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  1. Wow - that's some nice fitment going on there. All your gaps look better than when the car was new. I read somewhere that back in the 60s, it was allowable for the chassis to be out of square by an inch, which is why there are endless slotted holes and shims to get everything right, if required. I also saw a car show on TV where some guys were prepping a car to show quality and inconsistent panel gaps were simply unacceptable. They messed around with the hinges and even welded in new metal where there was no other option. They would even add pot metal to shiny trim in order to extend it, if it
  2. Thanks Kiwi. I use Penrite exclusively and probably always will. Like you, whenever oil was cheap, I stocked up 10 litres at a time, the reasoning being that once the 389 was running, I'd run engine flush through it, then every few hot runs, drain and replace oil & filter until all the crud was out of the engine. Since I am now pulling the engine and tearing it down, I'll use those cheaper oils to get through the first few hot runs. If engine work is needed, I will of course chuck some additives in to assist with initial break in. I'm hoping to get away with a teardown & inspection onl
  3. My missus wants to go to Maine...yes, I'm kinda perplexed, too. I'd go and plonk myself in a seafood shack, put a bib on and start eating lobster and stay there until she came back to pick me up. IF it happens, we'll be sure to go via Michigan, where I'll show Frosty how to chugalug some beers. It'd be a buzz to arrange some sort of collective meeting where we can ALL meet. Who knows?
  4. Frosty's right about the repair manual: FYI I got mine through Faxon Literature. They are a direct reprint of the original GM issued manuals. Ames Performance is great for authentically reproduced hard to find stuff, and general stuff. Rockauto & Speedway Motors are just two of many reputable generic parts houses. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say beware of places like Summit & OPGI: nothing wrong with them at all, but if you are chasing bits that are model specific, those guys are trained to sell stuff, not get their facts straight. I had a shitload of trouble getting re
  5. Actually, the water DOES spin the opposite way - it's known as the Coriolis effect. In fact, the closer you are to the equator, the 'straighter' the flow of water down the drain. It's to do with the planet's rotation. I don't know what's going on at Kiwi's place: maybe he installed a 'Simpson's style' device that makes it spin the other way.
  6. Oh, and to Untalented Amateur, your car looks only slightly worse than the bucket of bolts I picked up and after pouring tens of thousands of dollars into it, it is now a mechanically better bucket of bolts. Your journey has only just started. Grab a beer, walk around the car and let your imagination take over. Look at it from all angles (glug, glug, glug) now sit inside it and smell the rich perfume of water ingress and mouldy vinyl (glug, glug, glug) now grasp the steering wheel and imagine a mountain of supercharger poking out of the hood (glug, glug, glug.) It's now midnight, your wi
  7. You're a sick man Kiwi, but you speak the truth. As you know, I'm going to stop fulltime work August 2022 and when I told my missus, she couldn't hide the horror of the thought of me being home 24/7. So I approached my site manager and asked about working perhaps 3 days a week remotely after next August, and he was happy with that. I told her and the wave of relief washed over her. Jeezus, I mean she keeps coming home, right? I'm pretty sure I'm not the beer swilling sex mad pig that she imagines.
  8. Fresh meat for the grinder. Welcome aboard. Now, empty your wallet, devote the house into a parts storage area and divorce your wife. You are simply doing now what is going to happen in the near future! You are doomed financially and emotionally, but it's gonna be heaps of fun. That ol' girl is gonna look great once you get your teeth into it.
  9. You might just need a new barrel, like one from a local Parisienne or Impala, or even a Holden one might fit. FYI I meticulously cleaned up all my switchwear (all had surface rust) and managed to keep everything working. You might try pulling the old switch out and fiddling with it. Could just be a loose connector on the back. Being low mileage, I wouldn't think it would have worn out already.
  10. Here's a GM style universal fit 10 pin from Speeway Motors for about $22!
  11. It looks like the 9 pin is for cars with a/c, otherwise it's 7 pin. Here's one on ebay, but he wants $215 for it, although it is NOS.
  12. Give away beer??? Dude, here on Planet Earth we never give beer away. I'd rather buy a crappy Chinese made puller than give away a single beer. I'll plunge in and buy something that should work. If it doesn't, I'll collect the metal dust it turned into and will demand a refund.
  13. Uh, no...I'll need to remove it when I tear down the engine. I'll be keeping the stock balancer, don't worry. I keep reading horror stories of cheap pullers failing, or stripping the threads whilst the balancer stays put.
  14. Hew Kiwi, I have a question. Since you seem to own every object in the known universe, can you recommend a decent harmonic balancer pulley? Supercheap sell one for about 40 bucks but I'd rather something that will work more than once.
  15. Mate, lookin' good. I want to paint under my hood and the engine bay as soon as the donk comes out. A most satisfying job, especially when visitors ask to see the engine and you feel proud every time you open 'er up and everything looks great. I think I took too much heroin when I decided to paint my headers blue. Once they heat up a few times the colour should tone down somewhat.
  16. I googled 'carter afb air bypass' and came up with a wealth of info: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.curbsideclassic.com/blog/tech/carburetor-classic-the-carter-afb-has-it-really-been-63-years/&ved=2ahUKEwiplb2UranwAhWDzDgGHXvoD5kQFjABegQIFhAC&usg=AOvVaw0TtvPIA9F06GS6oOQfh6c6 Also check thecarburetorshop. Heaps of good info.
  17. About AU$1.30 - $1.50 per litre, depending on how far from a capital city you are, and it's dependant on how much federal & state taxes you are being gouged with. Almost half of our fuel retail price is composed of tax, which you wouldn't mind if it was spent on transport infrastructure, which it isn't.
  18. I'd be happy with a Fiat 500. The way fuel prices are going in Oz it might be a wise move.
  19. I know the car you mean. It's that bitchin' Fiat 500 you've got that you painted with purple house paint and fitted it with the big block 650. Man, wait til we hit 40mph. Woo hoo!
  20. Yeah, how often do you march into the house to a particular room on a mission to retrieve something then as soon as you arrive...you have forgotten why you are there. This happens to me with alarming regularity and I'm sure is a portent of the doom that awaits me as I grow older and more stupid. The one salvation is that as I march with purpose to the beer fridge, well I might as well have a beer whilst I'm standing here scratching my head.
  21. Frosty seems to think the occasion will degrade into the usual pool of mud, blood & beer. Hey, we're not going to Michigan! It'll be a night of cerebral conversation, fine wine, some tapas and perhaps a few donuts at midnight in one of Kiwi's 9 cars - or perhaps we'll use all of them.
  22. It's sitting slightly low on the driver's side. What it needs is a chrome external mirror on the passenger side to even it up. Wait a minute - I think I have one somewhere. Have I got a deal for you!
  23. Full Of Wind, perhaps? Much more accurate. Thanks Guys, I'll never be as cool sounding as Dualquad Pete, so I'll just stay as I am. After seeing the upholsterer, I'll be asking some awkward questions regarding the whereabouts of my wheels. Tin Indian emailed me and said that the prices on their website were out of date. Uh, so fellas, how about you update the site? I'm no businessman but even I know that providing accurate, relevant up to date information helps everyone.
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