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Great Lakes

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General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in the Great Lakes States of IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI.
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  2. Yup. I feel in love with the Snake's Cuda courtesy of my old Snake vs Mongoose Hot Wheels set as a kid. I like it so much I would love to own the adult version of it too.
  3. Looks like fun and great pics! Nothing like some classic Americana cars, buildings, and food!
  4. Yup. I'm a sucker for a Lemon Twist Yellow 1970 'Cuda - convertible with a pistol grip shifter and a shaker hood please. I blame my Snake vs Mongoose Hot Wheels set for that.
  5. i feel that Frosty is a bit of a mopar lova
  6. This past Saturday, about 200-300 of my closest car buddies (not) signed up to run the Back to the Bricks Road Rally. They did their first road rally last year due to COVID and I was told it was a lot of fun. So for $10 I signed up. I had a blast. I was glad I was in the Roadmonster with working air conditioning. It was overcast and very, very muggy! Here is some shots of the starting area.... It was a six hour, 150 mile trip that started at a local Chevy dealership (Shea) and ran thru three counties, all back roads, no expressways, and a couple of state highways. So towns and burgs like Gaines, Cohoctah, Dansville, Stockbridge, WIlliamston, Perry, Durand, Bancroft, Howell, Brighton, Pinckney, and Hell mean anything, suffice it to say you were in the middle of nowheresville. Yes, I did say Hell. We drove thru Hell (Michigan) and back. One of the clue's we had to solve was what was the specialty do they server at the The Hell Hole Bar in Hell? Here are some more of the sighs along the way.....enjoy. Never heard of a gas station of Mugg and Bopps before - but there it was in downtown Howell.... Hard not to love a old and new Chargers side-by-side - this was at the lunch stop, the Pinckney Jeep-Dodge-Ram dealership. We stopped at this little ice cream shop for lunch instead - burgers and ice cream. We weren't the only ones either. I left the starting area around 9:38 and I returned around 3:30, including lunch. So a 5 hour road rally not including food / gas / biology breaks. I got home around 4:30 after dropping of the car and doing to quick grocery shopping. Later that night we had severe thunderstorms, large down pours and even tornadoes. An EF-1 hit Clayton Township in the SW corner of Genesee County. I leave in the middle eastern most side of the county. Shiawassee and Oakland Counties got severe weather later that night too. Back to the Bricks is planning another road rally in September. Unfortunately I can't participate in that one, I will be coming back from South Carolina that weekend. May JUSTA or Indymay can go plan that day instead.
  7. JUSTA - thanks for the salute and missing man formation. I ended up going to the estate sale of my late racquetball partner and friend. His daughter and son-in-law were host the event. He and I worked at AC together and I purchased all his AC memorabilia before the estate sale began. I ended picking up an air hammer, a Black and Decker cordless 1/4" ratchet drive and socket set, a 4-way lug wrench and a pair of NOS AC PF25 oil filters for Lucy while I was there. FYI - I won't be at the Sellars Indian Summer show in September either. I will be leaving for Hilton Head that weekend.
  8. wow! great line up Justa !!👍 loved the 2 white gp's ... and thanks for thinking of us guys when you were looking at the swap meet
  9. Here is the entire swap meet. Close but no cookie on the horn button. Nothing for the headlight bezel.😟
  10. Was a beautiful day for a carshow!!! Sunny, 70's and a good turnout. Expected more cars, but about the same as the Dustoff. Made some new friends and hope to see a bunch of them here as I invited them to join up. The show was also open to Buick, Olds N GMC. But on with the Pontiac's your waitin to see............... Before we start I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge our missing friends from the group. IndymanJoe The notalltheres Jim Larson Frosty.. THE MISSING MAN FORMATION.......Gone, but not forgotten. JustaG6 N Justa66 carry on.
  11. Added an event for this too so it shows up in the calendar
  12. The second event in the SE Michigan Tri Power series of car shows is upon us. The Motor City POCI chapter is hosting their 7th annual Summer Round Up car show at Baker's Restaurant in Milford Michigan (Indyman Joe's backyard almost). It will be this Saturday, July 10, 2021 from 8:00 - 2:30 pm. Registration is $20 at the door. Pre-registration is closed. Here is the link to their website for all the event information: https://motorcitypoci.com/2021-events/ There will also be a silent auction for over 70 items - so bring your money. Money raised is going to the Joe Kocur Foundation for Children.
