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  1. im going with ssc. 1.5 in drop all around. if you need a little bit more, eibach springs are the favorite when you want to be low, but not slammed. id suggest getting new struts with that. kyb agx are the main choice, but even gr2's do well. also, next time get 245/45/18 tires. ur just making the wheel well uglier, and ur not really gaining much by running a lower profile tire. plus his speedo is a bit off.
  2. So. This is the first summer I had the car - bone stock at the time. Ugly headlights - check. Ugly wheels - check. By October next year I painted the grill outline. Never ending strugle to find the wheels I like ended with me deciding to snatch some pre 97 5 spokes. Lower offset looks great on 2nd gen w-body prixes. Also, little add-ons like inlays and a stealthy GPForums.net sticker. Ugly headlights still dominate. But i finally grabbed a new set + black corners w/ clear reflector. But theres still plenty to do... Ordering tir
  3. Spoilerless is definately better. The car flows just so much better. Now i want to see it painted and with some nice wheels on.
  4. UHP's are a bang for the buck when it comes to dry traction and price. The sidewall, however, is not very stiff. There are Car and Driver videos reviewing lots of tires on Youtube if that helps you.
  5. Very nice. Getting SSC's for my 01 as well. Every GP needs a drop
  6. Thanks for the welcoming guys!
  7. I always wanted a turbo gp... but jesus. mang... he makes me wanna puke.
  8. Great cars. Id love to get myself a GTO someday. More pics plz.
  9. Wow! Considering the never-ending price drop on pretty much every car I see that is an achievement!
  10. Id still suggest using some cleacoat, even so you can have the finish last a bit longer. But thats me lol.
  11. Nice. Did you clearcoat them? Need to paint my wheels as well...
  12. As seen on GPforums. Passing the word along! For more info -> http://www.grandprixforums.net/iagp-meet-2011-a-40784.html OVER 60 PEOPLE PROMISED TO COME!
  13. as of now the only (non)go-fast mod is the intake. theres a w-body/3800 meet in iowa this spring where im gonna score a ported lim and a tune. i do have a 2.5in catted dp (damn emisions) waiting to be put on. same with agx struts + ssc springs, slp swaybars and a thrasher cai box. i will be getting heavy duty lca's and umi trailing arms, quite possibly a plog. im hoping to do a topswap in the future, but there are some major problems i face before
  14. Hey guys! If youre a member on GPForums u might recognize the car/username, otherwise let me introduce myself. Im Adrian, 20 years old, my first and only car so far is a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 75th Anni (Special Edition) and has hit the beautiful 150k mile mark without giving me any major headache. Love the car, have a couple of mods in progress (most notably suspension overhaul and new tires). Im happy to be a new member! Thanks for viewing this useless post. - i love this little icon.
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