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    Started to bend up some pieces for the new plenum! What do you do when you don’t have a brake? Improvise! What else! But still a long way too go!
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    Chlorine for the gene pool? We can only hope. How will this come out in the end?????
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    Thanks. the 55 has new shoes and the hood ornament lights up.
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    I've been waiting on parts for a long time. Can't finish the interior until I get the custom made linoleum for the cargo and seat back areas. Ordered on Feb 18. Suppose to be in the mail. I received a box from Echler's Chevy yesterday that I ordered on 28 March. Crazy. Anyway I did do some interior work. Posting some catch up video's. I reinstalled all the heater/defroster parts last night. Man there's a ton of parts to that heater.
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    My name is Chuck, I'm from Southern New Hampshire and am the proud owner of a 1978 Trans AM. I've been a lifelong fan of the Pontiac brand and have previously owned two Firebirds, two Grand Prix and a Bonneville. The Trans Am, specifically a 1977 or 1978, has always been my dream car and I was fortunate enough to find a three owner "California car" a few years ago. Although the motor wasn't original, the paint was and body was rust and filer free, after 40 years of dreaming of owning one , I jumped on the opportunity. I began looking at having the car restored by a few companies, when I was contacted by the Discovery Channel about a show they were going to make with one of the restoration companies I was talking with, they were interested in documenting the restoration, I was intrigued. After a week of negotiating the restoration price and making sure the car was going to be built to my specifications (resto-mod), I shipped the car to Florida. The car was built and featured on the Discovery Channel show Trans Am (episodes 1 and 2). My Trans Am was also displayed at the 2018 SEMA show. Thanks for having me in the group.
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    I drive this car as often as I can, she was built to drive. I stretch her legs quite often, she likes to run fast.
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    I reassembled the heater core box today. I had to run out and buy some cork gasket material to put between the heater core and the box in mounts to. A small roll runs $7.99 at AutoZone. I had $20 in savings to use, so it cost me zero! I then mounted the heater core and came to the realization that the narrower of the two brackets did not go back in exact the same place. So I had to drill a new mounting hole in the aluminuim base unit for the screw hole. I had to be careful not to slip and hit the new heater core (I didn't - whew!). Now that the heater core is totally secure, time to caulk it back into the heater box and secure the whole thing together - line up certain screws. Here it is - all back together. I started to put the heater core back in the car and then I realized I had a new problem. The firewall insulation pad..... ....the bottom is still totally soaked in antifreeze. It's still wet. You can see the damp ragged edge hanging down at the bottom middle. Well crap. I decided I needed to replace it. So now I need to order a new one. I ripped out the old one and Jacob and I took the car back to the storage unit for the night. I will look online to see if National Parts Depot, OPGI, or Summit Racing has it, and get it ordered.
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    Just what I was thinking Sprint! That’s actually what, I, would do, but I would just bore it out to the next size up and make a new piston for the next size up seals. In that way you’ll move more fluid and make the brakes even better! Any good machine shop could do that.
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    I'm not one to stay up to midnight on New Years Eve however I will this year just so I can watch, with MUCH delight, as 2020 is evicted!
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    I ordered the new firewall insulation pad from Summit Racing yesterday. It will be here on Friday. I guess I have another project for this weekend.
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    Congrats to @Rayz571 and their 1977 Can Am for winning our June Pontiac of the Month!
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    Keep it simple.these cars drove across the usa without electric fans etc..
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    Obviously that was a typo JUSTA..... It's not beer....it's COORS! Good for what ales ya'! See the difference?
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    I called California Pontiac Restoration. They said that they carry the frame mounted MC. Someone from HAMB said that they had them. THanks.
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    The Bandit run is on my bucket list.
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    Great looking Bandit T/A there Chuck. Welcome to FP! So besides car shows - do you take it out and stretch her legs any? Do you do any road trips with it? I did enjoy the Trans Am TV show. I sort of wish they did more than five episodes.
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    Shock.... Sure seems like I've talked with you in the last 3 months, but obviously NOT. Sure hope this is behind you bro. Will be in the thoughts N prayers for sure buddy.
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    Thank you to everyone who voted for my car! There were many really nice cars this month...wow!.....I feel lucky.
