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  1. It's had some major mods. Upgrade??? to 5 lug, justa run them rims????
  2. Nice job. Great exterior color and nice work on the engine too.
  3. Great info as always, thankz for sharing......And Happy Birthday.
  4. Live long N prosper. Now....beam me up Scotty, and the GTO too.
  5. Ditto on the pic's.... Welcome to the site.
  6. Great job. Thankz for the updates on the build. Impressive.
  7. The iconic 1943 GTO is perhaps the most rare of all Pontiac's and ranked 13th?
  8. Was wondering where you were when voting and musta lost the thought trying to match a car with the pic's
  9. Beautiful find. Well worth the time to put er back together right. Welcome to the site.
  10. Mustangs seem to be a hot item checkin the background in the pic's. Way to represent PONTIAC no matter what.
  11. You must be the Hottest car at any cruise night or carshow. She's a beauty. Congrat's and welcome to the site.
  12. Appears to be in pretty good shape. Good luck on the project and keep us up on your build as you go along. We LOVE pic's.
  13. Always wondered (after drooling over what you CAN see on your car) How much was involved with watcha can't see. So I'm not surprised. Great story Gary and very helpful.
  14. I'm thinkin they are plastic. My 66's are. You can get plastic rechromed....$$$$$ OUCH! Have you checked into repop's? Ames has em. www.amesperf.com
  15. Awesome ride....WOW. I would love to work on that project.
  16. Welcome the site. Wagons are waaay cool. You have a bunch of great Pontiac's. Lookin forward to chattin it up in the forum.
  17. Great pic's as always. Glad you had a good time. Always a blast hangin with Frosty. We have more fun with our lil group in an afternoon, then most have all summer. Now we have to getcha up to the mitten for the Dream Cruise.
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