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Great Lakes

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General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in the Great Lakes States of IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI.
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  2. So I heard from Dualquadpete. Canuckistan has no production facilities with which to produce the vaccines. Seems Trudeau or his predecessor drove the last ones out of Canada some time ago (pre-pandemic). Now you guys are paying a huge price for that.
  3. Sparkly socks here dropped the ball like a Detroit Lions reciever when it comes to the vaccine. Zero invested domestically.
  4. We could still get sick. It's NOT 100%, but this shot will keep you from the hospitalization and the dirt nap. Continue the mask and hand sanitizer routine. Hell, my wife still disinfectant wipes all groceries when we shop every 3 weeks. WOW Major Covid highjack of the Dustoff thread.............
  5. Hope you can get them soon. They seem to be crankin them out. Our biggest problem is those that refuse to take the free shot. My daughter is one of them. Can't understand why, when it's for you AND everyone around you. Because the Government is not gonna tell me what to do, is really not a good answer.
  6. Have both Pfizerers a week ago, saying you need 2 weeks after the 2nd shot to be safe. So have a week to go.
  7. My wife only goes to one car show a year with me, the Charleston WV show. We get to see our friends while we are there and we are half way to Hilton Head SC - those are two reasons why. Otherwise, any other car show, she could care less about and doesn't bother - I'm on my own. The only other time she rides in the car is if we do parades - which is usually every 4th of July with the club. I pack 7 people into Lucy if you count my two youngest nephews.
  8. Ah good point, that will help,,, having said that my boss would certainly not go.... dont blame her... plus you have had the jab... justA dont know if you could still be a carrier????
  9. That's what the wife would say as well Kiwi. Fortunately the Dustoff is outside. So plenty of room to social distance, plus I volunteered to be the photographer, which means I am not in one place for very much time either, except when I sit down to eat lunch or photograph the winners at the end of the show.
  10. me personally... i would not go, justA not worth the risk. wow, i wanta be in the Pfizer gang too!!!, we are not getting it till towards the end of the year and there is bloody only 5 million of us kiwis'🙄
  11. Ditto. Got both of mine already. I will be considered "fully vaccinated" next Monday (2 weeks after 2nd shot).
  12. That will suck.....I miss your wife's hugs. I know you miss groping me. What is the criteria for Canada opening up your side of the border? I have not seen anything from the Biden Administration on criteria for re-opening our side yet. Obviously 70% or better national immunization is probably the starting discussion point but is that enough for both sides of the border? Canada has had to go to Europe for some strange reason to get the vaccines which means they are a lower priority than the rest of western Europe for shipments, which is delaying their vaccinations. Dualquadpete ha
  13. Good to see the few that made it. Most time was spent on details for putting on our Dustoff show. Really missed the pot luck buffet table. Eating club with a Pontiac habit a Frosty puts it!!!! Almost took the GTO out for the 1st time this year. Roads are a dusty, washboard, pothole mess back here. The gloom N doom weather forecast said it was suppose to be thunderstorms by 4pm.
  14. Justa got home from the Widetracker meeting. 1st time I've seen Frosty since the unofficial Dream Cruise. Missed you guys.
  15. Damn - both great choices.....tough decision. I also like chieap.
  16. OR.... we can park with our Pontiac club a half mile up Woodward for 2 days @ $35.00 N lunch on Saturday. Bring your own drinks. We may have to do this to afford gas the way Biden has it going up every week.
  17. Oh my! The last time I was at the M1 Concourse I was drifting in a Hellcat Challenger and doing 150 in the straight away! It was an awesome experience. Wish I had jumped in the Viper next.
  18. Hummm, The M1 id 1st class all the way. Would be an honor to make the show with your car. Invitation ONLY. Must submit your car for a chance at invitation. $100.00 day for spectator passes. https://woodwarddreamshow.com/
  19. We wish you could be there too. Right now I think notallthere wishes he could be there too. The Canuckistani & US border is still closed.

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