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  1. Yeah we had an LT that could bench 300 lbs and had a chest like Arnolds (but smaller of course )
  2. Nope I have no activity with that forum, this one takes up all my post whoring time and besides, I love all of you guys and try to fund this site, as it's built for Pontiac lovers! The other site is just an imitation knock-off
  3. You Are Tiny Sniper The Ruthless Assassin Destined To End All Pokemon
  4. Had two turkeys for Thanksgiving, and tons of sides, talk about having leftovers, I've even been eating a ton of turkey sandwiches
  5. Awesome, well if you ever do any stops in El Paso, TX, shoot me a PM and I will try to swing by to see ya!
  6. I say go for it with the 20s! I put 20s on my Acura TL, and alot of people didn't think it would fit without rubbing, but I have no issues, and the filled look is amazing
  7. Damn delivery system, something is always getting messed up...
  8. So I was able to grab a Samsung 40" LCD HDTV 1080P 120Hz with tons of extras and internet capable for $699 instead of the usual $999
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