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  1. Awesome ride N story. Thank you for your service, welcome to FP.
  2. If the engine is turning over, and the distributor is not turning. Most likely the gear pin is broken that holds the gear in place on the dist shaft. As Frosty said you also have the oil pump drive on the bottom as well. If your lucky, pulling the dist, it will come out with the gear and all pieces to the pin still attached. If you've lost anything in the engine, your job justa got much bigger. Almost impossible for a dist to get stuck. It does have bearings on the shaft so can't say never. Good Luck.
  3. Happy Birthday Bro..that much closer to retirement. Congrat's.
  4. Awesome ride, welcome to FP.
  5. There are a number of us waiting to meet you. Should be a great time!
  6. I'm still back at the tank, even with the pinch, as to why it's not vented properly. It should have to be vented with fuel flowing back to the tank. Fix the pinch, then on to the vent. Good luck, hope it's all simple.
  7. It is...BUT that adaptation seemed to work in the moment.
  8. Try recharging the battery. If you have an Autozone, Orielly's ect nearby, they will test the alt for free. The alternator would be my 1st guess as well.
  9. LMAO......You can tune an exhaust, but ya can't tune a fish!
  10. Like the 50's series on the 421. Not to loud...JUSTA right. 60's on the 231.
  11. Never heard of Black Widow. Huge fan of Flowmaster mufflers and build my own custom exhaust.
  12. LMAO our Pontiac's wouldn't make it down the 4X4 2 track to get to my place. Have not looked up the location of Hart.
  13. Great read...thankzfor sharing. Now about the carshow at Hodges Pontiac in Hart Mi.
  14. Randy....sorry haven't checked back in. Been busy. Looks like most info has been covered for you N stuff to check. I don't believe the cap is vented (could be totally WRONG!) BUT... Esp since you said you checked the vent/breather hose off the tank. Should go up and behind the bumper? Or at least higher than the filler neck. You said it was blowin air. This should be a wide open vent and not allow any buildup in the tank unless partially plugged. That said... a vented cap couldn't hurt . Think of it like a gas can, when trying to pour with the vent cap closed. This is the vacume effect Last Indian is talking about. Flow will slow to a stop and then it will inhale air to relieve the vacume and start the flow again. Open the vent and it will flow smooth. I'm a lil more concerned about the heat buildup in the fuel system. Was hoping someone would have some thoughts on that. It has me stumped. Being hot on the engine is one thing...tank should be cold.
  15. Breather on the tank has to be partially plugged, as you said it's leaking pressure. Can't think of any reason for the system to be HOT. DR side is supply, Pass side lines are return.
  16. Is that Mariners Church??? Edmond Fitz related?? Justa guessin.
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