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General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in the Great Lakes States of IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI.
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  2. Have no idea how that works. He would be barely moving in the crowd walking and have his balance. Had to throw that one in there.
  3. That unicycle is interesting... Looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing pics.
  4. Couldn't have ended the summer in better fashion yesterday with perfect weather, mid 70's, cloudless day. The church that sponsors the event puts on a rummage sale, bake sale, .10 auctions, food, music, many outdoor vendors, kids area with bounce house/slides/games, pony rides, acrobats on stilts/unicycles/juggling and a pretty cool show. Last but not least is the carshow. They only hand out a couple trophys, but the quality of the cars present is unreal.
  5. Live link??? Hope it works https://www.wxyz.com/money/auto-news/dream-cruise
  6. Awesome pics Frosty! Cant wait to see what yall post from the Dream Cruise!
  7. Back in business. Seems this was a part of my mid pedal bog too. Still there but not as bad. Didn't think to bring the camera. GTO's packed N ready to go for an early depart to Pontiac land to score my corner spot to set up my tent.
  8. So headed out this AM N lapped Pontiac on Woodward. Hit the Widetracker parking spot N said Hi, grabbed the Registration Window credentials for parking the 3 cars from my GANG. Took another short cruise into downtown N grabbed my event T-shirt and dash plaques. Hopped back on Woodward Southbound. Most attractions were in the middle of setting up tents ect. Still packed with cruisers and the regulars trying to get where they are going. Temps hitting 90 and the car got up to 200 when we came to a dead spot in traffic around Ferndale. Turned around Northbound N headin back to Pontiac. Grabbed lunch N headed back home. Car stalled backing up in the driveway??? Never done that before. Open the garage door N the car wouldn't start. Gave it a couple hours to cool down N still wouldn't start. Not gettin spark. Tracked it down to coil. Justa made the parts store before they closed. Fired right up on the new one. Break for dinner and heading out for a test drive.
  9. Looking forward to hanging out with whoever shows up. I cant stay still for too long so i will be driving and smoking some tires! Plus i have Bail money and a bondsman lined up!
  10. Great mix of cars frosty ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ keep the pictures coming for us COVID lock down fellas ๐Ÿ˜€
  11. I did the Back to the Bricks rolling cruise last night. It's called that because Saginaw St. in downtown Flint, Michigan is paved with bricks. In the early 1900s, Saginaw St was paved with these bricks or similar. The city has seen fit to keep this portion of the city still paved with it's original bricks. All other streets have been turned to concrete and asphalt. Here are random pictures I took as I drove from north to south - Flint towards Grand Blanc Michigan. These are in no particular order. The "former" Durant Hotel (now condos). Named after Billy Durant, who incorporated GM. GM was incorporated in Flint. These are replica arches that the city made - similar arches existed 100 years ago when Flint was at the center of car and carriage production in the early 1900s. A Buick Reatta - from Arizona !!! Love the Foose Nitrous SE wheels on this GTO in front of the Court House! Tonight I am heading downtown to the concert on the Bricks with the Reflections, the Deacons of Doo Wop. Their hit was "Just Like Romeo and Juliet". I first met them 11 years ago in Charleston WV. They couldn't beleive someone would drive from Michigan to WV for a car show. We hung with some of them after the show. I've tried to catch them as often as I could after that. They aren't spring chickens anymore. Tomorrow I will be on Woodward with JUSTA and the Widetrackers! Truly a Holy Day of Obligation for any true gearhead anywhere near Detroit!
  12. until
  13. The annual Woodward Dream Cruise will be held Saturday, August 21, 2021. The Dream Cruise runs from Pontiac to Ferndale Michigan (16 miles north to south) The annual Back to the Bricks events run from Monday. August 16 - 21, 2021. Back to the Bricks is in Genesee County with the main Saturday event is hosted in downtown Flint, Michigan For more information on either event, see the following: http://www.woodwarddreamcruise.com/ https://backtothebricks.org/main-event-week-2021/ The Michigan Widetrackers will once again be parking on the southbounf Woodward Loop in downtown Pontiac. That is where you will be able to find JUSTA and me. Missing man formation for NOTALLTHERE who is still locked up in Canuckistan. No idea if IndymanJoe has to work or not. Other Michigan FP members are welcome to stop by and say HI.
  14. Yup. I feel in love with the Snake's Cuda courtesy of my old Snake vs Mongoose Hot Wheels set as a kid. I like it so much I would love to own the adult version of it too.
  15. Looks like fun and great pics! Nothing like some classic Americana cars, buildings, and food!
  16. Yup. I'm a sucker for a Lemon Twist Yellow 1970 'Cuda - convertible with a pistol grip shifter and a shaker hood please. I blame my Snake vs Mongoose Hot Wheels set for that.
  17. i feel that Frosty is a bit of a mopar lova
  18. Now thatโ€™s a cool run ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  19. This past Saturday, about 200-300 of my closest car buddies (not) signed up to run the Back to the Bricks Road Rally. They did their first road rally last year due to COVID and I was told it was a lot of fun. So for $10 I signed up. I had a blast. I was glad I was in the Roadmonster with working air conditioning. It was overcast and very, very muggy! Here is some shots of the starting area.... It was a six hour, 150 mile trip that started at a local Chevy dealership (Shea) and ran thru three counties, all back roads, no expressways, and a couple of state highways. So towns and burgs like Gaines, Cohoctah, Dansville, Stockbridge, WIlliamston, Perry, Durand, Bancroft, Howell, Brighton, Pinckney, and Hell mean anything, suffice it to say you were in the middle of nowheresville. Yes, I did say Hell. We drove thru Hell (Michigan) and back. One of the clue's we had to solve was what was the specialty do they server at the The Hell Hole Bar in Hell? Here are some more of the sighs along the way.....enjoy. Never heard of a gas station of Mugg and Bopps before - but there it was in downtown Howell.... Hard not to love a old and new Chargers side-by-side - this was at the lunch stop, the Pinckney Jeep-Dodge-Ram dealership. We stopped at this little ice cream shop for lunch instead - burgers and ice cream. We weren't the only ones either. I left the starting area around 9:38 and I returned around 3:30, including lunch. So a 5 hour road rally not including food / gas / biology breaks. I got home around 4:30 after dropping of the car and doing to quick grocery shopping. Later that night we had severe thunderstorms, large down pours and even tornadoes. An EF-1 hit Clayton Township in the SW corner of Genesee County. I leave in the middle eastern most side of the county. Shiawassee and Oakland Counties got severe weather later that night too. Back to the Bricks is planning another road rally in September. Unfortunately I can't participate in that one, I will be coming back from South Carolina that weekend. May JUSTA or Indymay can go plan that day instead.
  20. JUSTA - thanks for the salute and missing man formation. I ended up going to the estate sale of my late racquetball partner and friend. His daughter and son-in-law were host the event. He and I worked at AC together and I purchased all his AC memorabilia before the estate sale began. I ended picking up an air hammer, a Black and Decker cordless 1/4" ratchet drive and socket set, a 4-way lug wrench and a pair of NOS AC PF25 oil filters for Lucy while I was there. FYI - I won't be at the Sellars Indian Summer show in September either. I will be leaving for Hilton Head that weekend.
  21. wow! great line up Justa !!๐Ÿ‘ loved the 2 white gp's ... and thanks for thinking of us guys when you were looking at the swap meet

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