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  1. It’s discouraging whatever it is. Not the end of the world and I still have a lot of work I can do while I try to figure it out. I still have about a quart and a half of paint left so it’s no big deal I guess.
  2. Solid wire with argon mix. Ground it down, epoxy primed.
  3. Thanks. I’ll investigate that when I get home. I used to same wire, from the same spool to weld up the door gaps and did not get any reaction there.
  4. It’s the same wire and metal I have always used to patch with. It’s some kind of reaction but I’m stumped as to what is going on.
  5. Thanks. I need to loosen up everything around the rad support and bumper assembly to align everything properly. Then, sadly, I may have to repaint the hood. There used to be hood pins in it and the paint is bubbling where the welds are. Can’t be from rust so I’m thinking that it’s some kind of reaction to the weld but I’ve never seen that happen before. I’ll wait until spring to deal with it. I still have the seats to reupholster and also need to get it running. Everything other than the panel alignment will probably happen in spring of ‘22.
  6. No Dream Cruise this year. Not with this car. Too much left to do and it has not been on the road since the mid-1980s so I’d like to take it for some short trips before I trust it even though most is new and/or rebuilt.
  7. Yes. I’m trying to gap all the panels at 3/8” all around. The peak at the front/center of the doors have made that a challenge. I was able to get the gap I wanted at the rear of the driver’s door with a lot of trial and error adjustments but the rear of the passenger door required that I add 1/8” to the edge. Not every gap on the car will be perfect but I’m making an effort. You could probably walk through some of the gaps when I got the car. 😀
  8. I’m in temperance. I usually just say southeast corner of the state because when I say Temperance, the usual response is “Where’s that?”.
  9. Thank you. I am way down in the southeast corner near Toledo.
  10. Going to try to bring it back to more or less what it was new. Car came from previous owner with the 400 hood and 400 engine. It’s going to be a driver so I’m not super concerned about originality. Just want it to look factory-like so just running steelies, dog dish caps and red lines.
  11. My 69 Firebird. One of the few 350 HO convertibles. Original Carousel Red, 4 speed car. Had it for 2 or 3 years and been building/rebuilding ever since. Power drivers seat, fold down rear, front discs, tilt. Had the stereo/ 8 track but that’s all long gone.
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