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  1. Coupe_GXP

    The Official Useless Post Thread

    Gobble gobble
  2. Coupe_GXP

    Killers bimmer

    Awesome! I loved my 01 325ci for the two years I had it. It really needed a short shifter but I never did anything to it except get new wheels to replace my mismatched ones. I drove it around and got around 30mpg all the time, I only sold it to get the benz which I than sold to get the STi. I don't miss my c300 at all but I still really do miss my bmw. If did it again though I would want a 330 or a M3 since the 2.5l is a little to low on the power side of things for me.
  3. Coupe_GXP

    The Official Useless Post Thread

  4. Coupe_GXP

    The Official Useless Post Thread

    Yeah it needed a recharge lol. a new battery, the clasp adjusted, and their maintenance. Tag Heuer Kirium by zerosnipe, on Flickr Tag Heuer Kirium by zerosnipe, on Flickr
  5. Coupe_GXP

    The Official Useless Post Thread

    My watch came back from the spa today.
  6. Coupe_GXP

    New to the Forum!!

    Welcome! Did you get the optional A/C in your car or no cold air for you?
  7. Coupe_GXP

    Twenty's Twenty-twelve

    Car is always looking better everytime I come in here.
  8. Coupe_GXP

    4 Pontiacs from Butler, PA

    Nice we have four pontiac's also. 66 GrandPrix, 86 Fiero, 06 G6 GTP and 09 Solstice GXP
  9. Yeah alot of auctions just use AutoCheck. It is more accurate and cheaper to use.
  10. Coupe_GXP

    13 STi

    The gxp still only has 3k miles on it.
  11. Coupe_GXP

    13 STi

    Haven't posted in forever but here are some updates pictures. Cleaned my car up some over the weekend. Put my volk wheels on for the summer. STi by zerosnipe, on Flickr Untitled by zerosnipe, on Flickr Untitled by zerosnipe, on Flickr
  12. Coupe_GXP

    Official FP weight loss thread

    I on average walk/run about 20,000 steps that and goto the gym ussualy at least 4 times a week. The jawbone up I have is kinda cool for tracking how much you move.
  13. Coupe_GXP

    The Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Belated Birthday!
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