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1 hour ago, Frosty said:


I leave Walton, KY and get back on I-75 south bound for Atlanta. I was on the road about an hour when I needed to stop for gas. The breakfast buffet at my Holiday Inn Express hadn't opened yet so I stopped in Richmond KY at Buc'ees! Now if you have never been to a Buc'ees before then think of a gas station and convienence store that has been subjected to human growth hormones and the Hulk's gamma radiation treatment. I am not exagerating when I say there are over 100 gas pumps at this place. Also it is the size of a Wal-Mart with food, bathrooms, beer/wine/pop, souvenirs, a wall of beef jerky, T-shirts, knick knacks, oh yes, Buc'ee Beaver stuffed animals.

AS I got off the expressway, my rear end kicked out and I started sliding. It had started raining about 30 minutes before, lightly. As I approached the turn into Buc'ees, the front end just slide forward while the wheel was completely turned. Very weird. Only thing that makes sense is the lack of rain and now the rain storm loosened up a punch of oil in the fresh asphalt.

I stopped for gas. Gas was cheap! $2.959 a gallon. Most everywhere else was at least 3.29 a gallon. I suspect it's that low because they sell so much gas.  I also got a huge breakfast burritto and 4 flavors of beef jerky - steakhouse, teriyaki, Korean BBQ, and Hot and Spicy. I texted my boss if I should pick up the Ghost Pepper flavored one but he didn't answer right away.


This is about 75% of the gas pumps at this Buc'ees.


Buc'ees from the roadway.

I am cruising along. It's time for a bio-break. I stop at this rest stop in Tennessee. There is this great looking '68 GTO.


It has an LS-1 in it and the dog dish hub caps and wheels are from a '73 GTO. He is also heading for Power Tour with his wife.

By now my boss has finally returned my text and says he wants the Ghost Pepper beef jerky. I figured he was SOL. Guess what sign pops up in southern Tennessee! 


This one is in norther Georgia! Okay I'll stop.....wish I hadn't.


This Buc'ees is literally twice as big in terms of gas pumps - 200 to 250 total pumps, plus 10 Telsa charging stations too. It was a zoo but I got the Ghost Pepper jerky.


I finally was getting close to Atlanta. I stopped at Old Car City USA in White GA, just north of Atlanta. They were closed (on a Sunday - go figure Frosty). In the long run, this was probably a good thing for me. I took pictures from the fence but I left - giving me more time to get to registration before it closes up for the day.






Wait WHAT?? your boss is a HE?   OHHH you must mean your boss boss.  Nice pic's for over the fence.

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6 hours ago, 64 kiwi boni said:

That’s justA over $1 per litre nz dollars !!!

wtf !!!

I am buying a tanker 

and coming to see you frosty !!!

I will drag it home and become a millionaire !!! 

Oh for the Trump days.... Remember, Gas was $2.09 when he left and before Biden started screwin us?

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Two Lane - I posted about this place last year. I visited it at the end of last year’s Power Tour. Way cool place to visit and walk through.

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Hi Frosty - great pics and great story. I am always saddened to see old cars abandoned and turning to dust but they are definitely photogenic. Some bona fide classics in that lot.

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1 hour ago, Frosty said:

Did I mention what a nightmare getting thru Hot Lanta was?

On a good day, driving through Hot Lanta is a nightmare. Heard horror stories from one of best friends who went to Georgia Tech.

Looks like an amazing time though once you got there! Where to now?

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Posted (edited)

DAY ONE - Finale

So here are the videos from the track. I left home without my dash cam's SD card! Duh! I didn't find out until I got to the track. So I used some blue painter's tape to hold down my Canon DLSR camera to the dash and switched the camera to video mode. At least this year there is audio. You can hear me calling out some speed numbers from time to time.

Going out onto pit road.....


Going out onto the track in the Roadmaster....

Well I tried tp upload a near 3 GB .MOV file and it keeps erroring out after a long time. Sorry about that.



Edited by Frosty
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Lucky Costa, from Hot Rod Garage, posted his 41 minute video of Power Tour. At the 5:22 mark, he is in a golf cart looking at the cars in line to go out onto the track at Atlanta. You will first see Ken's blue El Camino, and then 2 cars later you will see the Roadmaster.


The video does a good job of highlighting a lot of the venues on Power Tour, plus some hi-jinx with Alex Taylor in Project X at Rockingham.



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