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2023 December
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Fitzy's GP is back!

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Thanks Andy - I could never figure out why that hole was there, but now I know!

And thanks to Wrongway too. Yeah, it looks neat. Let's see if it actually runs. I shall report later.

A quick note: that bloody RTV spread further than I anticipated so it ended up a bit messy. I shall fiddle with that and clean it all up at a later date. There seems to be a higher visibility of intake gasket with the new manifold, hence the sight of gasket goo everywhere.

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I can't delete that video - it's not working. Ringo, if you're out there, can you delete it for me? I'm too stupid to upload a short video.

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Looks I had to learn how to do upload a video through YT.

Thanks to Ringo for stepping in and deleting my prior attempt.

Today I checked the oil, filled up with coolant and dribbled some juice into the carb float bowls. De-isolated it, flicked the kill switch, said a quick prayer, double checked everything and gave her a kick in the guts. Fired right up, no strange noises, no leaks and sounds as good as it ever did, hence the very short video. Drove it gingerly around the block and took her home and forensically inspected it for any sign of leaking. Will take her for a bit longer drive tomorrow.

Now pass me that well earned beer!


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It's Manifold Madness! Hurry hurry hurry - these manifolds can't last. Crazy Fitzy's NOS Intake Clearance Centre is overstocked and everything must go!

Look at this beauty: brand new but unused Weiand dual plane intake for Pontiac - just 350 Australian pesos. That's about USD217 at today's rate.

So, the chap who sold me his NOS Edelbrock also has this Weiand for sale, and he asked me if I would put the word out. For the record, he has a 57 Chieftain, I think. Anyway, it's a cheap intake. Let me know - I'm happy to pass on his details, and he's an honest bloke. Don't forget that shipping will also be in Australian pesos, so it's still cheap.




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