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  1. Ringo64

    2018 Woodward Dream Cruise

    Awesome! Heard you guys had a run-in with Kitt
  2. 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries Time to get that oh so great tradition of ours started with the 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar Entry period! We're starting a bit earlier this year than normal so we can try something new with the voting half. More on that later, don't want to spoil the surprise just yet . Without further adieu let's get things rolling with some entries! To enter your Pontiac to be in our Calendar contest, please carefully read the instructions/rules below: Please post ONE picture of your Pontiac in this thread and that will be your valid entry to this contest. Pictures may be touched and Photoshopped but remember, we are voting on which picture looks best for this calendar so make sure it looks good! As well pictures should be high quality and good taste (please as appealing as it is please don't pose naked on your car), should you violate any of our rules or do not have a high quality pic your entry may not make it, even if you get voted into the calendar. Entries will be allowed until September 21st at which point no more entries and this topic will be closed. Voting will start on September 24th and last through till October 31st, in this time there will be several rounds so keep informed and make sure you utilize getting your votes! Rules: You MUST be a member of Forever Pontiac Picture MUST be of a Pontiac (any year, any model) Image must be of good quality: minimum resolution of 1000px width and 300dpi (Most digital Cameras this is the default unedited import provided) Let the entries begin! Entries will close: September 21st Voting will begin: September 24th
  3. Ringo64

    Why did you get your Pontiac?

    At the mention of “Irma” I still shudder . Good to hear something positive came out of that time! We got lucky here in Naples for the most part. It could have been a lot worse. Great deal it sounds like and awesome Bird!
  4. Well as the title says "Why did you get your Pontiac?" so why did you? Well for me when I was 16, I bought a 1995 Monte Carlo Z34 for round $3000 I think, drove that till I was almost 18 and at that time my parents convinced me it was an old car and figured I'm going to college next year I don't want to have this breakdown on me and be stranded somewhere so I started car shopping. At this point in time I wanted a 2002ish in that range Camaro but my dad being the kind guy he is said if that was to break down, he's still not coming to get me. Well it makes since I guess cause at the time my main school was gonna be Florida State University and it is a 7 hour drive to Tallahassee. My dad being the GM guy he is said to look at other GM vehicles seeing as the Camaro isn't a new vehicle and he wanted me to buy a new car. I was looking at Cobalts, Impalas, Malibus and pretty much the whole Chevy lineup when finally fate hit me and there was an ad for a G6 instantly switched over to the Pontiac website and bam decided that was my first car choice. So went to the dealership and to make a long story short got a great deal on my brand new 2006 Black G6 GT Coupe for less than about $21k! Which it has been worth every penny to me so far!
  5. Ringo64

    Georgia GTO

    Great looking Goat there!
  6. Ringo64

    '02 So FLA Firebird

    Nice, looks sharp. What did you end up with?
  7. Ringo64

    A$$ Monkey

    I guess Dodge is under the impression that any publicity is good publicity
  8. Ringo64

    A$$ Monkey

  9. Ringo64

    The Loon

    Thanks! We take great pride in Pontiac here Great lookin' Formula!
  10. JimLarson's 1963 Grand Prix 2-door Sport Coupe LawMan62's 1992 Grand Prix SE 3.4 Twin Dual Overhead Cam. 31pontiac's big bad blue Bonneville... MelsSS' 1996 Grand Prix GTP Walter Dunbar's 2006 GTO SPRINT 6's 1966 LEMANS 2DR HT cactusloon's 1996 Formula SloG8Jon's G8
  11. Ringo64

    61/62 Catalinas

    Good looking Catalinas
  12. It's not the worst looking thing. From those pics it doesn't look half bad.
  13. Ringo64

    POTM Vote, August 2018

    Congrats @SPRINT 6 for winning our August 2018 Pontiac of the Month!
  14. Ringo64

    Look at this purty

    From the album: Pontiac G6

    Haven’t taken a picture lately of the G6 and was sitting out to dinner thinking how good it still looked!
  15. Ringo64

    Pontiac G6

    Ringo's Pontiac G6 GT Coupe. Miscellaneous photos from the date of purchase to today.
  16. Ringo64

    '02 So FLA Firebird

    Looking to stick with OEM wheels or going aftermarket?
  17. Ringo64

    What is Going On Here?

    Awesome! Looks like they have some great roots to start from here and great plans to keep moving. Excited to see what they continue to build here
  18. Ringo64

    New Guy, Old Car!

    What's your goal with the '37? Complete restore?
  19. Ringo64

    Pontiac Racing

    Here’s a crude translation from Google: I never really was that much into NASCAR so couldn’t really say much on it but sure someone else can help out.
  20. Ringo64

    06 gto

    good lookin Goat!
  21. Ringo64

    Craigslist '81 Camaro For Sale

    Are those lawn chairs in the GMC
  22. Welcome to Forever Pontiac Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  23. Welcome to Forever Pontiac Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.



      Thank you so much, appreciated!

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