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  1. scarlit


    Hey Dale ..thanks man appreciate that ...it,s getting there ...lol... thought i was almost done until i just seen yours ...very,very, nice , gorgeous ...got some ??? if you don,t mind ... what size tires and rims are they , how about the stance ... using air shocks ? mostly the gauge package ...friggin awesome , can,t forget the hood light , very cool i,m jealous ...well done indeed ..i,m Dan btw ..cheers ...Dale i have unlimited long distance anywhere ..was wondering if i can talk with you on the phone ..it,s hard for me up here to get parts ..i have a mailbox in Niagara falls New York ..1/ 2 hour from home thanks again
  2. car shows here we come ...cheers
  3. Hey ...Justa ...thanks again for trying truly appreciate the effort A+... think i will check out the site SPRINT 6 was mentioning take it from there ...cheers to all who were helping , ""GREAT COMMUNITY "" ...
  4. ah memories are right ...lol... no worries about rug rats snipped that years ago..lol... the cable has been checked bought a brand new from ames for the tci turbo 400 works fine , and the old works as well , just won,t attach to the gauge , something is stripped could be gear , but i,m no mechanic , never got the gene passed down ,my Dad was a tractor trailer mechanic for 50 yrs , my brother is a gm electronics tech at a dealership for 25 yrs ..me ...i,m ""THE WHEEL MAN "" got a engine i run it , HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR , D9N bulldozer.. work for the government landfill ... sweet gig ...once ya get past the smell ???? you got her licked ...lmao, took about a year of throwing up , too stick with it ...25yrs later.... now retired
  5. hey you guys are doing all the work , really appreciate this ... if the guage / cluster or the whole thing is mint then i have no problem , paying what you think is fair , if you think it,s a couple a bucks too high but it,s mint grab it if you can ...i haven,t had 1 working since i had the car , almost 8 yrs , just need this and dash pad has 1 crack in it fixed, then car is finally done .. wooo hooo ...lol... $$$$$,s of dollars later , could have done worse i suppose , gambling , women , booze , hmmmmmmmmmm might have to rethink that ...lmao ...cheers guys thanks again , from across the pond ...cheers
  6. Hello, you guys are great , thats awesome ... i,ll go along with my banker / manager on that ....lmao ....i,ll just trust your judgement Justa leave it in your capable hands... if it crazy stupid $$$ don,t worry about it ,i,ll check out the site SPRINT 6 sent and go from there ...thanks again ... good luck ...cheers
  7. thanks for the tip ...i,ll see what justa6 finds out . in the meantime will definately have a look ...cheers
  8. hey folks ...don,t need a kph ...speedo ....just looking for a mph speedo that will fit the 67 lemans cluster ....thanks again ..cheers
  9. hello good call... didn,t think they came in kph in1967 ... think we didn,t change over to metric until the late 70,s or real early 80,s remember being in school at 14 or 15 and it changed still can,t figure it out .. thanks to are AHOLE prime minister pierre truduea, now we have his son as PM ... thanks for the thought ...thumbs up ... the car is from ALABAMA ... i,m 3rd owner...:)
  10. hello JUSTA6... that,s awesome of you ..mine is stripped on the inside can,t get head too attach ..thanks very much...appreciate ...cheers
  11. hey thanks for replying FROSTY...that would be great , if you could find out ...or know wher i could get fixed ? i tried ames they want you to buy the whole cluster gauges and all ? cheers
  12. hi ...folks ? would a 68 firebird speedometer fit in a 67 lemans cluster or if someone has 67 lemans speedo for sale ...thanks from across the pond
  13. scarlit


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