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  1. I dont think anything was " SPILLED on the console lid, the interior of the vehicle clearly has a laminated wood interior, the console lid had a wood trim insert, no reflection of a " FACE " Just the wood grain insert
  2. on what planet is a Dodge Charger considered a PONTIAC and how much crack did they smoke before they chose this Charger as "Pontiac of the month " At the top of this webpage it says PONTIACFOREVER.com Not Dogdechargerforever,com It's PONTIAC OF THE MONTH Where is your head right now....How and where do I go to nominate someone for june POTM
  3. This is stupid to select either of those car... pontiac did not build the fukoss. Didnt do anything with the camaro someone change this. Neither will get my vote..
  4. I dont get it. Its called FOREVER PONTIAC, And i have to choose between a ford fukoss and a camaro... this forum is about pontiacs. Is it not ????? WHY should i vote for a ford ( which is not and shall never be considered a pontiac. Tell me why a chevy and a ford are considered for PONTIAC OF THE MONTH
  5. Look at it this way. 1266 coupes. Only 267 black turbocharged coupes...
  6. Cheers to ya Ghost for nominating my gxp
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