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  1. evening all..hope all of you are well! having some emission problems with Ruby.. Anyone have problems with "Evap" system causing check engine light to keep coming on?? replaced gas cap twice, had numerous 'smoke' tests, the dealership fixed a cracked canister behind gas tank, car was tied up for 5 days, had the car back 29 hours, and dang light came back on?? going back to garage in morning..most frustrating.. thanks my friends!
  2. \ thanks young gun..some good stuff there!
  3. cool.. nothing beats trying to yank that bitch out!! HAHA!! :dancingpontiac:
  4. '' good choice!! i miss my Bird..but not the insurance..it was killing me here in Mass...settled for a Grand Am GT Coupe..still love my Pontiacs! Good Luck with your mods!
  5. thanks Young gun.. Probably gonna stick to the tires\wheels right now, due to the hard winters that New England offers up to us each winter. I just can't wait till Spring to start getting some goodies for her. I just ordered the CAI from ebay. My brother in law has a decent garage that I can use, and its heated, so he will help me set that up, and go from there! Thanks for the welcome to the GAGT club!
  6. awesome Firebird! Well done!! I had a 1995 Black Formula...yours looks way better then mine did!
  7. cool..is it time consuming to do?? or just a pain in the butt to get into wheel well?
  8. Thanks for the tip Chaos! I was thinking along the lines of tires/exhaust/KN filter setup....pockets are not too deep at the moment...besides, she only has 69,600 miles on the mill right now...barely broken in....
  9. Thanks Chaosweaver! No plans for her yet..i hear you can get a super-charger set up..may look into that after the holidays are over!! nice to meet you!
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