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    No name yet... the working name is "Junior" as in "Black Betty Jr", lol! I'll need another week or so to discover her name. The engine compartment, even with that dang Chevy 305, REALLY sold me on this baby. It is super clean and tidy, and yes, there is a LOT of bling there. I don't know what upgrades may be going on internally, but externally it has an Edelbrock manifold and carb, headers, dual (guessing here haven't measured) 2.5" exhaust with "H" pipe, aftermarket alt and distributor. It has four wheel disc brakes that about put me through the windshield the first few times I used them, lol! It has flowmaster or Magnaflow mufflers and it sounds fantastic! Everything is tight... not loosey goosey like the Vette. The Vette was quicker, but Junior is no slouch and is most definitely putting out more than the paltry 150hp stock 1981 305. Money, or lack thereof, was the reason the Vette had to go. I was not looking for a car, but I saw Junior in a classic car dealer lot last Sunday and that was it. I looked her over real good and could find only a few tiny very minor things. It was a fair price and I knew it would not be there long with all the interest in "Bandit" Trans Ams these days, Monday I went to the bank, Tuesday it was mine! I haggled with the dealer for a good half hour to 45 minutes, I think he knew I wasn't going to leave without Junior. He really low balled me on the Vette right out of the box, but eventually I got more out of him, not as much as I would have liked, and he came down on the price of Junior. In the end, I was ok with the deal, the difference was about $2K more than I had guessed I was going to spend. I can't tell you how super happy I am! So glad to have a classic Pontiac again. I have not truly fully recovered from my wife's passing three years ago, but this is the best I have felt in a REALLY long time.
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    Gorgeous Olds custom My first Pontiac was a '73 Lemans Sport Coupe, very much like this '73 GTO. \ Old sticker - but it was true during "the day"! Marge Sawruk, the late John Sawruk's wife, this is the license plate on the back of her Solstice. Tim Dye was here - selling T-shirts and work shirts for the Pontiac Transportation Museum. The '74 4-door Grand Am once belonged to Tom Goad.
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    Smokey's Bandit? Hmmmm.....where's Frog? Jeff Denison's Warwick Blue '69 GTO Judge Love the Hurst wheels on this Tempest GMC Motorhome - YES! Ventura Sprint - with Chief Pontiac! A 1932 Pontiac from Ontario Canada. I thought this deserved Best in Show. I met the owner of this G8 a few years ago at the Widetracker's Dustoff. This car is a tribute to his grandfather, a Pearl Harbor survivor. He travels across the country with it giving tribute tours and lectures. This car has over 333k miles on it. 48-star flag - correct during WWII. Nice Stage I GS Buick convertible! Ever see a Firebird H.O. Royal Bobcat? Now you have! How often do you see a '67 Grand Prix convertible? How about 2 next to each other? Here's our group photo for the show. We sat on the slight hill over looking the show. JUSTA6 and JUSTAG6 got to the show first and snag this great spot. Heck Indyman Joe even cleaned two windows - so he claims anyway.
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    I'd never heard or seen the Pontiac Farago CF 428 before. I am disappointed that they went between concept vehicles and production vehicles. I think I would have suggested that the author stick to one or the other. Especially since, in the case of the Banshee series there were four of them, they only mention #1 and #4. I guess #2 and #3 didn't make the grade. We could mention most of the Canadian-built Pontiacs, the Australian-built Pontiac pickup of 1929, the delivery trucks of 1926 1/2 to 1928, the 1979-1980 Grand Camino, the four-passenger Fiero or the lone convertible Fiero, virtually any of the other unnamed concept cars, the Pontiac G8 ST (that almost made production), the Mexico-only G3 How about the 1977 Pontiac Phantom - mind you this is not a working car but a full size model Ditto the 1999 Concept GTO....
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    Yup, along with my license plate, Tiger tail, and my real Ace Wilson Royal Pontiac license plate frame.
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    Traded in my Vette today for this 1981 Trans Am! The good news is it is a four speed!...The bad news is that in 1981, if you wanted a four speed, the ONLY engine available was the 305 Chevy. The engine puts out more hp than stock, it has been dressed up nicely, and it is numbers matching to the car. The car needs nothing, but I may add the gold special edition (Bandit) stripes in the future. Missed you guys...
