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  1. Just west of Halltown, MO on Route 266. It’s the Gay Parita Sinclair Station.
  2. My 1970 Pontiac LeMans. Family owned since new and I have personally owned it since mid-80's.
  3. Thank you, sir! Thank you, sir!
  4. Thank you for the votes, really appreciate it. Lot of great entries as always.
  5. My 1970 LeMans. Family owned since new, personally had it since 1985.
  6. Putting my 1970 LeMans up for 2020 calendar consideration.
  7. I would like to submit my 1970 Pontiac LeMans. Family owned since new.
  8. 1970 LeMans - Oldest brother purchased it new and stayed in the immediate family. I have personally owned it since 1985. 212K miles on original engine. Exterior reconditioned in 2014.
  9. This is my ‘70 LeMans. Has been in my family all 48 years. My oldest brother purchased it new and now I have been caring for it since 1985.
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