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  1. Jean-Seb

    95naSTA's Bonneville Progression

    Keep the updates coming.
  2. Jean-Seb

    1992 Grand Prix Progression

    Don't sell it ! It'll never get treated this way again...
  3. Jean-Seb

    The GA floated a valve... AGAIN...

    Just fix the GA, dammit !
  4. Jean-Seb

    Ghost's Progression

    ^^ x2 on Dremel. I've had mine for a good 7-8 years now, still works (obviously lol).
  5. Jean-Seb

    1992 Grand Prix Progression

    Not if you do it yourself, Industrial Plastics & Paints sells CF supplies if you wanna tackle the project.
  6. Jean-Seb

    1992 Grand Prix Progression

    do. it. I really like the CF license plate frame. Very classy.
  7. Jean-Seb

    Movie Game

  8. Got my floor mats from those guys.
  9. Jean-Seb

    Time to spam pics of the Prix

    Looks good Adrian !
  10. Jean-Seb

    Quick pix with a decent surrounding

    Nice pics !
  11. Jean-Seb

    95naSTA's Bonneville Progression

    Nice, it's getting there !
  12. Jean-Seb

    new here on fp

    Welcome !
  13. Jean-Seb

    Osama bin Laden is dead.

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