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    SO wrong... but I did laugh... 😳
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    From Wikipedia..... "All Pontiac V8s from 1955 to 1959 were reverse cooled, known as the "gusher" cooling system. It was removed from the design for the 1960 model year because designers moved the generator and the power steering pump from atop the front of the engine down to the front of the heads to accommodate a lower hoodline. However, the 1959 389 engines had the generator in front of the heads with reverse flow cooling still in use. This suggests that the cost of the reverse cooling was the reason for the change to "equa-flow" cooling." So essential a 1960 389 and up have "normal" cooling. All the 50's era Pontiac V8s are reverse cooling. I was not 100% certain of exactly when until I started looking but I generally knew that '50s Pontiacs were not interchangeable with '60s-and-up Pontiacs. Now I know more clearly why and when.
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    It's not beer....it's COORS! Good for what ails ya!
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    You almost make this look like a bad thing JUSTA. Beer! It's not just for breakfast anymore!
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    I've been to one Fall Hershey event myself back in the early 2000s. It was quite the swap meet. I remember reading the vendor locator guide, if you walked every row and aisle, you would cover over 60 miles! So much pre-WWII stuff. Not so much stuff after '59. It you can't find it at Hershey, it wasn't made! I see they've also re-scheduled / crammed most of the Carlisle events into nearly consecutive weeks from June to August too, hoping they don't have to cancel any of them. I wish them luck but I doubt they will be that lucky.
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    old guy44, doesn't the 6l80 have a inbuilt neutral switch ?? and if so, buy pass your column switch . OR, pull your slide switch which is mounted on your steering column out and make a new matrix board with contacts to suit your trans pattern
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    havoc. i agree with two lane, get a couple of barbed fittings and use a short length of fuel hose to get you going and use good quality clamps... as a short term fix
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    Son of a bitch... WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!? I could kill two stones with one bird because that would also allow me to check to make sure the new pump is working properly. Thanks again Two Lane
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    You're Welcome happy to help.... If your having an issue with the gas not getting from the tank to the fuel pump and you want to run (not drive) the car...You can disconnect the line running from the tank to the pump and run a temporary line out of a gas can right to the input side of the fuel pump and it will pick up the fuel just like it would if it was coming from the tank....
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    I thought about that actually, I just installed the new pump today. I'm still not sure if I have a fuel delivery issue stemming from the tank-to-pump line. So it might not work. Now that I'm thinking about it I might just hook a hose up to it anyways and turn the engine over a few times to see if the pump is even pulling fuel from the tank. If it is, I'll run a rubber line like you suggested, if not I'll rig a pony tank of sorts. Thanks for the reply Two Lane
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    Yes it would work....If the floats are good in the carburetor (not heavy) so it will maintain the correct fuel level in the bowl and operate the needle and seat correctly to meter the proper amount of gas and not constantly flood or not run at all.... Why not just run a temporary soft fuel line from the fuel pump to the carburetor...?? You should be able to get a couple of male fittings with the the correct threads to screw into the pump and the carb at any auto parts store then clamp the rubber gas hose on to the fittings....Just make sure that it isn't on the exhaust manifold or rubbing against anything that could potentially wear a hole in it.... Rochester two jets are excellent carbs...
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    I can I get a refund on my 2020 event planner?
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    Filed under: Etc.,Pontiac,Automotive History,Wagon Continue reading Junkyard Gem: 1988 Pontiac 6000 LE Safari Wagon Junkyard Gem: 1988 Pontiac 6000 LE Safari Wagon originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 27 May 2020 17:03:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink | Email this | CommentsView the full article
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    This notice was posted on the official Woodward Dream Cruise website: http://www.woodwarddreamcruise.com/ "Notice: Due to public health concerns caused by COVID-19, all community events planned for the 26th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise have been canceled. Stay safe. Be responsible." Since Woodward is a public highway, it is unlikely to stop people from actually cruising Woodward, but there will no events, parking, and spectators will be discouraged - all in an attempt to try to prevent spread of the virus.
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    The Fall Hershey flea market held the first week of October has been cancelled for 2020. I haven’t missed this event since 1973. No decision has been made on the Saturday car show yet.
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