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    Hi Everyone I would like to submit our 1972 GTO for consideration This Goat is a numbers matching GTO with the 400ci engine and TH400 transmission. The car’s documentation includes the Protect-O-Plate, PHS documents, dealer order form and previous owner histories. Some of the car’s options are dual sport mirrors, AC, PS, PB and 15" Rallye II rims. The car is in excellent condition for being 47 years old. The documents we got when we bought indicate the 93,952 odometer mileage is actual, and the car does not appear to have been restored, but it has been well-maintained.
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    I am entering my 1970 Pontiac GTO for consideration Thank you to all that agree she is beautiful
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    My much loved Blue on Blue M6 2004 Goat. I think the blue fits well with the glacier in the back ground. The only down side to living in Alaska is that my Goat spends a good part of the year in storage, but come spring it's the perfect car for weekend getaways. Other than a needed Mishimoto replacement radiator, she is completely stock, but will still walk away from most anything we come up against, and is perfect for carving out mountain roads.
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    I just got an email from Ray Golota, Treasurer of the Motor City POCI group. It seems one of their members shot a small video of the show. It's about 20 minutes long. Enjoy the show!
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    Well made it to 300,000 today with my 2000 Pontiac grand am 2.4l twin cam ... she is still running well. Thanks for the help and tips getting here. Shout out to ringo64, frosty and two lane black top
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    Lookin great! Let us know if you have any questions on our site. Can use the Contact Us button at the bottom of every page to reach out
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    It's been awhile since I've been on here. Much has changed from then with my Catalina. Been painted, new custom interior, both bumper straightened and chromed, disc brakes in the front, new rims/tires and the list goes on and on. These are not the new rims and tires and bumper are not on at this time. I will get a few other (more updated) picture in a few days and add them. Still learning this site too,
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    It’s really great to see you back Strat! The car looks like a great find! I love the tan interior! I have always loved the black and gold combo with a light interior, as anyone who knows me and my 69Z might guess, great choice! I don’t know where the 305 is with mods or hp, but if it’s petty much stock you can get it up to a good 400hp, or anywhere in between if you so desired. I can understand your feelings of the loss of your wife and I’m glad you are somewhat better. I’ll keep you in my prayers! we are all glad you’re back, that’s for sure! Oh yeah! The gold pinstripe like the Bandits had that you mentioned would look killer. I think they used the same 3M gold I used on the 69, it’s an 03 gold. 03 are the last two digits in the 3M number that denotes the color, the rest of the number denotes how wide the stripe, the spacing of a double stripe, etc.
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    I'd love for you to come to Charleston this year! It's October 2-6, 2019. The show's link is below: http://www.charlestonwvcarshow.com/ On Sunday the 6th, the wife and I are headed back to Hilton Head SC for a week.
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    Stratman - I am so happy that you are happy about this purchase. I can't imagine what the last 3 years have been like for you. If you are up for a long weekend drive next weekend, I'll be in Winfield WV for a cruise-in and historical marker dedication on the 20th. I'd love to catch up with you and grab a beer with you!
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    Welcome back to the widetrack Strat. Great lookin ride, won't take much to make it "yours"!
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    Definitely not 360. The tires with the 8" rims (4" backspace) I have now require that I roll the rear fender lip to avoid rubbing. I have just purchased the tool for it. That said - it's interesting that both Indyman Joe and I have '72 Lemans. His is a hardtop Luxury Lemans and mine is Sport convertible model. I purchased the same exact tires he runs today. He has plenty of room for the 275R60-15 without having to roll his rear fender, where I have a clearance issue if I weigh the backseat or trunk down too much. Regardless, I think a 10" rim is too much for both cars. The only way I see a 10" rim fitting is at least a 5" backspace and rolling the fender, or notching the frame and mini tubbing. One other thing - I remember John Sawruk saying that the widest production rim Pontiac made was the 8" for the Firebirds. So I think they did that for clearance reasons.
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    stratman - glad to have you back in the Pontiac seat my friend. So do you have a name for this ride yet? Does my little eye spy some other upgraded goodies like brakes, hood hinges in addition to all the engine bling? What made you give up the Vette for this sweet thing? My choice (money not being an object mind you) would be to have both.
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    nice to see you back in a Pontiac That bird is drop dead gorgeous, even with the Chevy engine.
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    Very nice 65, go for it, you can have a lot of fun doing it. I love the back ground, goes great with the car. I wish I could find places like that were I live.
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    great looking car. and $500?
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    Give her some love and she'll come back to life
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