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    GGGGGGGRRRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAATTTTTTT! Knowing the difference between a frosted flake vs. a fruit loop is such a subtle difference with this bunch!
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    Met up with Frosty for another perfect weather day, a great turnout for the show AND a surprise visit from MR and MRS Notallthere. The Detroit Tiger mascot PAWS took a shine to Frosty's Tigers and wanted to drive off with Lucy. Even the Detroit Lions Mascot Roary.......(ya can't make this up!) was drawn to Lucy as well. Della Woods was there with her funnycar signing autographs. We also got a phone in report from IndyJoe and we made plans for the Sellers show (last of the year for me). GM was there with the rolling sideshow and this year had the Vette on display with Free RC Racing. We are loosing a local carshow legend to retirement. Rockin Ronnie is headin your way Ringo. Where ever in FLA that he settles down...you will meet him at the carshows. Here's a couple teaser pic's.
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    Here’s the basic concept of the redesign on the splitter. I can’t really show anything on the new concept of the front cover till I get all the parts & than after I put the Indian up for the season I can pull the front end. I also plan to put in a tranny cooler & and eliminate the radiator cooler! That tranny runs much stronger with cooler fluid. So that will need to be incorporated into the NACA duct design coming from the right side as the left side will be the new feed for the ram air!
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    More pics from the show.... Love the AMX. A GNX in GS clothing! Now this guy did something subtle on his grille of his Buick T-type Regal. How about his and hers '28 Pontiacs? Seriously, this was brought in by a husband and wife team (they are Widetrackers too and friends of JUSTA's). This 4-door Tempest caught my eye. Talk about no frills - check out the dog dish hubcaps on this Lemans. Curse you Red Baron!! Scooby Snack???? Rut Ro! Paws is ready to go for a ride in Lucy. So is Roary, the Detroit Lions mascot.
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    I am Posting this on behalf of my Father Chris who passed away last week💔. Hes been asking me for a couple weeks to get the perfect shot for his Forever Pontiac Calendar entry. I tried and tried to get the perfect shot, I like to hope that I got it on this one. He was so excited about this and I loved that he was so into it and I really wanted to do it big for him. Tho I wasnt able to get any fancy background or nature shots like I or we all would have imagined but rather at the old car wash down the street where most of my time was spent with it. I'll miss him more than words will explain to you and if there is any chance he could make it on the February page (his birthday month) or any month for that matter in this contest it will only deepen how much I hope and pray he can still see whats going on down here. We'll see how it goes, All the best 🍻
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    Hey I didn’t know Frosty stood for frosted flake !
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    Exactly what Frosty said! Don’t let desire get the best of you! View it as a business transaction nothing more, no matter how much you want the car. Cross all the T’s dot all the I’s. Celebrate after you’ve made a good deal!
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    I got my window sticker in the mail yesterday for the show. I am still BOND - #0007!
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    According to Haggerty Collector Car Insurance, in top condition (#1), this car should be worth $56.000. So the price should only go down from there. So things to consider. 1. Is it a true GTO (VIN begins with 242, anything else it is really a Tempest or a Lemans in GTO clothing - aka a clone)? Clones are worth a lot less than an original GTO. 2. Is it a real Judge? Only PHS (Pontiac Historical Services) documentation will verify that since the Judge was an option off the GTO only. Tempest, Lemans, and GTOs can all be cloned into Judges. So if the owner has the PHS documentation for the car, have him/her show it to you. 3. Is this a numbers matching GTO (does the engine and transmission match the VIN # of the car)? Non-numbers matching powertrains often devalue a cars worth if it is a desirable collector car. 4. What condition are the mechanical systems? Does the engine run? Does the car drive? Etc. 5. How rough is the sheet metal, paint, and chrome? Are pieces missing? 6. How rough is the interior? Will it need new carpet, seats, etc? The bottom line is the car is worth what the seller is willing to sell it for and what someone is willing to pay for it. Without pictures or seeing the car, I am not sure what I think this car is worth. If there is a lot of rust repair, I don't think I'd go over $15k - even if it is an original, numbers matching Judge because of the amount of money it will take to bring it back. You just have to use some common sense and your instinct and the art of negotiation.
