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  1. Might be the same side, but looks like you have Wrongways different tub. How did ya do that?
  2. In front of the fuse box, left side of steering column.
  3. E flashers? My 66 does not have em. Don't know a start year. Welcome to FP
  4. We needed more Sunbirds here. Look forward to chattin it up in the forum. Welcome!
  5. Seems like the old debate over electric water pumps back in the day was 6-9hp. Factor in the cost/added weight plus an extra expensive belt on a street package, not worth my time/$$$. I'm guessing less HP for the fan setup as there is no drag like the water pump moving liquid. There would have to be some HP gain.
  6. No point reduction...... You JUSTA added style points!
  7. Hope that's a custom 4 core. Go big, always better.
  8. I had huge heating issues with the GTO when 1st put er on the road. Was very easy to make a pretty good lookin shroud that did make a huge difference. But did not solve the problem. Eventually replaced the entire system from thermostat to radiator and a correct shroud and fan. (mostly for looks) Now runs in the 170 to 190 range depending on outside temps. Considered electric fans, esp since I could make it continue to cool after shutting the car off. Woodward Dream Cruise is for the VETRAN cruisers to know how to avoid the parking lot conditions. Overheating cars and their owners try
  9. Welcome. See you in the forum
  10. Had horses my whole life on my grandfathers farm. My Dad used to let a neighbor harvest our 10 a of hunting land in northern Michigan, 2 twice a year and he would raise a calf for us in his herd. Always worked out well. Have seen wet hay stacked and molded. Causing horses N cattle to get sick. My grandfather bought a colt for me, that was born the same day as I was. Had pictures of him with the colt in the back seat of his Buick. Wish I knew what happened to those. Blackie died when we were 18. Many great memories.
  11. Hope you got it all in before it got wet.
  12. Sorry but you forgot to say that (gm) will not support REP campaign donations anymore as well.
  13. They lit the sissyfied sign on GM headquarters today. Whatta shame.
  14. I hear that buddy, still have those indents too. Before I built the garage and poured a cement pad in front of it. I have many LOL driveway moments, before and after. Going on 44 years I've owned this place. When did I have time to get this old??
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