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  1. I owned a 1984 Pontiac 6000 STE and loved the car. I was actually at the dealer when it was delivered to Kemper Pontiac in Bridgewater, NJ during an ice storm and it was coated with ice on the car hauler. They had to hose the drivers side door down to melt the ice so that the driver could unload it. It was 2 tone color, Light Briar Brown/Dark Briar Brown with suede leather seats. The STE handled rather well being a 4 door sedan and had a cool electronic dash. No mechanical or electronic issues whatsoever. Had it for 8 years until I traded it in for a 1992 Bonneville SLE. Miss that car.
  2. Heck no Pontiacs made the list.......oh forgot they canned us a few years ago. I'll miss the SS a bit as it was born due to the success of the last great Pontiac performance car the G8. All the rest can go to rest........
  3. 74Esprit

    Random interesting Pontiac pics

    Great pics from all you folks! Thanks for sharing and bringing back some memories!
  4. 74Esprit

    Win a FREE 2018 Forever Pontiac Calendar

    Haha good one! I bought enough Forever T shirts already.....want something free! 😄
  5. 74Esprit

    Win a FREE 2018 Forever Pontiac Calendar

    I’d sure like to see the winners photos!
  6. Congrats to the winners. Look forward to next year’s competition and whatever changes in the voting are in store. Merry Christmas to all and a healthy and happy 2018 to all members!
  7. 74Esprit


    Some real nice Pontiacs! Thanks for sharing!
  8. 74Esprit


    That’s one beautiful Judge!
  9. 74Esprit


    Thanks! At least you were not texting and driving.........😂
  10. 74Esprit


    Thanks for sharing! Some real nice pics and cars.
  11. 74Esprit


    Some nice vehicles. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks for sharing. I have a lot of Griot's inventory and happy with their products, but next time I need to reorder I'll give Adams a try as they are a sponsor.
  13. 74Esprit

    Gary's Goats

    WOW! That's like a Pontiac museum. Nice post, thanks!
  14. Thanks for sharing! Lots of nice looking Pontiacs there.
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