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    Yeah, unfortantely the forecast right now is cloudy with a 55% chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. Not good convertible weather in my book. Still it beats staying home and watching the Lions (anything beats watching the Lions).
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    Dah! Yah, in FL you just throw the paint in the air and drive through it! 😁
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    Sounds like fun . Made an even so it shows up on the calendar:
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    Agreed! I have all the service manuals for all my cars, even the old ones I don’t have any more! To me there’s nothing like a book to reference! They’re right in my shop, 30 seconds it’s open and I’m in business.
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    I total agree with JUSTA....pics and progress reports please! Hold on to the old tranny. Some Buick-Olds-Pontiac guy will likely buy it off you, or if you choose to put a Pontiac engine back in the car at some point down the road, you have a transmission that will bolt up. I will say that the 301 has extremely limited performance potential. The ideal 301 starting point for any performance builds are the turbo 301 engines. I don't believe your is. So unless you have a strong desire to keep this a "numbers matching" car, getting rid of the 301 is the right choice since the aftermarket has never really embraced the 265-301 like the 326-455 enjoys. There are a lot of good reasons why too. I highly doubt you will get many takers for the 301. Unless someone is building a 301 that needs parts or they are building a V8-powered barstool, I suspect you will end up scraping it or giving it away since so few parts of the 301 interchange with the other Pontiac V8 family.
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    First that's a sugar soaked bear! Dude you need to learn your cereal mascot!!! A trip to Battle Creek would do you good. A sleepy lion no. A win less bunch of Lions....most definitely. I had a GGGGGRRREEEEAAAAATTTT time. Even a bad day at a car show beats working....
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    Okay! First you have a sugar soaked tiger in the front seat & now a lion that yawns all the time, aka sleepy, behind the wheel! What’s in the trunk? The Detroit Zoo? looks like you all had a good time, that’s great or shall I say ggggrrrreeeeaaaat!
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    This is Ivy. My 1966 Tempest Custom. She started life as a 6 cylinder but had a 326 in her when I got her. Currently she has a 400 (bored .60 0ver) under the hood, Kauffman heads, old faithful cam and a Rpm Performer manifold, Posi rear end, 2004r tranny, 2.5 X Pypes, she was built in Speedsville with the Mike Buzard behind the wrench. Photo taken in Anacortes WA by the other woman in my life Mishu.
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    Here are my pics from the show.... The Ram Rod pickup A 'Cuda with a Hellcrate V8! Sweet! Loved the paint job on this '32. Reminded me of some WWII plane art work. You don't see these GPs anymore. I have always loved these Rosenberg -like Buick Rivieras, especially the convertibles! A stained glass pedal cart truck. Love the GMC Motorhomes. Great true flame art work on this Corvette. To me, this was the best car on the show field. A '57 Cadillac Biartitz. Sadly, the owner never registered for the show so I couldn't vote for him. Gorgeous car in and out. Now this caught my eye. These were popular once-upon-a-time. A '79 Turbo V6 Buick Century Coupe. I remember Hot Rod magazine did a performance build up on one of these. I just wish the owner would have opened the hood. Paws is auditioning for the band! Remember Paws is the Detroit Tigers mascot. He is not a cereal killer (I couldn't resist after Last Indian's frosted flake comment)
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    One owner 2009 Solstice has found its home in the Tennessee mountains
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    Here’s my 1967 Pontiac tempest 326”. The goal is to make it as factory as possible.
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    Yup! It does! Also at this point, the NACA duct that comes from the Kaminari add on, which overlays the OEM cover I plan to enhance the ducts and make them functional. That whole area on the lower side of the cover/Kaminari add on & the splitter become a low pressure area. Which in turn should become ideal for even a better Ram Air! How was Golling?
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