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  1. 78 Sunbird.... like mine (80) w/square headlights for coupe N hatchback. Didn't know you could get a wagon. I can see the Sunbird logo on the fender of your pic. 77 advertizement Don't mean to argue, but why would they still be selling a round headlight version in 79?? 76 was the last year for round headlights in the Firebird as well. 1976 Pontiac Astra I can't explain your pic's, I'm confused.... Google is also showing a square headlight 76 Sunbird....never happened.
  2. You gonna stop on your way down south Frosty??? Lookin for a lil extra spending $$$???
  3. While it's fairly well done, I kinda like it. It's NOT a Sunbird, it's NOT a 79. Its an Astra 75 or 76 my guess.
  4. Purdy......N I like your plates too.
  5. Look close you can see the JURY logo on Lucy with the new rims/tires.
  6. Keep watching this post. I took over 550 pic's. Frosty must have close to that. Maybe Notallthere will contribute. Didn't catch up with IndymanJoe but he might have shots as well. We have other members here from the Mitten......show us whatcha got!
  7. I cruise early in the AM while everythings still moving at more than a snails pace. Most cars N spectators are justa gettin there.
  8. Caught a pic of the Monkee mobile, could not get shots of the Batmobile N other TV rides including the wagon from family vacation. Love the cow with the eat more chicken T shirt.
  9. Lets do some cruisin shots. This guy is somehow related...... check his plate. I'm drivin Justa66. We had a good laugh N stayed next to each other for quite awhile. Local TV stations set up their stages for live broadcasting. Local ABC does a 2 hr show that is broadcast to 80% of the USA?? Watch for it. Gm has its performance display. Ford has sponsored the event for the last couple years. They have Mustang ally, taking over the downtown strip of one of the city's. They also had a Bronco reunion of over 150 0f the 60's N 70"S Broncos. Before the DC, they all met upstate (up North to us) at the Silver Lake sand dunes for fun and awesome photo shoots. Can't forget the HEMI boys N girls. They have quite a display as well.
  10. Wish you could have been here. Words N still pic's don't come close, unless you have been here before, you have never experienced anything like this.
  11. You may notice even the public transportation buses are decked out in Dream Cruise advertizing. Yes you can hop the bus all the way down in AC comfort and cruise with stars...all the cars!
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