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  1. 74Esprit

    Hi There!

    Great color, great car! Welcome to Forever Pontiac!
  2. 74Esprit

    1983 Pontiac 6000STE

    Great car for sure! I had an 1984 6000 STE Light briar Brown, Dark briar brown combo with suede leather seats. Loved it! No major issues with it either. I can remember waiting for the delivery from GM, and actually being at Kemper Pontiac, Bridgewater, NJ when it arrived at the dealership. Truck drove through an ice storm and my car was covered in ice, so much that they had to hose the car off with water to melt the ice so that the driver could get in the car to unload it.
  3. 74Esprit

    FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    That’s one beautiful ride! Nice work. Drive fast, but safe!
  4. 74Esprit

    Fall T/A

    That’s a nice TA!
  5. 74Esprit

    Hi, new here!

    Glad you had the proper amount of insurance on your Bird! Don’t appreciate it until you need it..... Good luck on the rebuild!
  6. Beautiful ride! Tough situation you are in, but maybe getting the car back on the road will be a joy to your father in law. He can still say yes or no, so he will undoubtably be happy to hear you are working on it. Keep him up to date on what’s going on.......he will be happy inside even if he cannot fully express it! Good luck and post some pics as you progress.
  7. 74Esprit

    My '86 Firebird

    Beautiful! Look forward to seeing the finished Bird!
  8. 74Esprit

    My '78 Firebird Esprit

    Good luck with this project! Keep pictures coming thru the process.
  9. 74Esprit

    2009 Wicked Red Solstice

    Sharp! Love the color!
  10. 74Esprit

    Sellers INDIAN Summer car show

    Great pics and congrats to all of the Forever Pontiac trophy winners! Well done!
  11. Well, that shop coat just might be from Allison Pontiac in San Jose , CA. Allison Pontiac became Allison Pontiac-Toyota, and then eventually became Stevens Creek Toyota in San Jose. I'm not an expert on this, but did some searching on the internet. Might be right, and might be wrong...….
  12. 74Esprit


    Quite an assortment of vehicles! Thanks for sharing!
  13. 74Esprit

    2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries

    1974 Firebird Esprit. Original owner, original Honduras Maroon paint, parked in my Dad’s garage for 30 years and brought back to life in 2014.
  14. 74Esprit

    POTM Vote, August 2018

    Good choice! Great paint job! Congrats!
  15. 74Esprit

    POTM Vote, July 2018

    Congrats Wayne! Beautiful ride. Great representative for the Month of July!
  16. 74Esprit

    So What Do I Get Next?

    Wish you many miles of safe and fun driving! 👍
  17. 74Esprit

    So What Do I Get Next?

    Nice ride!
  18. 74Esprit

    So What Do I Get Next?

    Nothing wrong with a Chevy.....keep seeing all those commercials about all the awards Chevy is receiving over the past few years. My son just purchased a GMC Terrain Denali and loves it so far. Lots and lots of options on it. I would think the Acadia Denali would be nice also and a little bigger in size for you. Need to get used to the toggle type transmission selector on the dash. Good luck with your search!
  19. 74Esprit

    POTM Vote, June 2018

    Nice win! Beautiful car and paint job! Congrats!
  20. 74Esprit

    POTM Vote, May 2018

    Beautiful Bird! Congratulations!
  21. I owned a 1984 Pontiac 6000 STE and loved the car. I was actually at the dealer when it was delivered to Kemper Pontiac in Bridgewater, NJ during an ice storm and it was coated with ice on the car hauler. They had to hose the drivers side door down to melt the ice so that the driver could unload it. It was 2 tone color, Light Briar Brown/Dark Briar Brown with suede leather seats. The STE handled rather well being a 4 door sedan and had a cool electronic dash. No mechanical or electronic issues whatsoever. Had it for 8 years until I traded it in for a 1992 Bonneville SLE. Miss that car.
  22. Heck no Pontiacs made the list.......oh forgot they canned us a few years ago. I'll miss the SS a bit as it was born due to the success of the last great Pontiac performance car the G8. All the rest can go to rest........
  23. 74Esprit

    Random interesting Pontiac pics

    Great pics from all you folks! Thanks for sharing and bringing back some memories!
  24. 74Esprit

    Win a FREE 2018 Forever Pontiac Calendar

    Haha good one! I bought enough Forever T shirts already.....want something free! 😄
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