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  1. JUSTA6


    Now that is HOT. Nice job!
  2. Very sharp. Welcome to FP
  3. Don't need it now, my bods back on the frame.
  4. OMG Montgomery Ward shocks. Wards have been out of business for 35 years at least in Michigan. They were my first tool set with sockets, wrenches in both standard and metric. Still have them and the funny part was/is Sears/Craftman warrantied the tools for life.
  5. 1st thing I would check is the catalitic converter. After dark (sunset) run the car til you start having problems. Then look under the car at the cat in your exhaust system. If it's glowing red...it's plugged. Is your check engine light on? Most auto parts stores will read the codes for you if you don't have a reader. What engine??
  6. Usually an Oriellys fan, but zone is almost next door to them on Dixie. GO TO has always been Mazza's.
  7. Like you, nothing against them. Few times I've looked, they haven't had what I need.
  8. NICE ride. Welcome to FP.
  9. Nice GTO. Welcome to the site.
  10. Needs to be a thick washer, but you could pick one up at the hardware. Justa take the bolt with ya. I would.
  11. Put your mask N gloves on when typing, JUSTA in case. He's been feelin a bit under the weather.
  12. Obvious signs that humanity is regressing as there seems to be a new level of stupid! I REST MY CASE!!!
  13. Welcome. Great bunch around here, sure you'll fit right in.
  15. 1966 Pontiac GTO.....Justa66 421 Tripower
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