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  1. I picked up a tri power manifold with carbs from a 1962 Pontiac. I’ve been told it will work. I will order the rebuild kit and go through it. I’m wondering if this can be installed in place of my current factory 4 barrel or do I need to make engine modifications? Time to do some homework on the subject. Part of the package included a tri power 1960 manifold. Don’t need it so let me know if anyone could use it.
  2. All done! Just need to ship from California to south Florida. I’m hoping to install it in about three weeks when I get back from traveling. Thanks 🤩
  3. Gene is a perfectionist. He is using multiple brushes and a stripper to bring a factory brilliance back to this 56 year old transmission. He said the clutch plates wear was limited and within specs. Saying it very well may have been driveable but only a guess. Of course all will be replaced. He said it was well taken care of. What a diamond in the rough from a salvage yard in Wisconsin. Very exciting!
  4. Before pictures of the donor transmission. Notice identification tag location on mine. It should say p64 on tag.
  5. One of the first things I noticed was transmission fluid leaking. We continued to drive the car and monitor the fluid level. Once the car was shipped to Florida I was ready to work on it. The transmission is a 4 speed JETAWAY. Cadilac, olds, and pontiac full sized cars used this for many years. I located a transmission expert in Salinas, Ca. His name is Gene Berck. His website is Restorationhydramatics.com. I love talking to Gene who has an amazing history growing up in the CA car culture. Gene bumped shoulders with many great racers and fabricators. Gene has seen and done it all. Since my tra
  6. My son and I had to take a trip from FL to CA for a surgery. We needed to stay for 2 weeks leaving us with some time on our hands. We came across this 1964 pontiac Bonneville on Facebook marketplace. It was only the second car we looked at and we were sold. After making a few calls to insurance and a shipper we closed the deal. The car was manufactured and located in CA for it’s whole life making it almost totally rust free. I still can’t imagine a car this old rust free. The car is so much fun to drive catching waves, smiles, and complements every time you drive it. Some people share s
  7. Thanks for the info. One local trans guy said there is a conversion kit for 700.00 to mount to transmission. He is looking into it. Not looking for major delays and headaches so may just rebuild what I have. The other option is to get a transmission engine combo from monster and deal with just motor mount adapter.
  8. Hi Two Lane, I’m looking at other transmissions. It seems none of them have starter mounts on them. Do you know how to get around this? Does the 389 have starter mounting holes? Thanks, Del I noticed there are a few of theses installed. One of mine is broken. Are they all necessary?
  9. How did you get a California car? Did you buy and have it shipped or did some salvage company bring a big load of cars. Since this car is a keeper I’m ordering a new motor and transmission. The transmission is a JETAWAY. There is a tag on the back corner above the pan that should say pbs64 if yours is the same. I think I’m going stock on the motor vs fuel injection. What do you think?
  10. Super nice work! Takes a lot of patience and determination. I appreciate all the photos. This helps me with my own part search and repairs. I’m going through my newly acquired 1964 Bonneville. She turns a lot of heads and is super fun to drive. Mine is a California car so not much rust to worry about which makes repare so much easier. One totally restored seem to fetch around 50k. Nice to know they have value as you dump money into it.
  11. 1964 Bonneville convertable
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