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  1. lakeratiam

    My 95 Formula

    Thanks Guys! 90% of the time I spent on these was masking them. End result was worth it though.
  2. lakeratiam

    My 95 Formula

    Yup. 1 spary bottle of "Krud Cutter", 1 roll of "Frog Tape", 1 Exacto Knife, 1 rattle can of silver for plastic, and about 2 hours. Oh, and 2 Blue Moons
  3. lakeratiam

    My 95 Formula

    Cleaned and repainted the lettering on the air box yesterday.. Before After
  4. lakeratiam

    Most noob user (voting)

    Tragic....All Marks need to unite and pin this on someone else next year
  5. lakeratiam

    Most noob user (voting)

    Whew....thought you guys were talking about me for a minute.
  6. lakeratiam

    Most noob user (nominations)

    OK I'll bite....what the #$@@ does "qft" mean???????
  7. lakeratiam

    My 95 Formula

    I just double checked with both the ebay seller and Baer again. Both say they will fit my 17" Speedlines just fine, Baer tells me they were specificaly designed for the F body Firehawk with stock 17x9 wheels and garauntees them to fit with my 17" Speedlines. Are you a wheel salesman or what?
  8. lakeratiam

    POTM Nominations, January 2013

    Ummmm................. not sure what we are voting on but I like 65Catalina's 65 Catalina............
  9. lakeratiam

    My 95 Formula

    I'm not planning on putting those on the 95 Bird with the WS6 wheels. I am thinking about putting them on my Firehawk with 17" Speedline wheels. Baer told me they will clear the stock Firehawk Speedlines just fine.........aparently the shape of the Speedlines allows it.....the guy I talked to said they would fit a few other 17" wheels but as you say, they won't fit the WS6 wheels or 17" Ronoak wheels either......
  10. lakeratiam

    My 95 Formula

    These are what I am considering for the Hawk.....these will take C5 pads? http://www.ebay.com/itm/380546340797?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2648
  11. lakeratiam

    My 95 Formula

    ....I expect normal 2 piston PBR performance......I'm just going with the C5 brakes on this car for ease of conversion and and the convienence of readily available parts because I will be driving this car quite a bit on weekends. Also I thought if I get a wild hair to do a little auto x once or twice a year, the pressure cast PBR's would probably hold up a little better as far heat/pressure cracking goes and I can use a larger rotor than the 98 up F body conversion. I'm building the Hawk primarily for show, cruise nights etc and it will likely never see a day at the track, (well, except for a few 1/4 mile blasts on "test and tune night" here ) but the Baer set up would really look trick. The only down fall for the Baer set up is having to order the parts when you need them......... or just keep an extra set of rotors and pads around for the "just in case" I suppose...............
  12. lakeratiam

    My 95 Formula

    Yup....I thought about going with the 98 up F body brakes....but I would have to swap out the the knuckles and spindels.........this way will be a lot easier/faster, besides even though the 98 up F body calipers and C5 calipers are both dual piston calipers made by PBR, the C5 calipers are "pressure cast" which makes them stronger and more durable than the F body versions. Also, I can buy replacement parts virtually anywhere. I have looked at the Wildwoods and Baers, but they are pricey..........I'm thinking about the Baer Brakes for the Firehawk because they have a F body caliper available with the Firehawk logo and are a good system too.........another option yet ....... I have read a thread on another forum that the OP adapted a set of Brembo calipers from a Cadillac to an F body. Maybe by the time I get around to actually working on the Firehawk, there will be a kit available to do just that.
  13. lakeratiam

    My 95 Formula

    Yup....I knew somebody would catch that... I have a set of "Track Brackets" and C5 calipers I will probably install sometime along with the C5 12.86" rotors. That should give it plenty of whoa power.
  14. lakeratiam

    My 95 Formula

    The Bird got it's new shoes today! These wheels are super rare. I can't believe I actually have a set now!
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