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4 bucket 67's 1967 GTO

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    Was part of my ISCA display, back in the day. Now I keep it in the trunk of my Sunbird trailer.
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    So today I picked up my car and I now finally own the street beast I thought I bought 3 years ago. Its a night and day difference driving experience. I had to eventually get off the gas as this car will burn them now as long as you keep your foot on the loud pedal. here's proof that this car is a blast to now drive. I am extremely happy with the outcome and performance.
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    Congratulations. I see you are subscribing to the Indyman Joe technique of applying rubber undercoating! One disturbing the peace charge at a time!!!
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    Scottiedogfla’s 2002 Firebird. This was one of the last few produced at the St Therese Quebec plant before GM shut down 4th Generation F-bodys. Midnight Orange Metallic.
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    Gyarados 2006 GTO LS2 with 6 speed LSA blower with 2.45 Griptech upper pulley Texas Speed Stage 2 PD cam Kooks Longtube headers with catless mids Spec P Twindisc clutch Mavman Coilovers 653rwhp/590rwtq
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    Well moving ever so slowly, between weather and other demands, but made some progress. Getting fairly close to painting the bc/cc soon, I hope!
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    Lyon, as much as all of us would love to see Pontiacs return, I have to agree with the others! It’s never going to happen for all, not just one, but all the reasons mentioned and then some! GM has no vested interest in a brand other than profit! In the past, great executives made decisions based on vision, profit, growth and instinct! Very few of today’s executives have vision or instincts, sad but true! More often then not they rise to the top for reasons that have little to do running that particular company. For a long time now companies take people who are great at their positions and put them in other areas unrelated to any of their gifted talents. All because they need to grow their people! That’s just plain stupid! That among many other things has caused the demise of American manufacturing, and Pontiac was part of that! Then there is the whole never admitting of making the wrong decision!!
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    My 5 year project. Complete frame off resto 1967 GTO from a rust bucket to a beast.
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    some of the small details done painted and marked driveshaft. Found the original markings under several layers of grease, dirt, and paint. new rear 3:42 gears and diff cover. New stainless trans cooler lines and coated long tube headers.
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    We had a fair numbers of Pontiac's on hand at the cruise and one across the way caught my eye, Thought you guys would get a kick out of this El' Pontolet or El Ponino 😉 It was a very well put together car with Front Clip. Drive-line & Interior. He was still working on some details but IMO it was well done. Cheers
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    I've owned it and driven it ever since 1974 and still love it!
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    My Pontiac is a 1966 with a 389 motor I've owned it since 1970 when I was 20 yrs old now that I've retired I restored it and changed the color [ gasser green ] My gender is [ male ] I guess that is it
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    Dang. More like Frankenstein's GTO at this point.
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    Burger King is taking food delivery to congested roadways. The fast food restaurant chain announced it will begin delivering food via motorcycle to cars stuck in traffic starting this month in Mexico, The Washington Post reported last Thursday. The in-traffic delivery will launch in Mexico City, which the TomTom Global Traffic Index calls the...View the full article
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    For sure JustA! I would sit with my daughter and watch speed buggy, Scooby-Doo and the like! Good memories!
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    Time to address the brake M/C and booster. I did not like the M/C and booster together on the firewall, they were too massive and hid the engine and carbs. So I designed a bracket to mount the booster inside the firewall with only the master cylinder on the outside. Considered mounted everything under the floor, but space is limited, and servicing is not very convenient.
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    Column drop finished except for paint.
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    Dang. Well, least you’re getting another. Hopefully it was just a defective part that you had. Be careful!
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    AHHH Speedy.......When Saturday AM meant something!!!!!
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