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Mileage on you Pontiac?


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With Pontiac out of business now for a while, our cars are getting a little older. Was wondering how much mileage everyone has on their Pontiacs today?

Feel free to post pics!

As of today the G6 has 50,330 miles on it

Here's a pic at 50k:


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Vibe has 123,000 km

Fiero 201,000 km

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The Phoenix has a little over 115,000. I don't know the exact off the top of my head. and the GP is not too far behind it, maybe 100,000

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The '86 Trans Am has only 43,000 and change miles on it. I am the sole owner and they are all original miles.

The '72 LeMans has 94.000 miles on it. I purchased it in 1996 with around 68,000 on it.

The wife had 128.000 on the Aztek before it was traded in for the Traverse.

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' timestamp='1344511822' post='74538']

My Grand Ma GT is as 161,000 now.

' timestamp='1344827459' post='74600']

The Grand Ma GT is at 161,xxx miles.

You realize you posted that twice, a couple of days apart lol.

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Sunbird has 29,500 ticks "original" The GTO has 45,000. Not turned over, but cannot confirm. I now have 38 of my miles on it.

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Mine are all getting up there.... 95 Bonneville SE 196,000 Miles and counting... 95 Trans Sport SE Over 200K But far from stock( Nothing under the hood is original )... 94 SSE Bonneville Project 153,000 Original miles... 91 LE Bonneville wrecked 141,000... 91 SSE Bonneville Parts car 250,000.. The Other Bonneville 03 SLE 92,000 miles... Way too many projects and not enough time...lol

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