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    My family, retirement, NY Jets, NY Mets, St. Joseph's Hawks Basketball and my Pontiac Firebird.

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    Some nice vehicles. Thanks for sharing!
  2. IMG_2355.JPG

    Beautiful LeMans!
  3. Thanks for sharing. I have a lot of Griot's inventory and happy with their products, but next time I need to reorder I'll give Adams a try as they are a sponsor.
  4. Gary's Goats

    WOW! That's like a Pontiac museum. Nice post, thanks!
  5. Thanks for sharing! Lots of nice looking Pontiacs there.
  6. Father N Son Pontiacs

    Nice collection! Beautiful!
  7. 74Esprit

  8. Win a Free FP Shirt!

    Bought 3 already but sure would love a free one! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  9. Another diehard Pontiac lover

    Post some pics when you have a chance! Sounds like a great project. I personally would go with the Rally II wheels as I don't think the Honeycomb wheels were on 1970 Pontiacs but I could be misstaken with that assumption. Have fun with this project!
  10. First time intro

    Nice acquisition! Good luck with the final 20%. Enjoy and share photos as you progress.
  11. Rick GTOImage 1

    Beautiful GTO and nice background for all your photo shots!
  12. Like the last photo (I think)! Did you have to cut her hair to close the hood?
  13. classicguy

    John that is an awesome find! Best wishes with your project and happy motoring!
  14. First post

    Very nice! Hope your weather improves so you can drive this beaut around!
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