  13. It's sorta like the motto to Roadkill, they have fun with cars and people laugh, point and stare!
  14. Those upside-down vehicles are crazy . Wonder what non-car people think of them. Probably scares the poop out of them
  15. Here an another fun vehicle from the Sloan show. Jerry Taubman's Upside Down 1985 GMC Rally Van. BTW - it drives upside down and backwards! MVI_8058.MOV
  16. Amazing pic's, thankz for sharing
  17. wow frosty, great mix of cars, tractors and very well presented old buildings 👍
  18. Definitely unique spot and awesome spot for a car show!
  19. I spent Father's Day morning walking around the Flint Sloan Museum car show. It is typically held in downtown Flint, on the grounds of the Sloan Museum and Flint Cultural Center. However, the last couple of years, the Cultural Center has been doing extensive re-modeling and modernization. So the show has been moved temporarily to nearby Crossroads Village. Crossroads Village is a collections of late 18th century and early 19th century buildings. They preserve and teach that old technology and have turned the place into a working village setting. Historic buildings from all over Genesee County have been moved and preserved in Crossroads Village. They have a narrow gauge stream train, a paddle wheel cruise boat, a 100-year carousel, a steam-powered saw mill and apple cedar mill. In 2009, Crossroads Village was the set for the feature film Alleged, which is based on the infamous 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial. It starred Brian Dennehy as Clarence Darrow and Fred Thompson as William Jennings Bryan So it is rather unique backdrop to host a car show. Model As along Main St. A This black '55 convertible belongs to a friend of mine. He spent close to 15 years restoring it. When he bought it was in pieces. He has a matching black 4-door sedan that belonged to his parents. He also owns a third '55 wagon be plans to resto-mod. A Concord with Cobra 5.0 motor! A '54 Pontiac sedan (not a wagon) converted by Barnette into an ambulance. This vehicle was in service until 1989 in South Dakota! A Packard funeral flower car - very rare! A Hudson convertible! A working 1902 curve dash Oldsmobile ! I have actually ridden in this car before. It is the oldest car I've ever ridden in. It's also extremely quiet. It's a 1-cylinder too. A German tracked vehicle from WWII The chapel at Crossroads Village The sawmill A real ice house - before there was modern refrigeration. They would cut ice blocks from local frozen rivers or lakes and fill it up over the winter and then sell the blocks of ice over the spring and summer. Orchard mill - they produce cedar in the fall Pontiac was Oakland companion car company - here is Pontiac was Oakland's companion car company. Here is Buick's - the Marquette!
  20. Dude - I got the WHOLE frickin' story! Dimitri doesn't tell a story in 10 minutes. He mentioned wanting to swap cars with you on it too! That's how he feel in love again with the '59 Bonneville. Then we got to Utah and the original owner family with only 29,000 miles on his 4-barrel/original tri-power pieces in the trunk '59 Bonneville, how he located at the car in the shipping yard near the Ford Rouge Plant in a sea of new autos but they wouldn't let him past the office due to insurance liability reasons. The cost to ship the car from Utah to Michigan was almost as much as he paid for the car ~ $1500.00 at the time. He also said at Christmas time he puts up two Christmas trees. One for the family gifts and presents and one for the he-man / automotive / Pontiac memorabilia. The steering wheel is going to be in the box under the tree again this year he said! He's not sure if he'll never mount that steering wheel. I heard we had 87 cars this year, we normally have close to 110-125. Walk-in spectators were way down as well. Kind of have to expect that a bit. All state restrictions are lifted July 1st. So perhaps the Motor City show will be better attended.
  21. Thanks for the great pics from both you and Justa6! Frosty, I didn’t think Dimitrie would have installed the steering wheel yet. He had said that he likes looking at it and the original box it came in 😉. Don’t know if he (or you) had time for him to tell you about the first time we met at the Minnesota POCI convention and he saw my ‘59 and wanted to trade his ‘63 SD Catalina for it. Looks like you had a good show despite the threat of bad weather.
  22. 31pontiac - I did have a long discussion with Dimitri Toth on Saturday. First of all he says hello and he hopes you are doing well. Second "tell Tim I still haven't installed that steering wheel yet!" Dimitri went into a long winded story of how he purchased his '59 tri-power Bonneville from a couple out of Neffi (spelling?) Utah. Their parents had bought the car new, had a hard time keeping the 3 carbs tuned, had it switched to a single 4-barrel and then moved to Utah. The car sat for years. Dimitri was working with a car guy out of Salt Lake City. He asked Dimitri about his dream car - a '59 Bonneville. The guy thought he know of one. So because this long winded story of the back and forth communication, Dimitri getting photographs in the mail and looking at them with a f;ashlight during a power outage, etc. Dimitri didn't bring his car down, he was working for the Pontiac Transportation Museum on Saturday. So he was being a fair weather fan and he didn't want to worry about cleaning his car up in case it rained.

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