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Fitzy's GP is back!

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Great coverage and pic's of your show.  Almost like you've done this before. 😎  Must have been sooo proud to show off your ride after all the work.   :dancingpontiac:  Congrat's mate.

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As I said, I wanted to give a brief description for the benefit of our American viewers but...anyway, they'll work it out.

Did you see the Cortina on the trailer for sale? $5800. I thought of you when I saw it coz it looks bent and [email protected]#ked!

Yes, a good mix of machinery. The Cairns event is the big one in August. I'll try and get some better pics then - I had to try and time it when there were less people crowding about. Every time I got a car in focus, 10 peeps would immediately pounce on the car and peer into it, thereby ruining almost every shot. I'll take a cattle prod to the next one...

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Yes I saw the mk2 cortina on a trailer !!! 
5 k is a complete bargin mate !!!!

did you see it’s a 2 door !!! image.thumb.jpeg.f70a27f59dfed366f427f1fc58f20d8e.jpeg
That’s a 30 k car on that trailer !!! 

And if it’s a lotus add another fifty thousand too that !!! 
did you check it out at all ? 
lotus cortina’s had alloy bonnet, doors and boot lid and the twin cam engine 

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30k for THAT? Yes, I did notice it was the 240 two door. I know you Kiwis are potty about old English Fords - I never liked any of them. When the Brits turned their hand to cars, something always never quite worked out right. When they get it right, the cars are superb, but unfortunately that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

Yes, I was quite proud to dust off the GP and show it to the wider community. It generated plenty of interest and I was forever being accosted by old men rabbiting on about what they used to own. Old people...who's got time for them? 😁 I would have been preferred to have been harrassed by pretty young women but they instinctively kept their distance, dammit!

A couple parked their 72 Vette next to mine and not a single person asked about their car, yet mine attracted LOTS of curious onlookers. I felt a little sad for the owner but Corvettes are like Mustangs - everyone's got one.

Pontiac ONE, Corvette ZERO.

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