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  1. Nice!! That’s a true great find and looks great on the wall.
  2. Just a reminder, this competition is for best picture so please ensure you're inserting the best quality picture you have of your Pontiac. Low quality pictures may be removed before voting.
  3. Yep, we have a few GP owners around these parts. What's your story behind your GP? Any plans for it?
  4. Please only submit 1 photo for the calendar. Your first photo will be used if you submit more than one
  5. Sorry to hear that, bud! Certainly know what health problems can do to your normal lifestyle. Hope things shape up and you find new ways to continue to enjoy Pontiac and cars. Let us know if we can help out. Thoughts/prayers are with you.
  6. 2022 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries We're going to start the calendar contest a little earlier this year so that there is more time between the calendar prints and the holiday, as was suggested by a few people last year. For those not familiar, this is a wonderful calendar comprised of 12 of our members' Pontiacs. This contest is meant to decide who those 12 lucky members are. This is one of our favorite times of the year as we get so many great Pontiacs and the story behind them! Keep in mind, we are voting on best photos, not necessarily best Pontiacs so any and all Pontiacs are welcome . Without further adieu let's get things rolling with some entries! To enter your Pontiac to be in our Calendar contest, please carefully read the instructions/rules below: Please post ONE picture of your Pontiac in this topic and that will be your valid entry to this contest. Pictures may be touched and Photoshopped but remember, we are voting on which picture looks best for this calendar so make sure it looks good! As well pictures should be high quality and good taste (please as appealing as it is please don't pose naked on your car), should you violate any of our rules or do not have a high quality pic your entry may not make it, even if you get voted into the calendar. Entries will be allowed until August 1st at which point no more entries and this topic will be closed. Round 1 voting will start on August 5th and last through till September 1st. Be sure to keep informed by opting into our emails! Rules: You MUST be a member of Forever Pontiac. Picture MUST be of a Pontiac. You must own or have owned the vehicle you're entering (any year, any model) Image must be of good quality: minimum resolution of 1000px width and 300dpi (Most digital Cameras this is the default unedited import provided) Only one photo will be accepted. If you enter more than one photo, the first photo you submit will be used. Let the entries begin! Entries will close: August 1st at 11:59pm Voting will begin: August 5th We will NOT be accepting entries outside of this topic. To enter hit the "Reply to this topic" button above this post or click into the "Reply to this topic..." text area at the bottom. For help uploading photos, please see the help guide: https://foreverpontiac.com/topic/48-how-to-post-photos/ Any questions, comments or concerns, please use the contact us link at the bottom of each page (or direct, click here). Let the entries begin! Best of luck!
  7. Congratulations @Mizzi and their 1959 Star Chief Vista for winning our June Pontiac of the Month!
  8. Wow, amazing selection here! Thanks for posting!
  9. Eh, my stupid days are behind me. Broken bones, near aligator bites, being chased by a panther, etc...
  10. Dang, crazy! Any explanation for the seismic activity going on? And FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF that helicopter with no doors.
  11. Created an event for ya so it shows up in the calendar in our sidebar widgets:
  12. Split this into a new topic for you so we can give you the attention this Pontiac deserves . Great Formula!
  13. Nice! Congrats on getting car off stands. What are the plans?
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