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  1. What PSI are you going to have it tuned to?
  2. No need to be salty. I never even mentioned the 2.0T Camaro as a muscle car, the 2.0T has already shown potential with the aftermarket. I'd love to see what it'll do with some good supporting mods and crank the boost up. Ford's EcoBoost 2.3T has already shown it can be a freakin powerhouse, there's nothing rice about a turbo four, holding certain models to only have certain engines is just foolish at the end of the day. Kudos on GM on actually trying a different formula instead on being behind on everything like they usually do.
  3. Finally, Chevy did away with that ugly headlight design the first Sonic had.
  4. New thread, since my old one doesn't seem to like the new site coding. POST WHAT MUSIC FILLS YOUR EARHOLES. Probably my favorite song by Sabaton, and it's not even their own song.
  5. The Camaro is a pony car though. And even then, so? Times change, can't always cling to the past.
  6. GT-Rs are pretty badass. They're more at home on the roadcourse. And those HREs tho...UNNFF.
  7. The Camaro and Mustang are global products now, most countries tax owners on the displacement of the engine. GM's 2.0T has been around for awhile, and they can make decent power. Don't like it? Don't buy it. I think it's rad, it's different. There's no more Solstice-like roadster in GM's lineup anyway, plus the aftermarket will swarm that 2.0T.
  8. He's too far gone. Abandon all hope. What I was thinking. ayyyyy
  9. Right? They love nothing much ghetto ass "mods" like ugly freakin wheels, cheap spray tint, plasti-dip and "engine mods" that provide no gains. Burn it.
  10. Ah, Grand Ams...as well as I know them, I've learned to hate them. The new generation of kids buying them though...ugh. It makes stupid Honda kids look good. >_> But ye, nice to be back.
  11. I see what you did there. Thanks! Missed you lovable nerds. <3 Busy with work and such. Still finding things to do with the Accord, speaking of which I need to have my rear fenders rolled to clear my new wheels.
  12. Oh my god, that new wheel/tire combo...and the brakes! UNNNFFF.
  13. Haven't been here in what seems like forever. ayyy lmao
  14. I will have this and an Xbone by the end of the month.
  15. Well at least it looks clean for now, Ordered LED switchbacks for the Accord, comes with load resistors. For $40 shipped, too.
  16. Heya! Welcome to the forums. Nice GTO.
  17. That's because the majority of F-body guys never take V6s seriously. :/
  18. Me personally, I would bag it, keep the steels red and have dog dish hubcaps, big white wall tires and leave the body as is. Ride to the beach and drag that frame!
  19. Sweet Odin, I hate the locals by me...finding a set of used wheels and tires is like pulling teeth from a shark. Six people wanted to trade for my current set of wheels and they've all flaked. Bastards, stop wasting my time. There's one person who seems honest, but they're a set of TSX wheels. Not exactly what I wanted, but they're decent looking OEMs. Fairly new tires as well...but if this continues I might just trade with the guy. I had a project in mind for next season to really make my car pop, but it may just end up going to a brand new set of wheels and tires instead. But we'll see.
  20. Ah, the Caprice's sister car. Nifty. Welcome to the forums!
  21. OMG, I would make a rat rod out of this in a heartbeat.
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