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  1. Welcome, LIKE the Bonne. Formula should be very cool too.
  2. Could be trans vacume, distributor advance, looks too small for brake booster or is there a vacume operated valve in your air cleaner?
  3. Great looking Bonneville. Chat it up with us in the forum.
  4. Ask them how they plan to deal with the friggin battery's. Nobody seems to have an answer for that.
  5. If I was forced to touch that crap.....it would be headed out the door. That line was drawn in the sand many years ago. I built the room, desk, floor to ceiling shelve's, ribbon holders on N on. And still don't see my damn dining room table for the mess of crap. Touchy subject gonna STOP now.
  6. That's freakin scary..... you know me waaay to well. #3.... will never touch that one on a bet.
  7. The famed artist is: Sergio Aragones Domenech creator of Alfred E. Neuman (Madd magazine)
  8. This shop is a couple miles from me. Always top notch cars, but top shelf prices to go with. Check their inventory anytime. https://www.southernmotors.com/Inventory/All
  9. WOW. Shipping to NZ would be how much? Buy a car here, experience the Dream Cruise, Frankenmuth. Fill it with Christmas stuff N ship it back home to sell. $$ made would pay for the trip, Christmas items and parts for Bonne.😎
  10. Very nice GTO, welcome to the site. Jump right in and chat it up in the forum.
  11. REAL world.....It's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
  12. Need to go to the Failure of the server post from Ringo about the downtime here. Probably involves a lil blue pill as I'd bet there's not an app for that!!
  13. As LIL as possable??😁 What would your plans be for the car? How much investment to make it factory perfect? Whats the interior like? Factory rims?
  14. Where is Earnest gonna park? AND there is still no plumbing..knowwhatImean VERN?????
  15. Welcome, jump in N chat it up on the forum.
  16. Should have been the shops bill that messed up the hood??? Sharp LIL car, that's cool.
  17. Welcome, talk it up with us in the forum.
  18. We have guys here that can get you links to popular junkyards for what your missing. Sure Frosty can help ya out.
  19. Tried Ames? Parts place? https://www.thepartsplaceinc.com/part/1968/gto-lemans/
  20. Have you tried OPG? https://www.opgi.com/lemans/1968/moldings
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