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General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in the Great Lakes States of IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI.
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  2. The second annual Dust 'Em Off car show host by the Back to the Bricks group is on for Sunday, May 22, 2022, from 10 am - 4 pm. Registration is free, but a donation is encouraged. It will be held at Flint's Dort Financial Credit Union Sports Arena (formerly the IMA Sports Arena) - home of the Flint Firebirds OHL (Ontario Hockey League) hockey team. https://backtothebricks.org/dust-em-off-car-show-2022/ If you look close enough, can you find Frosty's 1994 Buick Roadmaster in this photo from last year? This year, the Trans Am will be there.
  3. You can see this train wreck coming, can't you? Fitzy and Kiwi in the same room together, no lager is safe when that happens! It will be the international equivalent of me and GuitarsExtreme getting together over stump water. To quote GE, "ya'll ain't right!"!!! I'm going to need Justa, notallthere, or Indyman Joe to be my wingman with these two in town!
  4. It'll be a cinch. We'll get him drunk and when he passes out, we can hijack his ride and GO TO HOOTERS. That's the plan, isn't it? What am I talking about? Dragging Frosty to Hooters should be the easy part. It's getting him to powerslide all the way home whilst we hang out the sunroof throwing empty longnecks at electric cars which might be a problem. And yes, when we catch up later this year, I am sure that after the requisite amount of beer is consumed we'll be backslapping each other and making all sorts of plans for international travel.
  5. Fitzy when you and your boss are over, we should make a plan to do this next year aye ! We could justA suck up to frosty and lone his TA !
  6. nice!!!! where off then Fitzy !!! as soon as i get the valve body back for my trans!!!!!🙄
  7. Just up the street mate! Somewhere off Woodward!!!
  8. Kiwi! Push that junker of yours into a container, we'll chuck mine in behind it and off we go and show the Yanks how to build a shitbox...I mean, quality car. Any mention of Hooters and a lobster shack?
  9. Images suitable for downloading and printing.... Front side Back side Here is the announcement about the Trifecta of Pontiac shows in SE Michigan Here are the files in PDF form, if anyone is interested in downloading them. Dust-Off Flier 2022 Pg 1.pdfDust-Off Flier 2022 Pg 2.pdf3-Show-Flyer-2022.pdf
  10. Michigan Widetrackers Chapter # 16 of the P. O. C. I. 33rd ANNUAL SPRING DUST-OFF Springfield Oaks County Park – 12451 Andersonville Rd., Davisburg, MI 48350 Saturday – June 11 th, 2022 Pontiac – Oakland – GMC – Buick – Oldsmobile Vehicles of all Ages For everyone’s safety, existing COVID-19 Protocols, Masking, etc. as required by venue enforced. Featuring: Swap Area, Vendor Displays, Car Corral, Food Available, (NO RAIN DATE) Dash Plaques - Door Prizes – 50/50 Raffle – Chinese Raffle “Good Stuff” Registration – Admission Schedule of Events Pre-Registered Vehicles: $15 Registration………………. 8:00am - 12:00pm Pre-Registered Vendor / Swap Space: $20 Vendor & Exhibit Setup ……………. 8:00am Day of Show Vehicle Registration: $20 Spectator Gate Open ………………… 9:00am Day of Show Vendor / Swap Space: $30 Voting Ends ……………………………… 1:00pm Car Corral: $10 50/50 Drawing …………………………. 2:15pm Spectator Admission: $4 Other Raffle(s) Drawing(s) ………… 2:20pm Jr. Cruisers (15 Years and Under): Free Awards Presentation ………………… 2:30pm SHOW CONTACT: Dan Kane / 248-396-6848 / [email protected] VENDOR CONTACT: Jim Larson / 248-673-2796 / [email protected] Pre-Registration Ends JUNE 6th, 2022 Show Updates @ www.miwidetrackers16.org Vehicle Year: ______________ Vehicle Class: ____ Make: Pontiac / Oakland / GMC (circle one) Model: ____________ Buick / Oldsmobile (circle one) Model: ____________ Name: ___________________________ Phone: _______________ Email: _____________________________________ # Swap Space(s)____ Inside or Outside (circle one) # Corral Vehicle(s)_____ ** AMOUNT ENCLOSED: $______________ I accept and assume full liability for any loss to me and /or my property. I release the sponsors and their agents from such loss or injury and agree to provide my own insurance. Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________ Make Checks Payable To: MICHIGAN WIDETRACKERS Mail Form/ Check To: 4993 E. Harvard Ave., Clarkston, MI 48348 Golling Sellers Addison Tree and Outdoor Buick GMC Buick GMC Services www.gollingbuick-gmc.com www.sellersgm.com [email protected] 248-693-5900 248-478-8000 248-830-1080 1 st Car Show of the Tri – Pontiac Car Shows Michigan Widetrackers Annual Spring Dust-Off, Motor City POCI Summer Roundup, Sellers Buick GMC Indian Summer Car Show (Prizes awarded for attendance) Dust-Off Car Show Classes Pontiac, Oaklands & GMC A. Pontiac & Oakland, (1908 – 1954) M. Firebird/Trans Am (1967 - 1969) B. Pontiac (1955 – 1960) N. Firebird/Trans Am (1970 – 1981) C. Pontiac (1961 – 1966) O. Firebird/Trans Am (1982 – 1992) D. Pontiac (1967 – present) P. Firebird/Trans Am (1993 – 2002) E. Little Indians - (1961 – 1963) Q. Fiero (Stock All Years) F. Lemans, Tempest, Beaumont, GT37, Can Am (1964 – 1984) R. GMC Trucks (All Years) G. Grand Prix (1962 – 1968) S. Semi-Modified (Street Machines) H. Grand Prix (1969 – present) T. Modified (Pro Stock) (1960 and prior) I. GTO (1964 – 1965) U. Modified (Pro Stock) (1961 to present) J. GTO (1966 – 1967) V. All Others (X Body, J Body, Transport, Etc.) K. GTO & Judge (1968 – 1972) W. Solstice L. GTO, Grand Am, & Acadian (1973 – 2006) X. G8 Y. Survivor Class (All Vehicles 25 Years or Older) BUICKS: OLDS: AA. Pre-War BA. Pre-War AB. Post-War - 1970 BB. Post-War -1970 AC 1970 – present BC. 1970 - present Participant Judged Show Widetrackers Members not eligible to vote…
  11. Let me know ahead of time where you might be !! I'll try to work it out!!
  12. Love to make some sort of hook happen this year Wayne. Woodward is a definite bucket list item for most hot rodders.
  13. Thanks for the info ! I'll keep you guy's posted!
  14. Dream Cruise is the biggest N best in the world. Heading North to Flint we have another HUGE cruise going on called Back To the bricks. Continuning North, Birch Run is the Outlet exit. Gonna make your wife squeel. After Woodward...you get used to the squeeling. Now you make your way to Frankenmuth. About an hour drive from the Northern end of Woodward in Pontiac. https://www.madmanmike.com/woodward_dream_cruise.html?msclkid=92a2d8eca7eb11ec8c1a1dd858696704 http://www.woodwarddreamcruise.com/?msclkid=92a22293a7eb11ec9e4579396793fce6 https://backtothebricks.org/?msclkid=f17447d5a7ec11ecb376881ed2789ba4
  15. What a pity they never put that Catalina ute into production - way cool. I also liked the roof chop on this Bel Air - a brave move to mess with a classic but it looks fabulous.
  16. Would like to meet you guys also!! July 11th is Goodguys Nats weekend in Columbus and I believe the show in June is NSRA York weekend which are both booked! I was planning on Pontiac Nationals until dates came out and on weekend of wifes 70 birthday! The dream cruise may be an option! Will have to see!! Easier if I can cross the boarder, also Frankenmuth is a possability!
  17. Sure! If you want to CNC cut flat metal with no 3D dimensional integrity fine! How do I compete with that? Looks like a fun time Frosty!
  18. Here are the forms for the Tri power Pontiac shows this summer starting with our Widetracker Dustoff. Would be cool to meet you. There are quite a few FP members that will be there. https://motorcitypoci.com/2022-forms/ Always the Dream Cruise too in Aug.
  19. Was all set to go to Detroit, Then all my friends cancelled !! Looked like a good show. Any shows this coming summer, fall? Wayne
  20. I have to agree that it was a job well done. I love the paint color. Subtle yet bold. The metal work was well executed. I thought the 8-lug wheels were a really nice touch.
  21. The Catalino was by far the BEST! Thankz for sharing

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