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Great Lakes
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General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in the Great Lakes States of IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI.

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  2. Me too. One day at a time is the only way to handle it. Thanks for the well wishes.
  3. It really is bittersweet Ringo. It also means the final push to get the last of the items out of the house and find some place to store them, including the Roadmaster. I've rented another storage unit for the Roadmaster and some of the last large items. I know once I gotten everything out of the house, sign the closing paperwork and turn in the keys, I will never look back, I will probably never go back to that neighborhood again - there will be no reason to. It will also mean a large headache will be removed from my shoulders - having to maintain the house. I can shut off the remaining utilities and insurance and stop the financial outlay too. I will still have to do my father's last income tax, the trust's income tax, as well as my own income tax this year. I think I am going to get someone who know how to figure this BS out this year with all this stuff going on. Still it feels like closing a major chapter in my life. Doing away with all my parents belongs and moving on with my own life. My brother moving on with his. It still seems surreal in some ways. I can't believe it has been nearly six months already.....
  4. Sorry to hear that, Frosty. Least sounds like you should be selling the place soon? Bittersweet?
  5. Well the swap meet plans were a total bust, I ended up spending the entire weekend having to scrape peeling paint and re-paint all the exterior window frames and three columns at my dad's place instead. It was a balmy 32-38 degrees too. I got the columns and all the basement and 1st floor windows scraped and painted. The two second story windows I discovered wood rot. A buddy came over and cut the rotten wood out, installed new wood, and chalked it up on the double window. Now it just needs to be painted. The other second floor single window still needs to be done, we ran out of time, weather, and weekend to get to it. I'm having to do all this because I have a buyer for my dad's house and the inspector for the FHA loan wanted all the peeling painted removed and painted. With any louck, I can wrap this up this weekend (weather permitting). I'd like to close on the house by the end of the month. This will put the last of the hard work on my dad's estate to bed.
  6. The 46th annual Detroit Swap Meet will be held at the Suburban Collection Showplace (a.k.a. Novi Expo Center) in Novi Michigan this Saturday and Sunday, near Indyman Joe's place..... I am going on Saturday morning with a buddy of mine. Never know what I'll find. Last year I saw a pair of BBC "Pontiac" valve covers for $300. I thought they were cool but a bit pricey for "used parts". https://www.classicarnews.com/event/detroit-swap-meet-3/
  7. Started a new post in General......CK it out.
  8. If i dont have to clean my car i will be there LOL
  9. I will Justa have Charleston after this show left. Hopefully a lot of things will change this winter.
  10. Don't know about Joe, Justa G6 will be riding shotgun with me as her car already has the storage INS on it. This will be the last show of the year for the GTO as well. Time to move on to huntin season and the winter toys.
  11. The 30th Annual Bob Seller's Indian Summer Buick-Pontiac-GMC car show will be held this Sunday, 9-23-2018 at the Bob Seller's Buick-GMC dealership at 38000 Grand River Ave in Farmington Hills, Michigan. After the show, we will be cruising to Baker's Inn in Milford. Registration is $15 at the door. This is the last show in the SE Michigan Tri-Power series of shows. Prizes will be awarded to those people who registered for all three shows. https://www.sellersbuickgmc.com/Sellers-Show-Registration
  12. I can help here. The paint layout is based on the Ram Air V Royal Bobcat GTO Crystal Turquoise car. I spoke to this man at Woodward about it. He used black and white instead, with a subtle red pin stripe to separate the two colors. This is not an original Royal paint job but it was inspired by it.
  13. LMAO... I'm the only one runnin around with a real camera N not a cell phone. I don't think that paint was Royal.... If so I've never seen one before.
  14. That is way different! Was that paint scheme offered at Royal Pontiac? BTW... You have become quite a good taker of pictures, great pics!
  15. Some shots from another show this summer. It's different.
  16. Wow!!... That is striking! Would have loved to seen this one with the hood down. I have never been to a show that had the hoods down for maybe half an hour for folks who like to take pictures.
  17. This poor Canadian VW owner. The pass side suicide door flew open on the expressway. Leaving bent hinges and a huge dent of the awesomely painted Bug.
  18. Lone wolfed it, nice show, 160+ cars. Saturday was forecast as the best day of the holiday weekend. Stayed nice until I got the GTO home N in the garage. While I did not win one of the 4ft, 3ft or 2ft trophies from my 66 class. I was awarded one of 4 participation plaque's I saw on the table when accepting mine. Weather not looking real good for tomorrow's show.
  19. Autoblog just posted their article with 171 photographs from this year's Woodward Dream Cruise. Enjoy. https://www.autoblog.com/2018/08/18/2018-woodward-dream-cruise-photos/
  20. My wife texted me that it had been raining really hard in Flint for a portion of the day. So the Back the Bricks folks got wet this year for sure! That's why I put the top up on Lucy before I left the Dream Cruise. The bumper-to-bumper traffic in the right lane is everyone waiting to get off at Sashabaw Road to go to Pine Knob (DTE Energy Musc Theater) for the Yes - Todd Rungren concert.
  21. Was wondering how bad you guys were hit. Did NOT see this coming. Left 15 min after you guys and didn't see rain this hard til after I slid sideways into the garage. Justa in time.
  22. This guy took a Quadasteer unit out of a 2004 Sierra and adapted to his pickup. It was cool watching him drive sideways down two lanes! What KITT I say? A SD-455! A Donk Lemans Tim Crofoot's '69 GTO, Lucy (my '72 Lemans Sport Convertible), and JUSTA6's '66 GTO. 15 minutes north of Pontiac and the Dream Cruise and I hit this torrential rain crap!!!! Glad it didn't ruin our day! Did I mention how much I love Rain-x?

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