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  1. You know, a 72 Ventura, GTO, Lemans, Nova will all fit. Here is a Chevy style fiberglass hood popped up 1st https://www.carid.com/harwood/harwood-hood-scoop-bolt-on-630915346.html?vehicle=8271 https://www.opgi.com/sheet-metal-body-panels/hood/hood-fiberglass/hood-fiberglass-1971-72-lemans-g221573.html https://secure.amesperf.com/qilan/Search_Web?order_number_e=NTAzNzI0OA%3D%3D &method_1=&method_2=Y&on=Y&search_method=2&cat_rowid=1&search_year=1972&search_keyword=Hood&sort=0 It'sa start, but all are fiberglass.
  2. I'm from your area. Welcome to the site. 72 would be a tough hood to find for sure. Let's see what we can find.
  3. Sweet pic. Waaay to get the boy involved in our obsession. Priceless.
  4. Missed it by { } that much!!!!
  5. Justa glad your still here. Hope your feelin better everyday.
  6. Welcome those rides anywhere....Sweet. TA Specialities, don't they do TA conversions from Camaro's? TV Show?
  7. I've never used an aftermarket wiring kit. Would still rather visit the dentist than mess with wiring, but take your time, you'll get it. I Have alot more time than $$$, always figured, if you get in a jamb, there is always somebody that can fix it. Even did my own seats/interior during the "new frame" resto. Will never have the skills of Last Indian (wouldn't that be helpful??) But I've truly built the GTO from the ground up N by myself. You'll figure it out bro. Whats left thats not working???
  8. LMAO fooseball table. I have had that since the early 70's waiting for the right spot to install. Had it installed on my boat for awhile with a sign ...A$$ Grass or cash, NOBODY rides for free. No, Mama wouldn't let me use it in the GTO Had to change it up a bit. Wow, the indicator ,thats a new one to me. Would like to see that. Already wondering how to install on my dash.?? Need to get my dash pulled. Have the new veneer to install on it. New climate controls and LED dash lights.
  9. Gotcha. My GTO was a bracket car before I got it. Had one toggle switch to fire engine. Took me all winter, but rewired the entire car using the wiring diagram for the 66. All wires were cut at the fusebox. Was able to find the flat front to rear floorpan wiring to the back of the car. And finally cut out the dash light wire from a 67 dash harness. (wrong color for my app but worked perfect and got all the bulbs as well.
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