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  1. I finally had some free time today so I thought I would try a couple things out. First: The Hood Gap Delete. I should have done this a long time ago. It's cheap, easy, and greatly improves the look of the car! Pics: Before: After: I'll have to take some better pics once it is nice enough to finally clean the car. I'm still figuring out this new camera so we shall see how they turn out. Second: Today I read on one of the Cobalt forums that if you put 1/4" vinyl tubing in your weatherstripping, you will get less wind noise. I bought some cheap tubing
  2. Well I just installed my heated seat kit!!!!!!!! They work well but I'm going to have to cut some plastic out, underneath where the switches are mounted, so that they sit flush. Here are a couple pics: I'll take some more pictures when I fix the button issue.
  3. That is just wrong! Sent from my freakin HTC Rezound!!!!
  4. The leather E-brake boot and armrest cover came in today!!!!!!!!!! I love the look. If only the seats had matching red stitching haha. The armrest is so much more comfortable with the extra padding. Thanks REDLINEGOODS!!!!!!
  5. I think we need to put it out of its misery. C4 on the gas tank should do it.
  6. Ya, its just a warning because the cheap cameras reverse the image. It's to help protect them from lawsuits. I thought the rearview camera was kinda cool so I tried it. I also like working with electronics so it was fun to install. Sent from my freakin HTC Rezound!!!!
  7. I saw this license plate at Arbys yesterday and I thought it was hilarious so I had to take a picture.
  8. Well today was fun!!! I got to install my backup camera and replace my bluetooth microphone with one that actually works. I got a cheap camera from Best Buy, it was almost free after I got some rewards certificates. Camera: And......it works Just to make this easier on anyone else who wants to add this. You can have it wired properly (purple reverse gear wire to reverse light, camera powered by an ACC switched wire and then grounded to the car) but still make a mistake when plugging in the RCA cable lol. I spent most of the time scratching my head because I couldn't get the cam
  9. The 5 has 66,800 miles on it now. I still remember when I bought it in 09 with 21k on it. I have to say it has gotten better with age.
  10. Why do people have to ruin all of the Teggy's like that? That is just wrong.
  11. Most older cars are. They make you buy the block heaters as an option these days haha!! The newer cars don't really need block heaters though. I had to have a the dealer install one in mine because I figured I would need it, but I haven't really used it. My old 1993 Accord wouldn't start in the morning, during the winter, if it wasn't plugged in.
  12. That looks great!!!!! and for $80, thats a good deal. I paid $300 for my leather and I had to recover my seats myself haha.
  13. Couldn't help it. It rained earlier in the day and the parking lot is really crappy lol. Plus it was the only spot for a plug in for my car buffer!!!
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