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General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in the Great Lakes States of IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI.
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  2. The #2 Michigan Wolverines are Glendale Arizona bound to play #3 Texas Christian University (TCU) in the Fiesta Bowl on December 31, 2022. A Michigan - Ohio State rematch is feasible - in the National Championship game assuming Michigan beats TCU and Ohio State beats #1 Georgia in the Peach Bowl.
  3. Purduewhat??? 13 and OHHHH whatta year.
  4. I didn't dare breath until the final seconds ticked off. However, I did have a big smile on my face after Donovan Edwards rips off two huge running touchdowns. I was praying to Bo in Football Valhalla for this one. Amazing game. I was reading the Columbus Dispatch this morning. Ohio press was saying essentially a lot of last year's excuses such as bad weather in Ann Arbor, a lot of the team were sick prior to the game with the flu, etc. were gone. The TV commentators even suggested that the defensive coordinator Day brought in after last year for this game, didn't live up to snuff. In this particular game, clearly the Wolverines came to play and made great plays on both sides of the ball against a very good OSU team. However, in some respects, I can't help but wonder if this year, OSU might have been a little out coached too. The breakdown of discipline in the second half with the head butt out of bounds, and unnecessary roughness calls didn't help their cause. Football is a game of passion to be sure. But loosing control is never a good thing. I am excited as every other Wolverine to beat Ohio State. However, in two years "The Game" might not mean as much. Let me explain. In 2024, USC and UCLA join the Big Ten. There is talk that once we get to 16 teams, the Big Ten will do away with the East and West conferences and have a single conference and the top two teams will play in the Big Ten Championship game. So if Michigan and OSU were 11-0, and they were the only two undefeated teams in the conference then they would play again the following week in the Big Ten Conference Championship. Also by 2024, the CFP expands from 4 teams to 12, thus meaning both Michigan and OSU could meet again in the playoffs. Imagine seeing Michigan OSU 3 times in a season? Kinda loses its charm a bit after that, doesn't it?
  5. Great game to watch for a wolverine! 1st half i was a little worried. very entertaining headbutts and all lol
  6. 12 and OHHHH my word. Whatta year!!!
  7. I was watching the latest episode of "Bitchin' Rides" last night and this car showed up. The show was at a car show in Norwalk Ohio this past summer. They briefly interviewed the owner. This is a rare British limo and he mentioned that his family owns two of these things and they are both drivers. He also specifically mentions taking it to Frankenmuth on the show to Dave Kindig.
  8. Probably should not have t followed the GPS into the river! 🤦‍♂️
  9. One last treat from Frankenmuth. Look what's playing in the water....in this case, the Cass River. These guys are regulars at Frankenmuth...... MVI_4039.MOV
  10. Yes I did but thought it was a trick of the camera !
  11. I think we are into semantics here bud. It ain't made of metal, it's about the size of a bumper sticker but it sorta look like a street sign. Tomato - Tomaato. You're welcome!! Sharp eyes Kiwi! He's running Vintage Air in the Bonnie. Did you notice the carbon fiber dash trim too?
  12. OHHH.. Those are not bumper stickers, they are street signs. And thank you again.
  13. A DC bumper? It’s the same thing I grabbed from Joe for you and Mike so I could keep your collection intact! Yes it is a Statfire. I couldn’t get a picture though. Someone was always standing in front of it and shooting the sh#t! I walked past it twice and they hadn’t moved.
  14. Awesome shots Ol buddy. Liked the Sunbird, but looks like an H-body Starfire in the background of a couple shots. What's a DC bumper sticker?
  15. this is such a beutiful car ! i am sooo bias !!! i do note frosty some interesting differences to my girl air con in the dash and i see different gauges ! a water temp and is it oil pressure in the main cluster! now this is a bonny ! whats with that ?
  16. I've saved the best for last! I had the pleasure to meet up with fellow NY-based Forever Pontiac member WD182 and his friend Rick. He brought his resto-mod '64 Bonneville across Canuckistan to Frankenmuth. It's a beauty. Listening to his trials and tribulations about getting the correct coilovers for his car is a lesson we should all heed. Don't assume that just because a catalog says they have a "kit" for your car that it is 100% correct or it fits correctly. WD182 had to go back and forth 3-4 times with the company and ended up with "truck" springs in order to fit correctly since Pontiac spring pockets are not the same size as a Chevy spring pocket. WD182 - Thanks again for looking me up and letting me know you were coming! It was a pleasure meeting you! I am glad you enjoyed yourself here in Michigan and I'm glad you and Rick made it home safely to New York. BTW - I managed to give them some Woodward Dream Cruise bumper stickers!
  17. A Warwick blue '69 GTO convertible - I can't stop drooling! A true '71 GT-37 A blown Olds! A second LaSalle! A Blue Bird!
  18. Even more from Frankenmuth.... How about a GMC COE? Buick Invicta Kid's lead sled! Supercharged flatheads forever! Ah yes, the AMC Matador - with side pipes! There were 3 Buick GSXs next to each other - the Apollo White and two Saturn Yellow cars. This convertible was hard to pass up. Pontiac Torpedo Custom with gull wing doors Beep! Beep! A LaSalle, the Cadillac "companion car". Remember the line in the theme song to All in the Family? "Gee our old LaSalle ran great!"
  19. More from Frankenmuth 1974 Lemans 1969 FIrebird 1959 El Camino Justa will recognize the name - another "Sh Boom! Yes it is another flamethrower! 50th Anniversary Trans Am *50th anniversary of Pontiac
  20. Nice shots Frosty. Melanie sent a hug back...and Thankz for the best wishes, but it won't be from me!

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