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  1. That’s great news frosty ! Stay on top of it and my best to your wife❤️
  2. I know it's scary !! and the prospect of being bald or partial is not easy for most women, but support and understanding from friends near or far goes a long way! When I had brain surgery 11 years ago I had it all planned out and was going to my Barber friend to get a buzz, but emergency episode cancelled that and ended up with a half and half I looked ridiculous !!! We've never met, but my best to your wife and you ! I've been sliced and diced since I was 4 years old so I'm kinda use to all this crap !! Call, text, email anytime !
  3. Bald is beautiful Baby !!
  4. Oh Man that's terrible, but I'm glad you caught it early !! Early detection saves lives !! It did mine ! My prayers are with you and your family. I took the heater core out of my 64Bonney it only has 4 months on it and is in excellent shape if it will fit Lucy it's yours for the shipping! Wayne
  5. Hey Frosty, I'm not going to make Detroit this year! A couple of guys that I travel with have prior commitments. We're going to Power Piston show in Cleveland in March! Rewiring the Bonneville and putting in Vintage Air system !! Also new aftermarket steering column ! Let me know what shows you'll be at next year would like to meet you! Wayne
  6. Sorry its been awhile!! Norwalk was Awesome !!! Decided to set up in swap meet area and got set up on Thursday afternoon ! Sold over $100 worth of stuff that afternoon and another $150 on Friday !!! Drags were WOW !! and guys in swap meet were great !! Will definitely go back next year!! Car ran great !! 2 weeks later went to Goodguys Grundy nats in York ,Pa had a great time saw friends that I haven't seen in a while !! On way home ran into 2 mile back up for Little League World Series !! 🙄 Car vapor locked, but coasted down the hill and it fired back up and no problems getting home !!! So anyway that's whats going on. Won't make Frankenmuth, but maybe next year. Have a college reunion in Nebraska Columbus day weekend Hummmm maybe another road trip !!! I'll keep you posted !! If you're ever in the Finger Lakes of New York give me a shout !! Detroit Autorama 2020 !! See Ya!!
  7. Yeah told that front bushing walked and took out the seal, bushing and burned some clutches!! They are replacing, bushing, seal clutches and torque converter. Trans is back together, but will be Monday or Tuesday before its back in the car !! I went to a one wire altenator and volts were 14.4-14.5 while driving!! no problems with electrical. I put a GM horn relay on the inner panel to eliminate the horn relay on the junction box !! Works fine and a lot less that the $75-85 price on ebay and other vendors !! Retrosound stood behind they're radio and sent me a new one !! Couldn't be more pleased and impressed with their sevice and product !! Their radios are top notch and really blend well in the stock dash. A lot of comments that didn't realize I had an after market radio in it !! My next trip will be to Pontiac Nationals only going for a day, but I'm retired and wife said ok!! I'll be leaving on Thursday and spending all day Friday at show. Then leaving that night and head towards Erie for the night and then to Buffalo Saturday for my nieces HS grad party!! Let the adventures continue !!
  8. Front seal blew out !! Stuff happens, but a lot with me !!! I guess that's the price you pay for driving these classics !! I just think about all the smiles I put on peoples faces when they see the cars and that makes up for the frowns on mine !!
  9. Well just got back from Columbus Goodguys car ran Great until 30 miles from Buffalo and Tranny let go!! AAA took it to my tranny guy in Buffalo and I'm waiting to hear what's wrong. At least it's under warranty!! Sometimes you just have to deal with set backs !!
  10. I have pulled the firewall plugs and cleaned the contacts and greased them up and put back in seems to be no issues. One problem is I bought a new voltage reg. and today found out it was for a idiot light instead of a amp gauge!! so have that on order! I think I have everything straightened out. I fried my $400. retrosound radio when the battery went dead, I contacted them and ordered a new master power cord and will see if that will fix it if not then I'm at their mercy. I have another radio that will fit the hole so I may go with that. You going to any shows this summer/fall ?? Also got new air shocks on car and got the shift linkage adjusted right! Happy with that.
  11. No I meant bulkhead plugs for firewall but haven't found any !! Wrong term.
  12. Yes I would !! Got home and have replaced battery again, new Altenator, and Voltage Regulator. Have a problem with power going thru fire wall into car. Going to start tearing that apart in a day or two. Have new heater/A/C relays ordered going to be looking for new plugs !! Any suggestions ?? Richard Childress Racing, Me at Indy, Jacking car up to fix shift lever, Pontiac Power !!
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