceway!! Thousands of cars filing in and just a great day of watching drag racing looking at cars and bench racing !! No problems with the car! Very Happy !! Next day Sunday off to Martinsville met 2 of our friends at another hotel and police were there 3 trucks stolen Sat. Night 60's chevys trucks!! Bad Deal !! Started to rain on way to Martinsville and continued on and off !! Again just wondering around getting all our stuff punched,stamped, and free stuff. Next day off to Bristol,TN again rain, but it did let up by time we got there!! Oh lost an exhaust tip nearly took out my friends 65 radiator but missed all the important parts, pan,radiator, ect. did bounce off the rear end !! Roads where terrible in spots and a lot of semis to deal with. Got to Bristol and looked under car and left rear air shock broke off at bottom on top of mounting eye. Great!! But it did still keep air !! Will fix this week. Bristol was fun and you could drive the track, but it was sold out first week in January before we registered. Downtown Bristol is really cool and we did our best to keep hydrated with many cold ones! Except me I can no longer drink ( diagnoised with non alcohol liver disease a year ago) but still have fun !!! I'll leave this for now and continue later !! Thanks, Wayne
  8. Thanks, I'll give him a call !! I'll get back to you about power tour in a couple of days !!!
  9. Thanks I really don't want to pull the pan, but if that's what it takes to get it right I'll do it !! But I will check it out when I hear from you. Do you go to Frankenmuth ???
  10. Got the right speedo gears but least amount of teeth 26 still has speedometer at 13 mph to slow!! Will have to change drive gear in tranny after the Power Tour !! Leave this Thursday for Charlotte with 2 more cars 63 and 65 Chevys and 3 friends !! Changed oil and filter put in 5 quarts and it only comes up to the "a" on add one quart?????? Must have wrong dipstick in it? But at least I know where it is when Full !!
  11. How do you replace the lens ? Do you need to remove the bumper??
  12. well went back on the lift to put in new speedo gear and was sent wrong ones !! Said it was for a 200R4, but it's not probably a turbo 350? Not a happy camper! Will try to get right ones ordered tonight! Thanks for your support Frosty !!!
  13. Tranny was rebuilt using heavy duty parts and opted to use a 1600-1800 stall converter instead of 2200-2500. Getting really good at doing this. Everything works as said and TV cable has been adjusted properly. Will go back on the lift one more time for a new speedo gear to get MPH reading close as possible. Leaving week from this Wednesday on the Power Tour!! FUN !!
  14. Well test drove the car and the Tranny needs a rebuild !! Wasn't as good as described, but you take that chance when you buy used!! This is the first that I've had problems with in a lot of years! Oh well we pulled it in less than an hour and it goes to the trans shop tomorrow so we will see what happens !!
  15. Update: Driveshaft is in and fits great, just a little fabrication to trans mount. Starter will need a shim, but turns over fine. Aftermarket Shift linkage hooked up to original column shift and seems to work in all gears, but may need fine tuning once we test drive the car. Hooked up trans cooler lines and added an aftermarket cooler. Just need to hook up TV cable and wire in lock up converter and test drive. 6 weeks till Hot Rod Power Tour !!!
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