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  1. Love that color blue! Great to hear you're the long-time owner of it 👍
  2. Makes sense. Honestly in the last 10 years, the only time I really touched a magazine was in a Dr's office waiting room. Everything I read is online and sounds like I'm not the only one by this turn of events.
  3. Nice looking Goat! What else has been done to it?
  4. https://www.motor1.com/news/385310/gm-loses-on-base-corvette/ Interesting. Definitely was shocked the starting price was $60k, thought it was going to be much more so I believe this. I'd be interested to hear how many are actually sold at less than $80k once the model year is over. Configuring online, pretty much any "decent" accessory package brings up quite a bit.
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  6. Ringo64

    Weekly Cruises with Ringo

    Some fun, nice views and good looking cars
  7. Ringo64


  8. 100% agree with you there. If it was RWD, I would have jumped on it already. Also if it had a V6 available outside of the GS trim level and not AWD.
  9. Seems about right with how everything with Buick has been focused. Really dig this gen Regal, even though it’s technically an Opel and German.
  10. Congrats to @31pontiac and their 1959 Bonneville for winning our December 2019 Pontiac of the Month!
  11. I don’t think anyone here will blame you
  12. Look forward to seeing more on your build! What does he need to get running? Great to see Pontiac fans from other parts of the world too 👍
  13. Everyone stuffed and happy?
  14. Definitely an unique kit. Few things I’d change but overall it’s one of the better ones
  15. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  16. Bummer, history gone and imploded... 😢 . Whoever did that video had way too fun
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