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  1. snook, tarpon, sea bass, catfish, barracuda, jack’s, & others. We especially like to catch big 4’ snook. Here is a picture of one, off the internet not mine.
  2. Yep, round foam tubes to keep cage on top of the water. This allows you to open the lid and pull them out without them swimming away
  3. Reposting this because it disappeared. The bait cage is to keep mullet and sardines alive to use for fishing. They need a lot of space to stay alive.
  4. Well, delivery late. I will go to post office tomorrow for a full refund since it is money back guarantee. It says it left Japan today.
  5. New Bonnie at the beach. This young lady asked for a Bonnie picture to use for a school project
  6. Wow. That cool vintage box could be worth money. Congratulations on your fresh switch!
  7. First fan picture in the newest Bonnie. She was so thrilled to get a picture in Bonnie with her daughter.
  8. Going through it now. Put about 20 miles on her and running good. All stock. Power seats, power windows, ac that is not hooked up with belt. Duel exhaust. Stock car jack. Trunk light, glove box, rear ash trays, map light, and other things I need for my other Bonnie. Actually much nicer paint and chrome than the other. Really nice, already getting heads turned with it. It will be super nice to have a second car for problem solving and installation of missing stuff.
  9. Very exciting Bonneville weekend. We entered two car shows and won two trophies! There were amazing cars much nicer than ours but people seem to love the Bonneville! I invited anyone who wanted to jump in the car for a picture. Again, you would think I threw them a $100 bill. Dozens of people where absolutely thrilled to get a photo in the “Beach Bonnie” My son is beyond thrilled to put the trophies on his dresser.
  10. That looks correct. I would suggest https://www.fatsco.net/online-store. This is where my transmission guy bought parts. They know everything there.
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