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  1. ofbsac

    62 grand prix

    I found one at GM parts for $125.00 and I found another from A J Koszi new old stock for +/- $180.00 I ordered a heater control unit(from Franks) that controls heat temp, fan speed, defrost mounted on the dash(I have been told it could be the dash control?) I am going to try that first, the contacts may not be good on mine? I agree with things to ponder above! thanks for helping me ted
  2. ofbsac

    62 grand prix

    thanks, If it was easy it wouldn't be fun
  3. ofbsac

    62 grand prix

    thank you, but I am looking for a blower motor resistor far a car with ac. It has eight lugs for wires to hook to it. It fits in the fan motor under the hood.
  4. ofbsac

    62 grand prix

    Where can I get a blower motor resistor for a 62 grand prix with ac??????????
  5. ofbsac

    62 grand prix

    I have a 62 grand prix w/AC that the blower motor will not shut off unless I unhook the wire to the blower. What do I do???????????
  6. ofbsac

    62 grand prix

    two lane thanks I have not heard from any one else, when I return home I will try your idea thanks
  7. ofbsac

    62 grand prix

    I have two different blower switches one for the ac and one for the heater. Can I test them?
  8. ofbsac

    62 grand prix

    yes as soon as I hook up the fan wire it turns on. I don't even have the key in the ignition. I pulled the resister out and cleaned it up ,but it still turns on as soon as I hook up the wire to the fan. Do you think it could be the dash controls? I am very happy for your help. Change the dash controls next? I don't want to keep opening the hood to unhook the fan each time i stop! thanks again for any help. ted
  9. ofbsac

    62 grand prix

    I have a 1962 grand prix that the heater/ac fan will not shut off until I unhook the fan wire from the switch next to the fan under the hood This fan blows air for the ac/heater I don't know if I need a new part that the fan wire hooks up to( I don't know what this is called) it has 8 spade lugs Will it cause the fan to keep running?
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