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  1. TRUST ME! I don’t give a flying fig if you run a cooler or not! Nor what extensive research you may or may not have done! If you have 8 patents in the field of fluid mechanics and the apparatuses that go with them, and 4 patent pending and all the hundreds of hour of testing them as I have than I’ll listen! But a story of some idiot that can’t install one right and then blames the cooler manufacturer for his incompetence isn’t research. The conversation was as much for information for other folks whom might be interested in understanding certain issues with relevance to the transmission
  2. Do you trust your radiator? Do you trust the connections of the hoses, and the fittings for tranny lines at the radiator? Do you trust the fact that the guy who disconnected or cut, which ever method they used, as I’ve seen both, those Lines to flush your tranny did it right and put them back together right? If you do why would you not trust one of the oldest principle in mechanics based in human design? If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable in doing the work, hire it! A plate and fin exchanger is hands down the best and using army navy fittings is preferred except for the conversion f
  3. Stewy, I have no doubt you baby all of your cars! And while yes I do as well I also enjoy putting them through their paces. Part of that mentality is similar to your truck transmission analogy, if it can take that work out it should be good with all the other lighter work! So I’m just giving information here since we can’t really have a back and forth conversation as if we were discussing the topic. The number one enemy of a automatic transmission is heat! Period! Because unlike a manual it has fiber friction plates that degrade from heat more than any other component in the tranny other
  4. He’s like the ultimate Pontiac tech guy!
  5. Thanks Ringo! I knew it didn’t belong there, but I didn’t know how to comment on the topic without losing the others knowledge of where it went!
  6. Well, not to hijack the calendar thread, but I’ll add my two cents worth, for what it’s worth! Way back in the beginning! Horse & buggy days, when I started delving into automatics, I learned some important things that, no matter what anyone tells you hasn’t changed! An automatic transmission has to be as clean inside as the plate you would eat off of!! That most definitely includes the fluid! The next thing was shift lockup! If you can’t feel it; that’s bad for the tranny! GM always liked a soft shift! And GM of the big three has always had the most automatic transmission problems! The fi
  7. Montgomery Wards is still in business today, but under the name Wards, and I believe only as a catalog/online retailer! Consider this JustA for a moment! They are the original internet retailer, if you will, considering not even the telephone existed when they came to be,1872! But guess what the didn’t destroy brick and mortar stores! They made them stronger!
  8. I believe those are Montgomery Wards brand shocks! Not sure that they still sell much in the way of car parts now, but either way you can do better today! Also they would not have been OEM parts.
  9. (The last Indian) an F.1 GTX Grand Prix, highly modified from the bottom up.
  10. I’m sure you know this, but JustA in case! Tube configuration and length are pretty critical in headers! So polish up on your math skills! And as a plumber; no pvc, please!
  11. I thought I touched on that, but guess not! Yes if you are running led lights in the turn signals anywhere you need a different flasher. You can get it at NAPA. I had to change mine when I went to leds! It might be a different part number for your car, but you get the point.
  12. Thanks Frosty! That’s why I asked for a picture for me! I don’t know what type of shifter was used with that bird. The Camaro ran that neutral safety switch on the bottom of the steering column and a separate switch on the shifter for the backup lights!
  13. The parking brake issue makes no sense! The light is a plunger switch! When the arm is push down it Active’s the brake light! So irregardless of the bracket if you release the brake the light should go off. If it doesn’t than temporarily remove the ground from the switch! The bracket should be an easy part to get! It is the same setup that was used on 67-75, Camaro’s, Firebirds, Novas, and Ventura’s and even longer in some cases than 75! As far as the shifter, which kind is it? Can you show us a picture?
  14. Good man! Bear is dead on, that washer clamps on a shoulder in the balancer number one! Secondly that washer is tempered! It’s not hard like a file, but it’s tempered so it doesn’t bend, you know goes concaved, when it gets torqued in loading the balancer which carries the driven pulley!
  15. Agreed ! It takes a whole lot more than two really good receivers to make a good football team! Unless they can throw the ball to themselves 😁! It all starts with the guy who picks the guy who picks the guys! If he suck at it, so does the line all the way to the bottom! In our case that guy has sucked since day 1 of the Browns return. Modell was a lousy Person in general, but as an owner he knew how to pick people and then let them do their job! I’ve always said when the Browns moved to Baltimore they really didn’t! They just vanished! Neither Baltimore or Cleveland are reminiscent of the old
  16. I don’t know! It just seemed; lacking! I want to see a football game not hear someone beat their gums about an agenda that’s actually pretty skewed! The Browns?! Never fail to deliver incompetence and the same old, same old year after year no matter how much they change!
  17. Nope! That real is the best you can do! JustA make sure visually that the look good! Also look at each clearance holes edges, both ends, these are basically the heads! Sometimes these holes will get a rolled edge that juts out into the hole! This actually reduces the hole size, this is one of the burrs I mentioned. This is the reason to use a chamfering tool to give a slight chamfer to remove it. You can also use a deburring tool. these are chamfering tools. You can use them in a drill motor. These are deburring tools.
  18. No it’s not cross threaded! The threads are actually sheared, flattened or a form of galling! Several thing can cause this. When rebuilding or just replacing certain components of an engine it needs to be cleaned, thread chased and deburred very well. Anything and I mean anything can mess up threads! When you chase threads you blow out the holes really well, but you should use a chamfering tool at the top of the thread first then chase the thread. Likewise all the clearance holes need cleaned of carbon so running a corresponding drill through then will do wonders, but again chamfering the top
  19. No that’s not a stretch bolt! That’s a thread problem! Something somewhere is shaving the thread! A stretched bolt is detected by measuring the bolt length.
  20. And it loves you right back! Although it’s been a little rebellious this year! 🥰
  21. Todd, welcome to FP! Don’t feel bad! You pick a fight in the wrong division! There’s only a couple pounds difference in weight and only 10 hp difference. But the Honda has a CVT you don’t! All things being equal you can’t beat that! Plus the Honda’s Direct injection with variable timing! That’s like Paul Bunyan against a chainsaw! That said I would rather be caught in the Firehawk standing still that any Honda! And the includes CART & Indy!
  22. Frosty, while I know you’ve fix it and I hope that’s permanent, one thing to consider is changing the lines while you are still doing all your work on Lucy. Those type of crimped nylon line are inherently problematic! They usually do exactly that! It’s difficult to crimp them without causing stress points! Then any added stress I.E. swelling due to pressure line movement, or even aging due to fluid contact, etc. basically work fatigues them. If you have the room, & I think you might. Change the tees out for AN # 4 tee with a 1/4 npt female using a 1/4 tubing to 1/4 npt adaptor. You will al
  23. Oh that stuff! That is 70 durometer polyurethane machined to fit the machined end of the Aluminum motor mount!
  24. The plate the attaches to the three strut bolts I assume you mean? That is 10ga. 316 stainless steel that is sandblasted and painted. I should also include that the bored holes in the aluminum strut brace actually make it more difficult to bend in deflection, plus it makes it lighter.
  25. Frosty, you might consider panhead screws with a nice flat encapsulating washer that would tend to have more of a clamping action as opposed to dimpling action! If you do consider that the washers may not exist, if you give me the head measurements and how many I could make them and send them to you. JustA thought! These are the type of washer And this is the type of screw.
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