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  1. Thank you to all our participants and voters in our 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar contest! We are very happy to announce that the calendar is ready and is in our store for purchase! The calendar is a bit smaller this year as we received notably some feedback on the price last year. The calendar is 11"x8.5" which is a regular-sized calendar and not the jumbo size like in some previous years. That has brought the price down about ~$8 We received most all entries photos except for Phil Beerhold which was replaced by Sweet Broccoli. Thank you, Sweet Broccoli for having a good picture ready To Purchase our 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar, please go to: Once again thank you everyone who participated and if you did not make it this year, we will start the competition up again next year
  2. Got notification from our vendor these are hitting the streets so should start to see shipment notifications coming to your email!
  3. Ringo64

    The Official Video Game Thread

    Figured as much when it hasn’t changed inthe time we’ve been dating
  4. Ringo64

    The Official Video Game Thread

    Yeah, this time has been an hour here and an hour there a few nights a week to wind down after work. Then of course on the weekends, the typical waiting on the girlfriend time before dinner and such of "Oh, I'm ready." 3 hours later we still haven't left .
  5. Ringo64

    The Official Video Game Thread

    Revive time for this topic! Red Dead Redemption 2 is sucking my free time up! I’m thoroughly enjoying this game. About 40 hours in, I just reached chapter 4 and done all sorts of side missions. Love how vast this game is. Anyone else playing RDR2?
  6. Ringo64


    Nice! Got any pictures of your family's Pontiacs?
  7. Ringo64


    We have no rules that say you have to currently own a Pontiac to be a member here. Just need to love Pontiac and want to discuss it
  8. Ringo64


    Go ahead, ask away
  9. Ringo64


  10. Ringo64


    Been performing some changes to our navigation structure again. Tried to categorize items differently again. Please let us know any feedback. Thanks!
  11. Made a few adjustments to our navigation. Made forums a little more prominent and placed some of our others modules under “Community.” Hoping to gather more exposure to all we have to offer as some feedback has posed some issues there. Looking for a better term for those modules other than “Community” so if you got any ideas let me know!
  12. Ringo64

    Pontiac Christmas

    I wouldn't expect anyone else to post that but notallthere...
  13. Ringo64

    Pontiac Christmas

    Almost need a bigger tree to fit the size of the car
  14. Should be a few days within order as they are printed on-demand from our vendor. Please submit a ticket and we can provide more information on your specific order if you wish
  15. Exactly. Not worth it by any means.
  16. Yuck. GM's designs are all over the place these days. I could go without this one.
  17. Ringo64

    Nice 2019 Calendars!

    Thanks for the kind words on the calendar! I will have to say, there are no rules currently in place that would have prevented you from entering a project car this year or previous years. The only rules we do have are around the quality of the photography and the subject must be a Pontiac that you own or owned. With now having said that, users may be more inclined to vote for a finished project rather than a in progress one. However, that is only an assumption and why you don’t see many entered perhaps? I personally, wouldn’t mind putting together a grouping if we had enough users submit a greatly “in progress” project. All is the demand which dictates what we’ll perform. In the end, I can only suggest entering your best photo of your Pontiac. You just might make the Calendar
  18. *Thank you to all who participated in our 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar! It was a great year and we saw some great Pontiacs, new and old alike. It brought about some interesting voting as it seems there were some groupings that were very close and some that absolutely took the lead. Sorry to all our users who did not make the calendar but there is always next year! Without any further adieu, we will announce the winners and our 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar! Drum roll please!! The following users will be in our calendar, order of months is yet to be decided. All individuals mentioned below, please message me the original, high res photo you entered by 11:59 ET on November 28th, 2018 or the next person in line will get your place. @Pontiac60 * @31pontiac * @Gregg Rossman * @Topless * @65GrandPrixNorCal408 * @Phil Beerhold @BearGFR * @Franky 455 * @HANKGTO * @KiwiStarChief * @Keith Allen * @DrDave * * = received photo Once we get all the users mentioned above photos we will start the calendar build process and hope to have something to you before December. The faster we receive the photos, the faster we can get the calendar out to you . Thanks!
  19. Haha that’s great! Always nice hearing a little recognition
  20. Ringo64

    2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries

    The calendar is ready for purchase! Read more on the calendar and where to purchase here in our topic:
  21. 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries Time to get that oh so great tradition of ours started with the 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar Entry period! We're starting a bit earlier this year than normal so we can try something new with the voting half. More on that later, don't want to spoil the surprise just yet . Without further adieu let's get things rolling with some entries! To enter your Pontiac to be in our Calendar contest, please carefully read the instructions/rules below: Please post ONE picture of your Pontiac in this thread and that will be your valid entry to this contest. Pictures may be touched and Photoshopped but remember, we are voting on which picture looks best for this calendar so make sure it looks good! As well pictures should be high quality and good taste (please as appealing as it is please don't pose naked on your car), should you violate any of our rules or do not have a high quality pic your entry may not make it, even if you get voted into the calendar. Entries will be allowed until September 21st at which point no more entries and this topic will be closed. Voting will start on September 24th and last through till October 31st, in this time there will be several rounds so keep informed and make sure you utilize getting your votes! Rules: You MUST be a member of Forever Pontiac Picture MUST be of a Pontiac (any year, any model) Image must be of good quality: minimum resolution of 1000px width and 300dpi (Most digital Cameras this is the default unedited import provided) Let the entries begin! Entries will close: September 21st Voting will begin: September 24th
  22. The calendar is ready for purchase! Read more on the calendar and where to purchase here in our topic:
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