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  1. Not sure 31....Frosty had a discussion with the owner of the red vert. Sweet as ride, both of them.
  2. From our all Pontiac show last weekend.
  3. JustaG6 had to redo her headlights as well. Meguiars is expensive, but works better/last longer than some of the cheap stuff we have tried over the years.
  4. Great dream, make it happen. Welcome to FP.
  5. Sorry so long to post. Here's a few to get it started.
  6. Drumroll please.... LOL was waiting for you to chime in on this one. Remember your words of wisdom to Joe in another thread. Have to admit, I would like to read about your suspension tricks to accomplish duel patches from a single spinner. BTW Thank you for the awesome arrowhead that matches my turnsignal. Has found a new home on my console in front of the shifter. Frosty's JURY logo DEMANDED a ton of attention. I'm sure I speak for him when I say we couldn't be prouder to display your artwork.
  7. Nice shots buddy. I will add some too. Have to get out N replace the throttle body on the wifes car.
  8. Yea..restore the roar to the LIL 4. Welcome to the site
  9. After all day the GTO is finally ready, Dark out N JustaG6 is still out finishing cleaning the G6. 1st time this year on the road for it too. See you all tomorrow.
  10. I doesn't wash the rubber from the quarters anyway!
  11. OH NOOO, back to this again? At least the weather looks good and no rinse off for tomorrow.
  12. Sounded like most of your summer was shot, but we still have 2 other all Pontiac shows this summer and of course the Dream Cruise. Still could be a definite maybe for hookin up. LOL
  13. Hope levels for good weather, through the roof. Workin on G6 and firing the GTO for the 1st time this year today. What about that IndyJOE dude? Needs to show off that new rearend.
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