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  1. New EYELIDS: Before: ========================================================================================== After: one on one off Both on Night Shot w/ HIDS off Night Shot Shitty Cell pic Old Pose New look One more just for shits
  2. Ah ic. never really thought about that. I kinda purchased these to get away from that, but its an option
  3. Then I painted my engine covers then small rebadge then i got 8k HIDs for my lows fast forward to this March....... I ordered these and installed the uppers. Got my eyelids and overlays matching my engine covers and then my lowers went in Racingling STB came in Blacked out window trim Night Shoot ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Idea that I am considering.... Better Quality Night Shot(Almost Same Pose) After a wash on first hot day And that puts us to current day.... In the coming days/weeks/month(s) i will be getting modified and corrected Black Spyder Projector Headlights, CRABs and FPU and also possibly HID 3000k fogs. Tint and also painted calipers to match overlays and covers will be in the works as well. In the fall however, I am getting my exhaust [most likely a flowmaster 80 series muffler and 3.5" stainless tips] and a few other things.
  4. Alright im finally getting around to throwing up my progression on here. Here are some pics after I got it and debadged it and tinted my tails the first time. heres a shitty cell photo of my tails the night I tinted them the first time then i went darker and FcK'd them up real bad then intake res came out.. tough SOB another pic of my tails(flat yes i know)
  5. Nice idea. Should I do uppers same way if I leave them stock?
  6. That is the plan my man. Black or chrome?
  7. Lol thanks everyone. Gotta get my progression thread started here. Got big plans
  8. Just a few quick pics after a wash today on my DROID X. Whatcha guys think?
  9. yessir. My thoughts exactly. Contemplated blacking out bezels around the uppers
  10. thanks guys liking it here already 8)
  11. heres a few quick pics that will go in my Progression Thread:
  12. Hey everybody my names Brandon McAnsh but everyone calls me bmc. Im a member at G6P but thought I should join here too. I drive a 2008 Liquid SilverG6 GT with currently 57k on it.
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