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  1. This could be a hot start problem. I have a 65 GTO that had that problem I ran a heavier wire from the battery to the starter and that solved my problem. I also put a different starter in
  2. Any help I can get I had to replace the heater core and the vacuum came off and now I don’t know how to put them back. I had a friend install the heater core and he didn’t hook the vacuum up correctly. The ac lines are working but winter is coming and my girl will need heat and me too. I think I ordered one from OPGI but I haven’t gotten it yet to find out if it shows the connections. Everything is hard to find for the 62. Thanks. If I got the right book I’ll let you know
  3. I think I ordered one from Opgi I’ll let you know
  4. I am looking for something that shows where all of the vacuum lines go under the dash and under the hood for the heater and ac. This is a factory ac car. I want to replace all the lines. I’ve tried to find a book on the heat/ac for a 62 Grand Prix with no luck. I think that a 62 Catalina is the same, but I’m not sure. I hope someone out there can help me. Also is there an old Pontiac mechanic near Sacramento ca. Thanks.
  5. I had to have the master cylinder rebuilt in my 62 GP, because I could not find one. What about one from a Catalina? 62s are hard to find parts that fit. I tried to find rear shocks and did not have much luck. I bought two pairs that said they were for a 62 but they were to short good luck
  6. thanks that is what I thought I make sure the two outside carbs are opened often so the gas doesn't get bad. same in my GTO
  7. I don't have an answer. But I have a 62 grand prix with three twos that does the same thing?????????????????????
  8. I'm looking for a 62 grand prix owners manual
  9. front page of the calendar?????????????????/
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