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  1. Well test drove the car and the Tranny needs a rebuild !! Wasn't as good as described, but you take that chance when you buy used!! This is the first that I've had problems with in a lot of years! Oh well we pulled it in less than an hour and it goes to the trans shop tomorrow so we will see what happens !!
  2. Update: Driveshaft is in and fits great, just a little fabrication to trans mount. Starter will need a shim, but turns over fine. Aftermarket Shift linkage hooked up to original column shift and seems to work in all gears, but may need fine tuning once we test drive the car. Hooked up trans cooler lines and added an aftermarket cooler. Just need to hook up TV cable and wire in lock up converter and test drive. 6 weeks till Hot Rod Power Tour !!!
  3. Update : Have pulled the Hydro out of the Bonney!! The 200R4 bolted right in !! The block was drilled for a starter so I used a 65 Pontiac starter and flywheel and everything lined up! Had to remove 64 flex plate cover for it to fit. Will relocate cross member an will have Driveshaft to 65" center to center. Once done will hook up shifter linkage and TV cable. Couple of weeks and back on the road!!
  4. I hear you, but I also have the 86 flywheel and matching starter just in case !! 😉 The advantages of working for a Parts Store !!
  5. I asked Butler performance about flywheel choice they said to use the 65 flywheel. Thoughts?? Yes I will be checking driveshaft length and have a shop close by that do driveshafts. Getting anxious !!
  6. Well, the project is going forward! My block is drilled for a starter so I won't need an adapter plate !! I have a 65 Flex plate and new 65 starter for the swap, I also have the 86 flex plate and starter readily available also. If I need the 86 flex and starter do I need anything else?? Should have old tranny out this weekend or next! updates to come. Thanks, Wayne
  7. I used a radiator from Eastwood products different sizes to choose from !! This rad never overheated even in 90 degree day in a slow moving 1 mile parade behind a Bus !! I highly recommend you take a look at it. No I don't work for them, but their radiator worked for me !! Wayne
  8. Thanks for that Frosty I wouldn't do that either !! You sound like a stand up guy that I hope to meet someday !! Wayne
  9. Went to the Jeg's site and got a lot of useful info. Live chat and they suggested a min.2200 stall to take advantage of lock up converter.
  10. Just the stock 389 w/ 4bbl. Not going to Drag this one !! Just a Driver ( Everywhere !! )
  11. Ok I'm planning on the lock-up converter for this 200R-4 trans swap. Any suggestions on Stall speed ?? Looking at a 2100 stall or should it be lower say around 1700stall.
  12. Frosty, I have the original temp sender in the intake next to the housing, it has 2 wires going to it. One I'm sure is for the idiot light. I want a second source for a factory temp gauge sending unit. I talked with InLine and they don't make a thermostat housing with a sender bung. I'll have to order a new one and have a friend of mine drill and put a bung in it. Also on the oil pressure gauge they were no help at all, just said that those sending units are basically non-exsistant.. Again thanks for your input and I will try to research more and keep looking. Wayne
  13. I'll give them a call I have some other questions about some Pontiac parts! Like does anyone make a thermostat housing with a built in bung for a temp sending unit? Probably will have to have this cu$tom made !! Thanks,
  14. No it won't work !! Gauge is a 60 psi and 0-30 ohms !! Sender is specific to that particular gauge and is not being reproduced. I have found an outlet for one, but pricey at $ 140.00 may have to bite the bullet on this one ! Also on the back of the oil gauge and water temp gauge there is no markings to what terminal is positive/sender and what is Ground . Thanks for your help really appreciate it !!
  15. Looking for a 64-66 big car oil pressure sending unit for the 60 psi rally gauge/ 0-30 ohms ???
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